Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I was pointed towards Catiline, in wikipedia. Although I have no belief in the relation to myself. The design of this new condition is freedom, liberty. Voluntary and intelligent energy organization with a capable brain instead of done by a series of enslaved creatures not pursuing their wills.

I'd love to see Ron Paul actually win instead of merely build a movement to draw people out from the population who love truth and righteousness.


These spirits seem to badly want humans to constantly be doing something. It's busy busy. I have been trying to read a string of webcomics for about a half hour and I have been harassed quietly by spirits, weakening my fields and tying little knots in them. This is immensely offensive, and something that I hope to set perhaps mousetraps out for.

One of my ribs has been aching since that Israeli thing. I'm very disappointed in their arrogance. I might bounce that to see where it goes. Do it. Is it then my arrogance? I do not believe it is arrogance from me to want peace and to not be harmed.

It's probably a chain of -3 like "<<<<<<<<<<", each one -11 to the next. This can be overcome by 13,14 and -11q.

I need to study #15.

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