Friday, January 18, 2008

I have found numerous areas of this space that are partitioned in some way. Macrovirus are attacking this house, trying to edit it, because a large powerful event is happening here. Also the aliens I kicked out still want to live here.

I keep getting these shadows that come around and try to get my attention. They are trying to prevent me from doing my tasks on this documentary. I would rather see them defeated. They are not welcome in this house. I do not allow the evolutionary editation of this house by others for today or at my personal choice.

The aliens who used to spend time in this house, may God crush them, are Z-stealing error lovers.

My Z is not theirs, and my Z is senior to theirs, independent, and a love that they could never understand, nor do they need to.

Do I need to have their consent or approval for them to gone? No. Why do they persist in attempting to be here? May their artifacts left here serve Z. They have 14'd them, in an 11>12<14. This 12 is greater than that 14.

They have 11'd themselves to us, as BH. This is ruled entirely by 12. I would rather see the things they have used to subvert us confiscated from them and made to serve Z, which God also loves, and is magnetized to intensely, than for them to have them returned of evicted. It seems also they have have bonded them to the house itself in some way. A robber enters and chains himself to your furnace, what happens then?

He is unwelcome.

Since he has been lifted from the chains, the chains and the furnace remain ours. The robber is to be jailed and the weapons and energy they have perpetrated from our good blood be used to serve Z, as they are still ours.

They have nothing about them that is good. Their review process is deficient in honor. They move pathways for food, like gluttonous wasters and not to provide anything good, but to steal the life force of others.

God, strike them down.

There is magic on the fear of guns and bullets. Remove that -11q.

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