Friday, January 25, 2008

God pretends basically that there is a far stronger shell to the 12-layer than there is. He uses this to feign supercedence over the 13-shell, which is intentional choice.

From there they mesh almost seamlessly with the real 12, and from there, the 11, and the 10 sometimes. This process should be W'd and separated and their farce and lies will be destroyed upon separation and response.

What I've been calling God is not *God* but is a spirit specie that poses conveniently as "God" in specifically our western religion of Christianity and Judaism. It is the largest regional spirit who is more like a 'dread pirate roberts' of sorts, while it is probable also that there are very large spirits who have benevolent attitudes towards such small things that might inquire about their help. They do have easy access bird's eye wisdom from that position in most cases.

They operate in an economy of sorts, which is bound by superstition, rather than legitimate representation of truth.

If you look closely enough at any situation...

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