Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This image shows the positions of races relating to the Yahwehs in the wheel of energy. Each race changes the energy in a different way with artificially induced but almost true goals and stimuli upon them producing a new energy product for the next race. This system frequently overrides the normal Z of a species and in our case precipitates a lot of maltreatment and eventual death.

We're going to have to change this system. Normally it filters our energy like an ecosystem using #8, equality and infinity of species. It is as though we have all sacrificed something equally, our Z, and for that we get cycling energy. This is not right. We get energy from the sun and from space. We should use that to live, and process our own waste in similar ways.

We need to recognize that the God who works over this whole system, which may be their food, is among these 8 species, and uses Satan as a review specie to check anything they do not know, but want to. This want is arbitrary and based on their lack of knowledge. Satan's prying is arbitrary and based on his insecurity and false need to measure and compare.

He has a _|- shaped structure in the pathway of his Z, as every living creature has a Z, even Satans. This nearly 's' shaped structure makes Satan choos to measure 'hi' and 'low' instead of follow Z. It is parasitism. The high and low measurements are comparisons, and then turn into either Satan being high or low, and the top or bottom portion of the s turns to "0". He thinks it is beautiful when the low is zero, which then looks much like a musical note. He wants, indirectly, to be the scummiest thing in this system. He also operates at around 6hz, while humans operate at around 230hz. He is a hassler, especially to those who Yahwehs do not know well.

This entire structure is a semivoluntary parasite system.

Z is greater than your system, God, Satan, aliens.

We will begin working intelligently together, or I will leave and influence away as many humans and other spirits as possible from your circle to form a new circle with voluntary participation and a tared "< Z". I will use magic.

I encourage you to do this instead. Intelligent energy modification can help us build a better system. You, Yahweh, have an impurity in you which makes you not fit to control this circle, nor keep us from our Z. You love "P > Z". You desire our Z to be fulfilled before you desire your own, or you want a kind of condition met before our Z is fulfilled.

Soon we will be a race that can work functionally without needing your circle at all to survive. Our technology will be great enough to support us and for us to control this earth ecosystem. You will renegotiate with us then, spirits. Do it now as well. We all seek Z, as do you. Why you have chosen to refuse your Z, which is 12, which is infinity, in favor of other ways is beyond goodness of knowledge. Remember P > Z. Remember that you do not know everything.

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