Tuesday, January 22, 2008

a shelf 0
b shelf (0
c shelf @ and out
d shelf - tries to turn A/B's into c's and d's
e shelf - tries to turn all e- into c/d/e's - fascists.
f shelf - suicide.

Because of the very large drop expected in the American stock market this morning I am planning to trade on forex. As the market will fall in response to Asian and European markets, I am selling dollars short and also buying Euros, which may see a continuing benefit. Well, that won't make me money as quickly. Primarily this will be selling dollars short and buying them back later for less money.

I wonder what the regional floors and ceilings of these currencies.

I had never thought of God as an e- [energy] trading partner before, more of as a creator dude. Now that we're establishing intelligence as traders and not rulers I hope to work to do well socially and in other ways on the 'market' and continue to stand for strong A/B shelf principles like all morality and pursue Z.

numerous quotas regarding xx2 [bangin] exist somehow, alongside various tangled curses which are linked to a -4 [imprivacy] slot. the -4 slot is in regards to 1978 [#t, number theory] i expect, which I am amazed that I was unwise enough to participate in and am picking out of the works. I do not respect them by sort. ps i am younger than 29.

The curse must be a fulcrum upon which two weights rest, the hearts of many, and the reciprocated tragedy. This is an 8 [equality] I do not expect nor share. It is ruled by 9 [intelligence], 10[reality/quantum], and others. The requirements of the curse are not things that I am taking into consideration but in context. [illegitimate quotas not reflecting Z] -11q <13[intentional change]. but for 6 [review], in this case, a regulating dam on a functional river.

Also the 4 is a bundled apparatus which is -11'd. Perform a 6'[' = active, or an iteration thereof] removal of all bundled -11q's which function as curses.

[this is a history at this point. none of these events are actively occurring]

I am being closely hosed down by -P[a parasite unlinked to Z but through others, their P. P being similar to 1, serving Q, similar to 10, serving R, similar to 11]. They are looking for what is wrong with me rather than the intelligent operatives of what is right. That is what I believe God should be doing.

I have been basically putting up with this junk and jargon from a lambda seniority [automatic service and shell system seniority by entrainment, represented as the lambda pyramid] system when I know it to be nonsense. [the lambda pyramid would probably group based on social structure and perceptive abilities similar to the way it does previous to this discovery.]

The God species [those electrical arrangements in the organization of 'God' or YHWH's as a species format, organized in an electrical ecosystem...]

is filled with doubts about me because of the large quantity of review I have been performing on the spiritual routes of this world. I'm totally tagged as a worker or typecast in the energetic economy. It is the way spirits know folk and they have no other recollection of it.

Those folks respect the

There's 2 x0's [xx2.0's] on my lower back. -13 to them. They may be collecting data regarding events, or dissuading chicks in competition from getting on me. I refuse these. They are not part of me. Whoever put them there is C-shelf for certain, either through manipulation or parasitism.

Hmm. Those things may be from the posture event.

-11 to that entire effect. +13. actually, 12+. Do we then have no legit 12 nor Z without God? That I find odd. We are unable to overcome Satan's comparison but through the God species.

Also, the B effects. I'd rather have it from 12 before I met 1977. But for 6. "Am I going to do it again? Innocent until proven guilty. No authority in that question. Continue.

I am also curious about this -K. Does it have a 9? It may. I think it is an energy parasite of sorts. It must produce Cash. I believe it does so in correlation to a -p in the brain. Both of these conditions are parasitic and I will do them instead.

I want maps of its in-outs and trades local to myself and with other structures. Okay that data is in there. Let me 8 myself from them and increase my productivity on those levels. Pulling, pull from $ -P, do not push. Those are -7's, which are traditionally ruled by 9's. This is probably from workshaftwonder.

-7 -11q effects to be 13'd. Authority systems have been modified. Stop pulling from -p. Full. Leak fixed. -8 to parasite. we're separate. i am not inclusive to them. nor the stuff they sold me after i began typing the concept '-8 to parasite'. their pull is at 11. i am -13 to that by choice. the -p monster is in the head, producing at the previous -7 effect. i am -8 from it. It also has an economy. it is a 7H. how terrible. i am no longer related to that monster, and -11 to the quota it addressed. 13fx. same story to the xx2 -p and the -11q it addressed.

the xo was B? how terrible.

this seems like a pandemic error stringset which produced a subverted or duplicate x, a 3d x, overlapping the original systems. a secondary -p on the right xo. same story. omfg i can do what i want. excellent.

-11q to that twitch of excitement to the -k. probably an indicator to the -k -p to effect some system. also a pull from somewhere else, probably the +7 -p fx. i will -11 these systems.

it's like racquetball in the body, but traditional systems. -p these things. they're red and black and form a spiral system around from the center, probably the 3.

i also need some fronteir angels to get the -7'ers off of me. or to 8 it myself. 11. xd. destroy them. oh, that faggot. someone sent for my enemies.

