Friday, January 25, 2008

This is the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.

It occurs to me that it describes the recognition of the events targeted as either terminating in improvement or decline, decline being evil, improvement being good. The target being our own Z as a goal.

This is a filter that our brain uses to filter things we think of. It is a management switch that interrupts our 'place' in God's energy flow structure.

I have also been roughly attacked. Why I accept attack is to teach others a lesson. That lesson they should learn instead of myself being attacked or harmed. Otherwise we do not associate it seems.

I have been attacked with an electromagnetic ring on the lip. The primary portion of this attack has been foiled, but secondary effects relating to the ring remain. They are -14 unsustainable. And disgusting. May they be vanquished everywhere in the world, as may the other attacks.

The attack of God, 096, on my 1.0 Z, may the lesson there be placed upon him. May the secondary effects be -14'd. This appears to be functional. The attacks of Satan, a similar thing.

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