Tuesday, January 29, 2008

There are large alien sex zoos or something. It may be rude to discuss. But this is something that exists and is pretty terrible. It is off-Z. I could feel myself being solicited for this kind of thing based on some of the freakish misunderstandings aliens and angels still have about me. I am not afraid of them and I do not want them.

Doubtless God knows about these things. I don't think Eve was thinking of those things when she ate the apple. She was thinking of Adam and the sex life they had. Maybe God was thinking negatively about those places for them. And about getting e- done.

I've worked to untie human sexuality and sexual deviance. I believe I can 098 alien sexual deviance. Why hasn't this been examined thoroughly in the world? I recognize that it is a very private topic, and getting 098 for it might be tough, or even terminate around 0977 instead, making it 100'Z 'unreachable' until a certain intelligent threshhold [probably the 3-shelf level].

This information places numerous worlds at risk of being targetted by these circuses.

We should begin targetting the circuses. They have a -3 with a -6 or -8 on one end. This also makes it a -7, or an 8-hack -7, which is -3'd to sex. Sex and its relationship with social function and understading is a compromise between Z and life.

Those social indicators are perforations of probability, which are not always accurate. "Big breasts = more fertile or more friendly and probable to have sex with me." This is a -11q. And skips major portions of the courting process which should be savored.

It destroys unique sexual experience.

So can be said of all the functional sexual lures and apparatus. Non-reproductive-celebrating sex is entirely -3. A gathering of social power is for Z. Non-Z sex is fundamentally flawed. Non-reproductive sex is not sex. It is drugs placed dangerously close to children. And scientifically, it is the refraction of a social impurity that is itself non-Z and -11q, although comfortable and a probability perforation. Examine that black spot. That is a -3 with 3 white balls in association. We can move on from here. If it is Z then it will be immune to this and produce the actually desired effect.

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