Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Examining someone's image can have interesting interactive functions. Because much of the world's interaction occurs in the mind and not in person, the em sewing functions are presumed to occur anyway to an "8<9" extent, in this case meaning, 'just below intelligence'. Intelligence choice and action are generally senior to these subliminal effects, as ruled by 10, reality. [8>9<10]

Meditating on another person can have profound and true effects in the relationship you share. The study of 4000 meditators in Washington, DC in 1993 produced a general field of goodwill reducing crime by 25%, just like a magic spell for a city. This changed the minds of people who took into account the local environment in their crimes. But it didn't eliminate all crime. It was merely a field.

To produce signal effects, you would have to know the people or scan for hostility in particular and then untie the reasons it is hostile. From this point you will come to a bunch of knots, and then at the base, a hostile force against which mankind must be on the alert against in order to not defeat, but to maintain fitness. This is the underlying element of the "war on terror". Which is horsetrash.

Mankind can grow closer without reason. That is called "intelligence" and it defies general infinity. 098 and 10[10] will solve the aberrations relating to this process, which can be intelligently defined, by intelligence defeating equality, which lies in progression, of infinity ever expanding and also endless. How can you define ever expanding infinity? It has no bounds to measure, but it is there.

If we use this scanning and knot untying method, we will intelligently produce evolution and subdue negative culture. If this process is occuring, it should not be thwarted or opposed by evil. It is what evolution was designed to do, correct for all wrongs and possibilities, without an opposition. That is literal "12". That is infinity improving. That is Z. Assemble this group. SOEMP. TOEMP.

All evil and all unpleasant edits should be taken in the direction of what do I need to decide upon here? Rather than abuse or forcing to decide. That is how the "macrovirus" can be adjusted to serve mankind vs destroy it.

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