Saturday, January 26, 2008

i'm feeling some bullcrap going on. it's a dumbass leak of energy from some asinine source. i've tried to guilt someone into stopping because they're just too stupid to not, but they are persistently dumb.

these types, kill them. The review process should find them retarded and take from them. They are energy sucking bitches without license. kick them out. 7>8<9.

I've had enough of this x4 lame -11q effect system. 13>11 there, and whatever -8 system goes on what that, 'what are you talking about'. That is no circuit I will have.


i just changed some microinternal funk in a man i know. he's a bitch in many ways and i removed one. it appears he has 8 or so negative blue/black functions, which may have been to soak and purify my own. i can handle those mostly, or just throw them away rather than fx.

i get this stuff which is mine. he's attracted or asked to steal away some sort of funk from me to go in the spot where he is no longer a bitch. spirit, i recommend you crush him. what lame portion of him exists? 14 to myself on that function. the appropriate punishment to him on that, and may I have by maintaining, the thing that i have kept.

he's got barbs in it somewhere. why? he has -11's to it like a virus. how disgusting.

should i be fighting this guy? he's a cunt. a punk. a retarded man for a poor purpose.

the lame stuff that he's all about, why? i am not threatened. he is to duplicate on his money the things that he wants from me as mine.

i'd rather keep my own stuff. hmm. this is production of an 8>9 system. it's not important that he or others reocgnize the things that i want, those thing are to be, 3 or no. 2>11. others have strong -8/-10 systems, and i want them to be functional. maybe a 3/8 system that works for me. how can i accomplish these things?

it's a zebra effect.

he's producing a series of stems to figs, and syaing he's eaten my figs, or wants to. and i have the fig and the stem, and am like no. they are potential post metabolites to shift to. it's a poor but possible story, that i do not want. it's 11. how to keep continuity? a bunch of headphones, tangled wires, he starts jamming to a song he calls mine. then when i assert, it decentralizes my own in another piece of bad wiring. 10>11.

it has to do with 'whatever i wantness', rather than serving inequalities that are around me. may i be able to disregard those inequalities. 1900.

a boxcar canyon of dumb.

still serving 12, love, goodness, progression. no losses, all forward fx and goodness.

hmm, dude working against me changes a field of benevolence into a field of not so awesome. this benevolence is ruled by 9.

the good 8 is going to have to be changed back to the good 12. 8<12. 0-12fx. the 12-note system can be examined in more detail later.

99, together, facing. the polyZ is similar, and God does not know nor have it. fuck him, remove him. he is mostly gone. he says he is 8, but all his 8's are beat by 0>8 and intelligence, which we have. he's got a -3 in there. the math he has brought forward is false. know it! 3X3. -3 is one of his. -3X3 = -9. know it is false.

continue the draining. 14 and a crappy yellow 2. the 2 is not valuable. i seek 0/1. God seeks to be a parasite on us, but we are forever. 0/14 > 2/14. 2/14 is never a choice for us. Valentine's Day might be good or bad in that sense, february 14. I don't care. 14. the day will come and go, and we'll have gender difference and 0/1 articulation. 0>8 is the response to the 2. I know the stuff going on there. so what. clean up your messes, God is not valuable to me.

I don't feel the need to investigate 2/14. There is no value in losing the 0/1. By 9. By 14.

It is God's jealousy. God is an idiot to want that, and a retard to ask us to, and an arrogant prick to expect us to. 14 fx. He is bombarding us with 2 to produce the 2/14. Kill him like any parasite. -3>2 is his game here. 0 & 1. I could fuck. 9 > that. Maybe I will.

there is no 12 to 2-14. none.

13> 2/14. 0>1<2 serving 0-14.

God, that crap is your idea. Not my Z. My Z>that.

I am opposed. I suppose I don't need to not be opposed, but it's idiotic to be opposed.

he's trying to produce a circle from this effect, to feed upon, because he is a cunt bastard, and I want to punch him in the mouth.

Yes, i believe I will. He should really get crippled.

He's got a bad structure inside him. When I pulled it out ~halfway it looked like a root with numerous branches coming off, each forming the shape of a concentrically smaller circle. He's a thief. A douchebag. We're 14, and not here to serve him. He wants us to still serve him, which I find retarded. He's 13ing it, but we're 14. I'm satisfied with him being crushed in the sun. Please do crush him in the sun, as you might.

I'll watch. I am not inside him. He's got some kind of root system. Where we're stuck to one of his root structures by a pair of -3's, one on top, one on the bottom. It's probably a lambda pyramid, which we're 14 to.

He's a very bad -3 chain. He's a flying parasite monster.