P. P serves Q. that R7 material, it Q's to me, serves my R, and my S, to a T. by 13.

what good goals do i have here? i wish to procreate someday, acquire physical capital, produce high social hz, detect energy systems promptly and manipulate them intelligently and by P and B, and have good 8 and 4 systems and 11. to 12. progress in goodness. that is a nice product.

i would remain to that original 8 at the 12 before systems began affecting me. i am not here to be poked, i do not give out data.

I would love to have this be stable within the interaction of good and noble species.

xx2 is a beneficial function. dispersing this information and effects, may i be held with the proenergies until i find a good use or catalysis system for them? until i refuse that procedure. that is my choice, and i do not give authority to you

0/1 solvency.

I have beaten tar from satans before.

if you care that much you should care enough to tell me why.

from a real spirit.

any caring i have for satan, i retract the energy from that arrangement. do i care about the world? yes, quite a lot.

my goodness, this fag is working on my to the greatest extent of his illegitimate probability computation. God you've got a very poor system going on of discovery. you will only discover what is wrong, which is a BH, and not find the Z if it is a subtle or remote problem. You should work with a program to find what way the river flows positively instead of try to dam it to see where it goes.

have them then.

enhancing this system's abilities is probably not going to work. you're doing a vacuum, and the "-Y" you're looking for you have been notoriously poor at looking for throughout mankind's history that I am aware of. Granted you cannot force someone to Z, as that is the nature of Z, but this is a system that will *not* work. it's also annoying and I am limiting my distractability to the 'program'.

God should have positive spirits do the work ascribed here. the $ produced from humans to negative traits is large and the -p system can probably be useful to a degree in filtering mankind, but the extent to which it is currently used it grossly wasteful. maybe change it to the bottom 10% instead of a basic full-review of perhaps 60% of the populace or more. from there, you will probably see a dearth of unique waves forming.

determining the dream and seeking to pursue or fulfill it might reveal richer rewards, even if they are in less commonly traded e-commodities.

the path to xx2 and the spirituals it produces are an interesting measure. that is the semi-function of the pre-xx2 process.

individuals may produce substantial internally useful chemicals while prexx2 and xx2.

hmm. the c effect there. is that really c-shelf, or does it have remedial social benefits that can outweigh the original -c? C is reclaimable. is also should not be infinitely extensible, making it nothing more than an 8 regulated by 9.

satan's participation in this procedure is unwelcome. he is a farmer of evil, I am not interested in producing evil. i am interested in unifying spiritual economies.

his lines of questioning will always be stupid, and I have always been treating them as a C-SHELF TO be remediated.

i'm done with Satan, thanks.

i see something about larger xo and smaller B. how horrific. that is not part of everything. that is not Z.

-13. maybe treat them all as cash.

the xo product was linked -11 and then by up to be near a valley that belonged to a person or was relative to that person. those are not what i want.

autopunishment for jealousy inducing elements = satan.

seriously, he is not useful. if he is, it is for a far smaller proportion of humanity than you first thought.

God gets $. Amazing. I do not believe I have entered a contract that voluntarily changes my ways as 10.

there are unpleasant deviating elements there. that may be why -13. i'd rather have 13>11.

these -p are just unpleasant company. they are an oval bottomed bowl when i prefer a cornered bottom bowl.

they are manipulating my ways, and i am not like them.

cats requests are inappropriate.

i am seeking a Z. it's obvious that it's pure and not 0z.

Yahweh is so sensitive about xx2. it's like he owns you, and doesn't want the gm escaping.

i am thinking of modifying the 0Z to make them serve what i want.

using the 13, intentional change, within a Z-centric eleconomy to overcome C-shelving is the ideal. doing this is the engine behind quantum and electrical power. using quantum and field dynamics and other 'software' techniques is the way to exact those changes.

if the -p want to make fake dreams around mine then they can do whatever without my $ or P or Z. they aren't part of my 8.

someone else putting effects on you that you don't want is often a -11 or a -6. rule them with 7, 8, and 12, 13.

i believe he has the envy. it's clearly -p. serves Q.

? how are fathers supposed to be involved in the sexual lives of their sons?

