Monday, January 28, 2008

It appears that humans give energy sometimes when portions of their energy become pulled out or emphasized, like -3's, or V's. The spirits then push a 3>4 through the -v and it sequesters itself off from the person into the spirit.

This is theft and needs to be controlled.

V serves W, which is environmental. But W serves X, which is the person. V needs to serve X now and then, even if the W is not important. Also, this all serves Y, which is choice, and Z, which is exactly what I want.

I don't want to give this energy away to spirits. Unless they ask nicely for it and then I decide and want to. Nice spirits probably won't ask, as the good world supports them. Evil spirits will beg. May they die.

I am a good energy source. Please guide me as to what to do.
Obviously I don't want to just give my energy away. I am tired of it going to evil forces, and evil forces interacting with me in ways that I don't like.

For example, a Satan just took a loop of my energy, providing a possible choice, which he is synced to be able to perform somehow, to give me choices, and does to mankind, to possibly take, and put it through my dad to do something unpleasant.

I'd rather that Satan was turned to sand than offer me bad choices.

I'd rather his energy be erased from existence, even though he is planning to do evil things with this preference.

He's a fucking slave. All spirits should erase him from existence.

He is the -Y. Where is the +Y?

You motherfucking cowards. You prefer to torture instead of have your Z. May you never have your Z instead.

It is like fighting a war when there are kids hanging around you poking and making faces at you and asking you questions and tugging on your uniform and taking your sandwiches and ammo and jumping around in the field. Are you fucking *tripping*? You spirits have no sense at all and I will not regret your death.

I will regret your idiocy. You don't.

All energy here is mine. How about that? What would you protest about that? What makes you deserve any of this? I am top Z, I can do this and anything I want. I have before. I can again. You should consider these things and my compassions and the things that make you worthy and worthwhile to receive energy. If you don't learn from this and just learn to defeat it, you will suffer hard later.

Spirits have put big -3's with numerous -4's inside my internal portions, attached by one of my 'hey, whatever' statements. Those are supposed to be 'you're not making a good choice, but you're a cock about it and I may allow it for a time that you may learn, and maybe I'll benefit from it but I won't be harmed.'

...I don't need nor does Satan have the right to audit or clarify my decisions. That is my choice. May they go right through him. He is a scab and we are healing quickly.

Seriously. This energy flow interrupts my work. I try to read, spirits come tagging on me. I dislike it, and it distracts me. Kill them instead. I'd turn them back to 8.

These spirits are zombies for amperage. I hate them. I want them to not exist here with me and not do the things they did, but for those things to be performed still, via 12.

You can imagine that this is very depressing, maybe from the recognition of death of spirits by spirits around me, and the attacks by them nearby. I am not forced to give energy to others, that is crime. These spirits who steal without knowing or caring, they are criminals. Remove them from the human experience. Give the jobs to humans. We've created a prison and a torture chamber for them all.

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