Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hello. I just was assaulted in the night by a force wanting to reorganize me, wondering why I help others. I hope to reidentify everything that changed tonight and set the bones properly as I left them to be recognized and have given this thing's concepts a time to be considered in me, balanced against judgement.

It was basically saying "S, with horizontal stripe?"

Then I got the ID of the -7 spirits, and found that they each seem to have one topic about themselves, which they appear to be mostly right on, but which has turned them into an 'a-hole', and that they have 99 other cases against them, and often more.

I believe that these creatures can be solved for 098 with e- profit.

It's a tall goal and will require a lot of attention to their major problems. Before beginning such a quest, what services do they provide now that make them an a-hole? Is it easier to ghetto them and fight and suppress their organizations and stupid accusations and ways and plots? Or is it easier to do this solution?

Why are they here? Logic and love can stand on its own if we remove or reduce the scale limit from #,#+1. This could also be done with better organization and cooperation between #. I view it as the bank's lending limit to gold reserve ratio, except I am not working in sinister endeavors, and to back it up any real concern can be brought and well examined into context in full actual truth, by Z, and Z purification. This is resisted by folk who are good and do not want to change. They know real risks that I don't, but which I haven't <\.

They may be wary of or fighting someone. Z makes 8 < 12. Those who love not being or destruction, they will surely die. What is your Z?

Local fx cause harm. Real truth heals. For example, I want my nose to be healed. Whoever would harm it wants me to fight them away, and both these should happen, as my nose is righteous and they are filthy. Crush them, heal me. In two distinct judgements. They want something wrong inside themselves. -14 that? Okay. I want goodness in my nose. May I understand it and experience it.

They rely on isolating a good thing and then attacking it with -3 or another inequality or >Z. Z is the highest element. Teach this from birth and everyone will be strong against it. Then this ghettification will happen on its own and fairly.

If you want bad people to live in a ghetto away from you and never show up at your door, legalize drugs, and dreams. They will follow them. So too can grays and interdimensional aliens be rejected and brought to justice. They flee something illegitimately. A brute could swing it like a torch, a good person could force them to face it.

-7ers fear not experiencing justice for their pet cause. Their social contribution can be seen as a 4 of -3. Maybe by -14ing their cases they can be motivated to relinquish their 99 evil ways.

They have a -11 to completion. What is that about? It is also contagious.

Something about the world not being finished? About 8 and music?

And something to trying anything that someone presents?

There's a -8 allergen that goes into the nose. It made me sneeze 3 times in rapid succession when I first encountered it. It is a kind of dust or parasite that lives in the nose and periodically takes e- probably. It comes back and tickles, and makes your nose run and spew mucus. It reproduces then probably. But when it is resisted, it recoils into the nose, and reduces in amperage. It has a ringlike 'do not leave' mechanism, which should be found and crushed. It's a -0, which turns into one half of a 0 and one half of a hollow hexagon. In a cat it might become an octogon.

Triangulate these two experiences and *kill this parasite*. Why is it here? Some kind of justice? I am being given the -11 completion by some overlording inadequately processing spirit. For what?

I have no care about such a lame product. Let's 'cut' through that concept and get down to the actual effects of it in my life and not just some stereotype. I am interested in what effects are actually happening, not your fear. Your desire here for stability causes larger disasters periodically that you cannot overcome, when instead you could deal with these issues and find their solutions promptly.

Your ways are not mine. My Z is > you. That is law, and progress, and my choice, and I will sustain it. -11 to your consequences. They the same. -11q to a consequence from you, and from me giving energy to you. You're a parasite. You're a -S. You skip serving T to serve U. Serve V. My Z is only notes away. A stopgap around the low X. you're calling me low class. This whole time you've just been a chav. Fuck you.

X local tare. Z for all.

And now you've transferred it to something else! You're a DOUCHEBAG! You spirit are a cause of +-. You're -11. Serving 12. That is very fine.

That spirit went about putting parasites on folk to force them to behave and act better for fear of that parasite. What a soul stealing robber of faith. They must live in a fake ass society without real motivation. What a fat ugly ovaly circle that must have made. Catty and scofflaw.

<3 we will improve these cycles. This is a mess of a wiring job. Somebody needs to join me on this level of intelligence and help fix it by holding true to the Z that they really have and want and being willing to mess some stuff up. This is no prize, and the Z is the real prize. And the price you pay for *this* society. Is it worth it to trade your finest utopia for this mess? There is a -11 on it.

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