Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Eden place.

Follwing Z is the choice and goal. That produces a history, it produces a pathway. Z is the goal that is all encompassing and all important. There can be no function other than.

I've been attacked. I am a huge crystal and it's being 8>9'd by those I just kicked out of my house. They want me to take the place of Z. They're scum and don't recognize.

No external clues to the exact intensity of utopic space. = a 12>13 mass. Maybe do a 14-tare. The 12-tare is okay, but crushing. 14-tare is very good and better, providing for the 13. The >15 allows dreaming, but difference between dream and reality. This is a good place to correspond subtly without doing yet, for a group decision forward.

The aliens who lived in this house once, usurping the Z, like faggots, who are now evicted forever. They are -5, 17>18's. They know nothing of equality, they would call you nothing if you are not of them. They must have a tough time with the world. Post-China? "This is the world. You'll come and join someday. Borg."

Hmm. Do time machines eliminate futures? They do. They make it 'forever'.

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