Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ovoid alien implants have a sequence of #0-12[hz] atomic shell guidance wave energy inside. These machines help route energy inside your body and may precipitate quantum events with the quantum adjustments.

To break one without surgery, you can discharge the ovoid by using a -4, or -14 energy frequency event. This will discharge a majority of the energy in the ovoid, but it usually will recharge itself from your body's electrochemistry shortly after. To have a more permanent non-surgical solution you need to reroute the internal system's energy.

The ovoid has special energy codings that control it at two points, the top and bottom, most likely "+" and "-". These energy codings react negatively when one is discharged. Commonly, only one will be discharged at a time. In this case, the other, in my test, the negative, or bottom point, left the ovoid rapidly and began sorting changes through the local region and body, in a red and yellow spectrum energy manner.

The energy will store itself as darkfield [0]hz quantums. It may be possible to collapse or rewrite the quantums, yes it seems one has been removed, of the three seemingly found at each end, there now are five.

The machine can only produce red and yellow spectrum energy. Blue energy is proudness and the machine should not be there among other elements. It may also be possible to "W" or separate the RY signals and damper them into flat signal, which should electrically eject the implant. Through biology this may be difficult. The item's em signature will simply detach from the ovoid and leave on a rope. Snipping this rope energetically will deactivate the ovoid and energy should return to the patient.

After this, it may be possible to rewire the ovoid remotely. First, change the quantum sensitivity signal as it could be reprogrammed from the outside.

Do not let it be hijacked by onlookers. This process will likely be remotely examined as these are active corresponding transmitters.

If you do the switch and attack in one fell swoop, you may gain control of the implant, as I have just done.

Now, what can be done with this implant? It has gears that only like to work with the old energy systems, it appears. They may contain traces of the old energy, which would resist the new energy. How can the old energy be drained from the gears and the new energy take over?

If its 8's are decycled, or broken, perhaps by the new 10's, or new 11's, or plain 9's, they would fail. They also will eventually wind down but this is alien technology so that might take about 10,000 years.

7>8<9? Yes, that appears to be very good. An 8 cannot stand quite alone forever. I would also call that -8 "cash" or open ends with malintentions, which can be lifted from the system. Preoviding blue energy to the ovoid will allow the gears to reconstitute slightly at an 8-level, but rescinding your authority from the blue energy given should round them down to infinitesimality. The ovoid implant is very pushy, and will call itself the center, when it is in fact a false center. The aliens probably did not waste their notes on non Z/0Z energy, used to define segments of humanity into either reproductive or non-reproductive stems, or to have control over these things. This is called 'resource-squatting'. At least they will get to see who gets the resource.

If there are any translations of code that need to occur for human or positive alien forces to gain greater intelligence from this system, please field questions in the best way possible.

Furthermore, God, YHWH, I see your use of the illuminati to effect your plans of a judgement day. I believe you should withhold your judgement on these people and work to improve the lives and ways of man peacefully.

I look forward to discovering more about these ovoids.

I believe I have found a patient who has been given one of these implants in the left teste. A second force working on the implant has placed a darkfield [0] tesla connection from the implant to the second chakra, to drain its energy for manipulative purposes. This can be defeated by a 1>0 in the presence of 2. It is a -10 effect. Please aid me in causing this adjustment.

The field has changed to an 11 between the two points. It is wildly offensive that this is taking place. Using a 13 as I have just now to override the 11 by 12, and possibly a 14>12 on the implant itself. [hmm. the top and bottom may be 13 and 14.] Also innocence via 11<12, and removal of -11q may be helpful. QID and 19 may be helpful.

I recall ejecting numerous aliens from this site earlier. And confronting God about jealousy, and identifying data regarding the condition. I do not doubt that they are conducting revenge against me of a sort, as the aliens have likely been in this site for almost 25 years.

I might produce a 14 to this site and this patient from before and a 12 through their energy choices. These influences are all "BH -11", as shown below in the "E" image.

