Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"This is a seclusion, or an 'ovoid'. It is a whole note key system. It contains bouncing electrical signal, or a pathway or mould for energy. It likely has ports and the ability to change it conductivity interactively.

Right top: This when embedded in a system floods them with disordered energy, which makes it attractive to use a certain kind of thinking of focus. The real focus is "10" which should lead to progression. "12" Z. This is a piece of virulent influence. It can build electrical pathways which will then be clung to and grown around by your own neurological software and biology.

They can most likely be rounded at the ends and found as a slug in surgery or cat-scan patients. They are false centers, whereas the true human center is likely the pineal gland, producing motivation and origin, for goal. To conquer these slugs use "10>11<12", serving Z, and being innocent of their abusive adjustments. Another weakness is the true tare, or "0". There is no zero port on this, nor can it be duplicated fully. It is "-14". The "0" would use a duplication of rest.

Praise Heaven! This is biologically intelligent nanotechnology.

Below: This is a symbiosis machine. It causes [by the loop at the end] and association between the two pieces. The two V's are an equality of events and forces occuring between the two parties. The line is the Z."

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