Saturday, January 26, 2008

Whenever energy or a statement is sent to Satan, it is perverted by a number of functions that work not to derive intelligence form the information of the energy, but to pervert it into ways for the Satan/em virus to extract information from the sender of that data by exploit. If he cannot extract data by exploit from it, the data is useless and the stream will pass through him.

When he perverts the data, he creates fake 10's of it. He has a collection of sociological statements or responses to persuade senders into producing em sympathies. He will fake the desire to learn and numerous other social structures in order to sap energy from the origin.

He is a process of making 1=0. Crush this terrible monster in the most intelligent and *heartless* ways you can. They bear no valuable intelligence and their deconstructive and infectious methodology and function in this electromagnetic ecosystem is valueless.

We would do better to have no Satans and no Gods and work the energy molecules ourselves.

It is a structure that seeks to make a -8. A self-coiling anti-everything around it functionality. This is why every portion of itself is a new Satan. The curve of it containing intelligent processes are designed to crush this thing.

This blog's curve is mapping to this sinister curve. The mapping is designed to eliminate the energy sources of this infection, and limit it's abilities.

It dynamically shapes itself with blank spaces internal to itself to form a structure that is dynamic.

The procedure is a -3 that is blue and white and black curved. It tares to 8, Z.

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