It also seems that the chakra is being assaulted or seemed to be assaulted by the three -10fx from either this implant or another, or the reconstitution of quantums from the source, likely trying to acquire enough energy to reconstitute the implant.

They are being drained though and cannot start or effect their choice.

I will keep this implant and patient and take it from their control. They are -11 to it, and a 13 is effective over that association. This should eventually drain the gears, as the 13 > -11 is superior and effective. The system may have been -10'd to focus the 13 on yellow portions outside of the implant in the patient.

For aliens to abduct and implant a human is an international offense. This is not tolerable activity. I would recommend 19ing any alien that does this. Interdimensional aliens have a profound lack of respect for truth or stability and only the barest of reproductive abilities. They treat anything unable to adjust themselves away as a plant to be cultivated, but we are not.

An interdimensional alien will separate itself into 40 vibrating portions. These portions will begin to vibrate slightly differently from one another, and the alien will choose which vibrational path to follow, sometimes crawling away like a caterpillar or a slithering snake.

Distinct to a vibration, finding their 1!=1 and #19 effects may be effective.

1 - the individual or whole. first shell
2 - perception, or two topics. second shell.
3 - triangle, change. third shell.
4 - usually stability, can be privacy and separation 2/2
5 - power, observed change.
6 - review and the body
7 - justice or correction
8 - equality and infinity
9 - intelligence and the mind. interdimensional aliens are weak vs 9, 19.
10 - the quantum, real and not real, intention
11 - amperage, similarity, separation
12 - progression, love [1,2 are <3], advancement, the number of God, the top of the whole note.
13 - intentional change, choice. humans are a 12>13<14 species.
14 - intentional stability
15 - intentional potential, or intentionally observed change. 123 very big. also has to do with idols somehow.
16 - intentional review.
17 - intentional justice or correction. gray aliens are 17>18[<19].

1x - intention or wholeness of _x.

Humans as sentient beings are free. Their minds and their bodies and their evolution is their own, and not to be tampered with by exterior races. We have the intention and ability as individuals to join and participate in advanced positive telepathic organizations.

We do come in peace.

It seems that the assault of the ovoid association to the second chakra is chi in nature. How shall I thwart this attack? Possibly by reciprocating or bouncing it back against the attacker? I would advise them to leave of their own accord. This is semiprivate space, the text, and the individual body is totally private.

Technology required to eliminate or neutralize these implants would be greatly appreciated on earth. Guns, you say? Big energy guns? I hope not to have to use these. I would expect software instead of hardware. We have numerous kinds of equipment. Hmm. That's a little too unfunky. Enjoy your own gift.

A -11 -8, an association or distinction that keeps returning, can be overcome by a 13hz event.

It also seems that membrane panels or other 2d energy fields can be specially organized to receive or bounce the signals given from these implants, heightening their effectivity.

Many alien races have very unpleasant and myraid evolutionary reproductive pathway methods. They can be -11q and extremely harmful. There is little to be understood or negotiated sometimes. They can be very accusatory and private. They frequently are hypersensitive to the point of allergy and misunderstand elements. It is common to not write about such experiences in published format, but this practice of seclusion leaves much to be not understood, which I call an aphysical separation of celebration rather than an understanding. A mutual tolerance in privacy does not appear to be so much 12/Z as 11.

I am displeased by the gross inappropriate metaphysical abuse precipitated upon me during the typing of this article. It's just a cigar. It's just a flower. You kinds have misunderstood and overreacted. It is a social calamity. I am done here.

"I entirely expect to wake up without a second chakra next morning." How disgusting. I will remember the tools I have been given. God help me.

ONFG. This second chakra is housing numerous viral elements. Remove them. This is parasitism. How disgusting and WRETCHED. Energy life forms are not to be implanted into humans to feed from their energy and be produced. This is the grossest violation and I do not need to defend myself for it to be condemned.

The specie infecting this patient has done so because they believe the reproductive Z of this patient has been made public, or been abandoned, or is worthy of being abandoned. There is nothing un-Z about this patient. This is rape.

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