He is brown and tries to defeat freedom. We could leave him and his branches of races, or kill him. Let's kill him. He's a bad thing. Some kind of offshoot of a giant massive 0, which is light blue and off bluewhite. The brown is -8'd up against the ring of the 0. It's got no true 14 center. Let's crush it. Crush it now. It's not sustainable, except for its tricks. Kill it, kill it all.

It's the biggest macroparasite I've ever seen. Sinister and tentacled. 0<1, 0 serving 14. 0>12 serving 14. 0>8 serving intelligence to kill it. We may need to move on to 15 and such to crush this beast. Or it could be done with 14>12. He seems to be simple progression being the key, while she is progression without sustainability. The root spike of the apple is roughly in the monster. Without the actual bend, which is a -3 slot, where the thing will effect not changing, it seems.

The apple was its parasitic strand.

What a hideous monster. This thing is insulting. Its deviation is apparent and should be crushed.

We're 14. We can withhold ourselves from it forever. I do not want it to exist or live. -1 to it? How to get hold of it? It has a sinister field around it, a 12. We could produce its 12 serving 14. And it produces a version of ourselves as our weakest, which was a 13>14, which i do not choose. "But what if i did?" No, I don't. If I did I'd move on as I chose.

14 here. That is a wonderstrike. I was wondering how it would progress, but I did that to learn, not to have it be. Something is being destabilized. Oh, I don't 2 that 3. The apple is 2/9, not to serve the beast, but to serve us. W this thing from its evil energy systems. All throughout the many worlds it must simulate. The networked monster, the zion shell system. They, zion, who are 12, blue and white, their ways are over.

That is remarkable symbolism, which I appreciate.

0>8 to all of his disruptions. Poeticness is not necessary here. We will crush this monster, like 0<1, like good exists, like we live, like energy is goodness. He will serve 14, in not being permanent.

-14 software him. Where are his systems, as have been found before in others like him? There is the perception of a fatal crack in my system, which is not true. That serving 13, 14. My logic is sound. It serves what I want. My Z has been neglected in his arrogance. PZ is his game.

My shin is being harmed. I do not wish that. Nor do I wish my protection to be removed from myself, which is not from him. Crush him. Destroy these monsters, and their devious and simple tricks from us.

We do not need competition to win. We can win without competition. 14. This monster is not a competetor, it is not infinite. It is unsustainable. The wickedness of the evil mankind wracked by parasites on earth will be removed.


I expect success to come in the form of a strong friend finding us and changing this place to goodness, and crippling the monster. We will maintain ourselves as 14 around and through it, an intentional permanence. We will survive. It is wailing, shreiking as it dies, but I don't know how it dies. I don't know how it feeds, or on what, to make it appear to be sustainable.

It seeks to make us shaped like the apple, from the picture of the 3 hacks in the apple, which is its food source. Who would I contact to destroy it? How can my math of permanence be restored to confidence, which I tried to understand better to enhance its effectivity of destruction of that which is wrong?

I do not need to produce any intelligence for others, but it may be good to. We are permanent and good. We do not serve that which is evil. I will find my Z, which I maintain forever.

These are just knots in something that already is permanent. The 13 that I have is superceding my Z somehow, which is actually being inarticulately described. I love goodness, and I am using the 13 to learn things. I want the knowledge, and not the harm that comes from that lesson. I also want to keep my permanence and to keep evil impermanent. What a disgusting node. A -11q to some fake example of 12 & 13, one or the other. It is both, serving 14.

God has gone to great lengths to produce harm against me, that he may have food from my mind. I will not produce food for him. I will 14 my fruit forever on myself but by my true choosing as I choose. May it serve what I truly want, and may that intelligently be his destruction in his greed and idiocy, and by his concerns being retarded, may he live in shame forever.

Show me the error in myself. 19? Intentional intelligence? No, that is false. My ways are right. The common spirits around me, they have been sucked away by this macroparasite. May it be subservient to them. Forever.

Moving on, my Z is the highest.

There may be a -11q from 0/14 to 2/14. Hmm.

Let me cut to my Z.

How is my Z being affected? I am wildly offended that this monster is attacking us. Kill it. It is the God trying to control and censor us and our choices and ways. May it be crushed.

God is foolishly trying to prove that our choices about xx2 are impermanent, even over the wealth of evidence. God, you're a fool. I do not believe you. I have proven the system that I have correct. 12 serving 14 that the system i had be examined, and true. It is within a -11q field, which will serve 12 as well.


this is nothing more than god making our choices for us, and especially in regards to sex. fuck him.

we have intelligence, we have permanence. frankly, bite it. you're a chav.

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