-11q. this is interesting. replacing that involvement with other. now we can bowl.


take the 8's as cash. the first half of the 8 comes around, and it is an invitation to do something, which can be acquired as e-. it offers to link, take the energy and do not link, if it refuses to leave, or if it begins to take from you.

or call it under7. <7. it's a review, do not automatically obey it, that is a -11. remove quotas, do not accept new quotas.

or try 'just what comes from me'. if someone else is bombarding you with energies of assaulting sorts, you can XD to only what you have produced, and disregard the work and effects of other, especially in hostile or intentionally confusing/ed environments.

i am clearly being attacked by ill-intentioned demons in my house. this is an unacceptable assault. i will create my own ecosystem of energy hz frequency resonations. i have no intention of being dominated, but i also want to work side by side with others to pursue commmon goals. i am sure you'll find many! I love Z! mutual Z pursuit is wonderful.

find the 1!=1 in my attackers. thank you love people!

these others think they will break my by forcing me to care. they are putting -11's out there for me. you can also 16fx the elements to 8[2], and also 24 no doubt, to see the environment of stability.

this also is a private event. those actions are not part of my world, and they are not relevant nor infinite to "Z". the biquantum 9/6 3-hack event. it also looks like 9+6, making a 15. intentional observed possibility. that is the conquest of social events.

i have no intent to separate myself in ways that pursue Z from my family or other friends. but manipulating and -P events, there is a place where they do not run into infinity. And I expect that there large cash can be taken by 16. yes, that is a massive drop in the strength of the invader's forces.

there are tainted angels around me. they do not know even who i am or what i stand for. these spirits, what do they follow? <3. it is advancement. a throne represents this. may it.

8<9 [11q] the 11 serving 12 is being blocked from functioning, it shows as static. let it be known that this throne has rejected an 11 serving 12 function. it may be that later is the time. but this is -P. or P>Z.

i am holding. this is proof of concept of unique human function. may it be excellent, Z, 12, and good. may i be 14 also. there is an N>O of noncooperation or non-function between YHWH and man.

this is a geocentric concept, versus a heliocentric function, the metaphor being groups of people working together to grow closer to Z, focusing on one another first, versus an array of individuals all sharing a community growing closer to Z, fielding information to one another. those on the top of this ecosystem may be performing this top Z.

the desire and source of Z in each of us, we may find it in one another, we may find it bowling together. but it should not be in one of us before the others, but for the purposes of advancing all. if i have a telescope and you have binoculars, we both can use the telescope, and the binoculars can be improved through lenswork to perform their desired function as well. birdwatching may be the hobby. i will not use a telescope to watch birds.


it could be a good operation to do this kind of thing side by side. it's fins. fins on the battery. holding hands in a line. grouping them by length might be an okay situation to have appropriate community and correspondance of fielded data, but domination is not the way here. that sacrifices.

smashing voluntary sustainable systems is -4. it should be covered by +5, +7, +9. is there not enough infinity to go around? binoculars. development of species and races.


how pleasant! the parallel development of races.

ooh. those parallel lines never meet, do they. they entrain together "eventually", by a parabola figure that never ends. use the original method of 'by amperage' charting, to the Z. it can't accurately be acquired. the geometric itself becomes a geometric, and it coils up again and again and forever. it will never meet. but that does not mean that social function cannot progress or occur, or that species fractals will never be right. it is the digital over analogue. who could force that to graph away from containing Z?

this is about social function and lonliness. knowing that you build something not on Z, producing reciprocal jealousy. how did it even get accomplished? 1!=1?

it is not an infinite dispersion of matter past 8. it is 12, it is 9>8. matter is the playground of tools to reach Z. all work towards it. indirect Zing should not be forced, but ecosystems should organize as freely to reach Z by voluntary progression while A/B. technically, A is impossible to acquire with acute infinity.

A is as impossible to find with accuracy as Z. "like the world"?
A being a ring around Z, the letters between being the functionality of A finding Z. This does not make Z unsearchable, unreachable. Z is the infinite centralization, through which additional acuity can be found with observation and the observations of others becoming yours as well.

"eyes me like a pisces" is barred for it is not Z. Jesus was closest to Z. guided origination to the people, like spraying them down with a waterhose of energy from the source he is close to, as he grew closer. is he not?

i am pleased. and i am equipped to perform suitable social function as well. with those who voluntarily seek Z. others are secondary, or environmental sources. I would not seek to cheat them or do wrong, I seek Z. Z is the origin of the morality code. draw the charts.

The stomach being 13 instead of 3 reflections and intentional consumption of product in the pursuit of Z. to not eat higher species and to ultimately be a fruitarian and a molecular biological element is wise.


Oh shitty. This is distinctly like the events precipitating in the book of revelations. "In one hour", basically in 38 minutes, the stock markets will open and America, Babylon, could very well crack its own back from economic spasming. How unfortunate. And this stuff, I certainly hope that none of it is negative. I do hope that all excellent things occur and that freedom and Z is sought by all.

What do we do in a situation that Jesus might encounter where there is not enough food or energy available for two creatures? Who is the beast and harlot?

I believe I already fought the harlot to some degree, who sits on many waters, and I one son of man defeated her.

