Thursday, January 10, 2008

I was advised to examine the #10 quantum effect. As though it were obvious. To go back to church, stop using the internet, and several other things. Clearly I am netting right now. I know this is a wealth of information potentially to be held against me, but it is also scientific research and a collection of notes which I am using to build a wealth of knowledge.

But what of this #10?

Right now I am getting intense mental numbness. I communicated some of this information to others and this was placed upon me. I kind of wish I could just get around it and do whatever I wanted instead. It was pushed in and locks are being put on it.

These spirits are domineering. Why do we let them do this to us? This is asinine. The only saving element of humanity is that many are unaware most of the time that it is even happening. I do not like being cut loose though. I want to be part of the action and do things to help. I certainly can. And some Satan/rope cutting editation machine or fitness harpy is certainly not going to give me a good task to do, just some time wasting nonsense.

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