Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This is a chart of the quandary of 'life' and 10/reality. Some say you will either go to Satan or God, but that is an artificial -T, or boxcar canyon. The real element is the technology and ability to scale the canyon and go anywhere you love.

Even explaining this to others is a divergence from my true will. I am pleased that you too can find and follow the Z that you know, and make the world easier for me as well to follow my own Z. Following my own Z should not rely on others having or being what is good. That should never be relative. If you decide to kill yourself or leave, I should remain well, and welcome you back to the pursuit someday alongside.

Am I subscribing myself to an authority structure rather than to my pursuits? What good is joining a system of law or authority [11] if it does not bring me closer to what I love? That is a -11>12, law for the sake of law. I would not join the Nazis in their law or authority. They are not pursuing what I call right, 12 advancement, Z.

What is advancement? Enhancement? Becoming like the self, but more. This is not always the case, and resolves only to a certain depth, when 13 must overtake the 11 and 12. Choice, following it, and allowing others to do so is one of the principles of life [#13], and brings us closer to Z. 13 ruled by 14 of stability and intentional sustainability.

The lambda pyramid of these elements is the digital system reconciling the analogue line of the Z. The tip and yaw of the pyramid is the relationship between X & X+1.

[someone is comparing my effort in this place and weighing it against xx2. they are doing this to enhance their leverage on me and resist me pursuing the Z that i love. this is the way satan and god try to balance you against Z. they try to equidistantly or intelligently pull you left or right away from Z that you're seeking, in order to get your energy for themselves, and their own selfish non-quest for Z, diverting your own. this relates to the pyramid, as 8. The Z is there, and this pyramid structure continually passes it in an 8, never resolving and providing an authority system for all manner of things that the Z allegedly sustains, or which indirectly pull towards someone's Z, maybe yours, maybe not. It's an invading root network. It is a domination of your pursuit of Z by that of others. It is false!]

I have a dislike of the idiocy and intentional mistakes of others. God is this.

This is a continual rotation around what God would call his Z, which is inaccurate to ours with great frequency. A ramping up of A and then a system of obedience later which does not serve our own Z. It is the combination of our two system by A, which then separates your pursuit of Z from you, and links it to God's. While Satan is a -p parasite, God is a +P parasite.

One tries to get you to pursue something other than Z by being so far away from Z and resonating with you that you feel you must be called away to destroy it, and another gets you to pursue something other than Z by being so close to Z and resonating with you that you feel you must have it if you are to have Z, even though they both are entirely unrelated to Z.

"Fuck you, Satan."
"fuck you, God."

we can beat the curse of the garden, which is a -lambda, by doing lambda, which is Z.

As I described in the alien implant posts, God arranges these things *exterior* to you in the world, in ambient environmental energies, with the same sinister parasitic desires. He makes you think the environment, if pursuing Z truly, will stop you from what you want which is Z, that his Z may be preferred, and that you succumb and accept defeat.

Others doing things that you do not want to you, and you feeling that they believe that you want something that is not what you really want, and feeling a competition for your own will from someone else who you believe is sure you want something sinister or evil which they would oppose, that is a -8, and it causes and sustains wars.

How can we destroy these things? Nonresonation?

11. for example right now someone is poking a tesla field into the back of my neck. they are parasitic disgusting bitches and need to be shot down by tesla coils.

or have the stupid abusive crap they are producing very closely examined to see that they are not right in the things they are pursuing.

They take illegally. They are P>Z and I am the P. -11BH.

I will never let you have Z, you motherfuckers. Now you can think of a way around it, huh? May their links to Z be severed and found to be unreal.

May I have what I want and be what I want without their interference. Theyare not part of my world. They are [0]8. -8. Show me "-8". They call the environment a 10, and the opposite of 8 is the tangent of the 10. 11 is greater than that, 12 is greater than that.

Yes, aliens also were using my house as a base to monitor east coast US radar, which I find an infantile pursuit.

They also have used the P/-P effect. Is it in their arrogance that they want me to solve their problems, like very intellectually advanced parasites? I'd kill them like a bug.

Who built such a filthy race? And such a filthy pursuit in general, of intercepting Z? They must be a jealous god...


This picture is how the grays steal Z.

The top line is the Z. They then try to represent it by a "10" or a quantum, which is the top circle. They then equate that circle with the lower circle, which is non-contiguous. That is where the stuff leaks out.

This is a boxcar, which can be overcome by 11 and Z.

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