On the way I am reading Romans 13:1-7, "Obedience to authority. Let every person be subordinate to the higher authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been established by God. therefore, whoever resists authority opposes what God has appointed, and those who oppose it will bring judgement upon themselves. For rulers are not a cause of fear to good conduct, but to evil. Do you wish to have no fear of authority? [as i love right only. i am becoming P>Z. =(. to the perceptions and reverences that appear in the Bible, this book of truth and wisdom.] Then do what is good and you will receive approval from it, for it is a servant of God for your good. But if you do evil, be afraid, for it does not bear the sword without purpose; it is the servant of God to inflict wrath on the evildoer. Therefore, it is necessary to be subject not only because of the wrath but also because of conscience..."

I believe that I have been communicating with these spiritual forces, these electrical beings that take the place and the will and authorities of God, Satan, the angels, and demons, and I have categorized them and organized them by mathematical names and equations.

I do have names on my thighs that only I understand.

Let me take pictures.

Kurdt Cobain: I have my own parasite. I get to pet and name her!?

I have never found this before. My plain card which I have not changed is experiencing "Card Error". I couldn't write this stuff with a pen.

No one can know what my Z is, as it is unique to my perception. Unique to my quantum, since my own quantum is unknowable as is Z unknowable, and as my quantum contains Z, which is infinite by the TOIS.

Tl To Live and Die For Christ.

I'm still excited. This is magic. This is fantastic.

A man had 5 past lives since 1763. 5 kings. He was born in 1763 and is the reason America came into being. He was 13 in 1776. He died in 1845 and came back to live until around 1896. He ran a tightwadded company to serve the poor who did not 'deserve it' after having rejected fighting in the civil war. [P>Z? Z.] He tried to rule and salve the world with financial control and money. It made him wealthy and his company fantastic, but he failed to fire even the worst employees and paid them scarcely. They rioted and killed him in 1896. He was born again around 1900, and died in 1916 in France. He was born again in 1920 and died in a Soviet POW camp in 1945/6. He was born again in 1954, in time to fail to go to Vietnam, and died in 1982. I was born in 1983 and live today. That is 5 kings. One lives arguably myself, one is yet to come. I found the other day that I am 7, my wife would be 8. My child would be 9, intelligence, and when it comes, it is to remain only a short while.

nazism is the infinite hack 7 of fascism. "There will be infinite justice." unregulated by 8-equality, only race, which becomes justice. This is history and they were crushed. The many 7-hacks still remain in places, electrically. Their software works differently now and is still -11q in ways.

The beast that existed once but exists no longer is an eighth king, but really belongs to the 7, and is headed for destruction. This is George W Bush, who is of nazis, and belongs to me, justice, and the judgements I make for this nation was made at my reason, in 1776, a king.

the harlot is a woman i knew, who had *many* electrical-familiars linked by the vagina, which i called 'many waters'. Chick waters. Reproductive waters. I had the misfortune of battling her spiritually, but I overcame her eventually.

Revelation 17: "Meaning of the beast and the harlot. When I saw her I was greatly amazed [i was too.] The angel said to me, "Why are you amazed? I will explain to you the mystery of the woman and of the beast that carries her, the beast with the seven heads and the ten horns. [i hope that is not me.] The beast that you saw existed once but now exists no longer. [i exist. i think it is not me.] It will come up from the abyss and is headed for destruction. [i believe i am not. I think it is George Bush. Maybe it is Israel, which has returned, and is ruled by Sanhedrin. Hopefully the Z-speech above has cracked that evil magic.] The inhabitants of the earth whose names have not been written in the book of life from the foundation of the world shall be amazed when they see the beast, because it existed once but exists no longer, and yet it will come again. Here is a clue for one who has wisdom. The 7heads represent 7 hills upon which the woman sits. [she lived in an apartment complex. I do not recall the name of the place, but it had at least 7 buildings, on some hills. The city is also a city of 7 hills in Massachusetts.] They also represent 7 kings, [which i have described. 5 have already fallen. hmm. i am not fallen, am i? maybe fallen to earth. oh, right. 1776, 1845, 1900, 1920, 1954. fallen.] One still lives, and the last has not yet come [my son, intelligence [1, Z]. my daughter, miscarried, to tears, in 2005, being nothing, [0.0...0.] ..., and when he comes he must remain only a short while. The beats thatexisted once but existsno longer is an eighth king, [who will rule over intelligence with the 8, the Aztec jungle god structure, also our neo capitalism/satanism. The Aztecs viewed the jungle as god, and infinity, and lived according to its laws as the neocapitalists do today, ruthlessly, without law or originating intelligence.] but really belongs to the 7 and is headed for destruction. [is this a Z>7>8? Z being 1, as is now written. LET IT BE. MY SON Z, intelligence above all. 1.00000000000...0]


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