Saturday, January 26, 2008

God works with 12>13 to modify +-14. The 14 is the intentional sustainability that governs how and when our electrical fruit are picked and separate from us.

There may be an empathic loop of a compound -11 system on the 12/13/14 shells that organize how and when humans drop em fruit. This system should be overridden to benefit humans [each human as the individual, in a sustainable Z manner] and not God/Satan. That is my will.

The 8 also appears to be a concept of duplicatability. If someone comes along with an 8 system, it does not need to be the only 8 nor does it need to be tested. Only ones that are the best.

How can you tell if something might be the best? It will be like your Z. Your Z also should be well tuned to yourself, allowing other Z's to function sufficiently.

8Z is a common complex among dutiful people. Taking the 12# from the combination of the 8Z and Z is a test of the 8.

I search to produce human Z for myself and for others to achieve their Z, as YZ,PZ < Z.

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