Saturday, January 19, 2008

"A team of physicists and astronomers at the University of Sussex and Imperial College London have uncovered hints that there may be cosmic strings - lines of pure mass-energy - stretching across the entire Universe."

Thanks for the update. Why am I not being paid by this University of Sussex?

I am pleased to assist and ply in the scientific workings of the globe and community, but I have chosen to specialize in my own fields rather than waste my time and money on their class structures. It is displeasing that I make scientific discoveries before they do and remain unattached to their work. I was quite happy with the 'I'm better than many of the very best scientifically endowed PhD's' for a long time, and silently contributing to their progress. But I am disappointed to be excluded from the social and financial streams that they enjoy.

I am also disappointed by the concepts of eventual death, my psychic abilities being abused by two major branches of the community of spirits, and the inability of them to understand what I am hoping for in the world.

A mere end to torture is not a civil society. Arguably you cannot or will have a very difficult time taking and keeping my resources from me. Information will come my way. This is not the goal. Examine the first sentence of this paragraph.

A good world that humans are happy to live in and also free is possible. Will you build it?

I helped. Then the Satan nearby me, a 0Z, rejoiced "we're free!" I at first thought he had been unassigned to me. Then it seems I am learning that I have been given cancer.

Again. I've had precancerous spiritual conditions coming on 5000 times, and I have cured them all. I expect to cure this as well.

Should I have helped you? Why?

Will you bow to the overwhelming force of a multitude of spirits if they believe that giving me cancer was wrong?

I feel that you are, as it declines.

What could possibly be beautiful.

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