Friday, January 25, 2008

god may not be able to understand the articulation of our desires. Below that articulation level, he does not account for what we want. This produces a world that is vaguely similar to our desires, which frequently tries to run away with us, against what we want. God, you can't be close enough to us to know what our Z really is, and you're too stupid or greedy to account for this, as YOU are served by the marginal association we sometimes share to examine it closely.

You want our PZ more than you want us to have our Z.

You are anti-Z. You are not intelligent or perceptive or compassionate enough to understand it.

Get out of my way in seeking the things that I want. Your grossness is slowing me down and enslaving me. -humanity

...terrorist. Bribery will not bring me closer to you. You're working your way back up to 1.0, which you will never reach. Domineering motherfucker. Z is more important and better than you. I will *never* call you Z. You're not infinite, you're not me, you can't know what I want, go fuck yourself if you ever try to come between me and what I want. You're horrific.

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