Friday, January 25, 2008

I spent an afternoon in Boston, and I found that electromagnetic life is everywhere there.

The city has a core that is triangular in shape, as scientology had a special core. Since then Boston's core has been changed to a more circular shape with special articulations.

The energy structures that I had performed in my home were entirely different in Boston. The prevailing energy structures there were like the traditional that I had fought to change.

They did not know of the Z or what it means. When I wrote in my book, spirits did not recognize the effects. No one knew number theory. It was spiritually just like moving to a foreign city. I enjoyed the process of meeting so many new people.

The spirits there didn't hang out with strangers long in interactions. For example, a guy I was stopped in front of as he crossed the street was like 'just don't hit me' when I considered how he might feel. He didn't get offended or anything or even negotiate at all. Then I saw several magical apparatus that kept flow organized in the city, particularly a big space in front of busses which was organized not to get people hit by them. I found that much of cities must be huge megafactories of human emotion.

A pall was over much of the city. Like a huge beach of resources that have been used in various ways, but only by a limited kind of interaction. There was *trash* leftover everywhere of spent interactions, no longer seemingly useful. The suburbs surrounding a city work more directly to trade and recover these spent energy pieces than to actually perform their known commercial function. The pall was reddish and black. I just suggested performing an effect on them, and they appear to be pink red and black, and now yellow somehow that I have mentioned it.

The Satans, they are universally despicable. Numerous effects were tried last night to get them to be destroyed, worldwide. I believe these effects failed. They have a loop inside themselves, a chart which I could draw. TheSatans have a Z < -P. They value destroying you more than they value the goodness of life. This loop could be crushed. God similarly has a P>Z, where he values you more than the value of the goodness of life. This too could be crushed. Both are serious problems.

I would like to see cities operate by arranging poly-Z and Z-refinement instead of marching in this circle. Everyone should march to the center, and seek and produce precisely what they want, rather than some plastic product or plastic energy structure that they do not truly value.

I spent much of my time in the city not seeking Z but instead seeking P > Z, to change the minds and activities of others.

I met a woman who had a very bad social warping. She had a 3 made of 3-loops. She called P = S. Where P, which is a person, S, which is money or work. This is gross disrespect. It is also the cock. She had been messing with me spiritually, because when I left a place I was disappointed, and she found that as a way to change my engineering, because I *didn't really want what condition I had, and it depended on someone else*. The 3 made of 3's was not a useful structure, and harms many in the region, although it could potentially pull weight in an equally imperfect system.

In Z, she would be free of that inequality and dispersing effect, as would those around her affected by it.

If you'll notice, God makes his laws in a manner that is extremely P > Z. "You shall have no other Gods but me." for example. "They shall be my people, and I shall be their god." These are energetically addictive properties, and they seek to supplant the love of what you really want with something else.

Many people likely deal with the environmental difficulties of being constantly around others in cities. They should have the 12, and be able to move through others without them affecting them instead.

I also found the likely resonance of two gangs, and was called members of them by spirits for awhile. It was strange, but patternous in the ways others performed their activities.

I would also like to spend far more time in the city and engaging professors and students on campuses. I was analyzed as fit to teach at Tufts University in particular, as 2/3 of the way up the spectrum of professors. Spirits should help me achieve these goals. I felt that refining my work on number theory and other electrical exchanges would help.

I helped rearrange and enhance the city's planning system for the future. It should be running better in 25 years.

If the spirits would recognize the Z-effect and work to produce and maintain it, the city would be cleaner and better and more streamlined. We are currently all working on a short circuit.

We should bounce Satan's and God's envy and jealousy back at them in a "1" effect. "No, you keep it [your envy]."


There is a mark on my leg. It is a name that no one can know but me. It is impossible for them to know it because it is my Z. It is exactly what I want. It is *unduplicatable*. No false authority can use it. No one else can know the course between you, the unique, and Z, the infinite, though they can approach it, and can join in following the same Z. For this reason, no one can affect it in ways that will pervert your energy. No one can strike your relationship there. Their attacks are finite and will slide off of it in unimportance.

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