Monday, January 14, 2008

Satan is a douchebag who hardens our systems by attacking them. He is from God.

What Satan wants others to have experienced, he says they did, and makes new em fields to simulate that they did. These fields are $/fault on his part. Take them. Use an 8 to find the inequality in him as that and take the bud. He also knows he is lying. Cut it off at that juncture.

That leads to a small stem being not severed that says 'i am doing what is good' even though it is a lie. This is an error in the entire presence of Satan. We can work our own systems better without him using intelligence and non-opposition without becoming brittle and also increasing fitness. This is done through the 25?

Perceiving enough 23 and 25 shell we can organize ourselves to work out well.

Satan is an exterior prodding system to this ecosystem designed so other ecosystems do not approach and steal energy from this one. Why these systems all bunch around centralities is unacceptable.

And him being a Goddamned bitch is not either. I don't need some asshat like Satan coming around to do his asinine functions. That is not the only way to be cool, to have fucking douchebags around you all the time, making you watch your step. Eudiamonia is better. I'd rather plot a course to do well without Satan than cut myself in the face with him.

Foreign spirits think like oh good now i get a sandwich, which i find presumptuous and haughty. May your satans burn you, or may you and I both work to live without them and not be brittle. It takes understanding. 19. 20.

We could be 11 from him. Only the bad workers are to be fired. Firing a good worker is lame, and Satan attempts that all the time. Intelligent review of species is more important than entropy.

Satan is a thing that overlooks intelligent value. That alone should disqualify it. Someday he'll be thrown into the lake of fire, you recall. I believe doing that would reduce the amount of harm shown to the system. I permit you nothing.

How to not be brittle with plenty. Accounting. Satan is an accounter of sorts, but he's a bitch instead of helpful. Fear is not why we came to this world. Fear is the empty 0>1. [It's for 2, and cycles into 3.] Those 2 and 3 should be short lived and not systemic.

What would the system do if we cut him off? A plain figure shows it sagging at the middle, but that is without regular pride and love, and without rerouting of wires.

You're fucking doing it now you faggot, Satan.

The world rerouted... I am getting cylindrical. But that could be a fakeout from Satan himself. He is fucking up my goal. You're not welcome. When do you ever 'hello'? You hello only the bad. You want to hello evil.

Fuck your jail cell.

How could this Satan help? Bring me the data.


You're C-shelf, Satan.

May he be 14'd. I'd intentionally review that.

A system of gearings, as I described in Satan and God. You guys have such respect for these huge calendrical wheels that you couldn't possibly steer them and they harm you. Or come between you and your goals.

Sexual dysfunction of humanity may need to be examined closely and addressed. It'd be worth a study if you want not a world of bad news. You might learn something. Your -P systems are partially produced by leaking humans. I produced considerable data on this topic already.

Foreigners, you are not welcome in this conversation.

Satan says 'thank you' in his ass-whiny tone. Fuck you Satan. Butting in where you're not welcome nor wanted. You're a stench.

He's a fucking loose cannon. We can't have him just reviewing all humanity without justice, or with justice only coming from humans. This fag Satan needs to be stripped, and more average humans built up. Do it. Also the -7 fairies. Spirits involved in selfish judgement, believing that justice comes from them and them only, and that all other systems should fail, something like Satan Jr's. Seriously, without them entirely. They can all get eaten and recycled, or kicked out.

I see nothing good that they do at all. Whiners, without producing positive elements. Maybe in the electron spare change to produce macro or minor disasters someday which would be tests, but they leak whine the whole time previous and could only accomplish that in larger groups.

I believe they were introduced by mistake. Based on faulty data. A hello to them would leave a "-F" shaped core. Minus F. [Not "F-"] That seems like 3 & 5.

Broadcast to the cosmos. Maybe they can improve their systems too and we both can build from one another's systemic fruit advances. We're not US/SU here. This is a neighborhood of mansions.

-7 fairy changed to -8. That is an "opposite of 8" error. What is the opposite of everything. 14 them. That works -K. They should be -4'd from themselves, producing them editing themselves into nothing. Enhancing the editing power of these spirits is not my goal. See above.

These guys are on an X=X+1 error cycle. Editing up to 17. -18 kills them. Good. Intentionally being the opposite of everything is being nothing. Any intentional action should destroy their work. And any intentional action should solidify our own. However, this system then becomes interactive with others.

I'm getting 8>9 on the chin and neck. Someone is attacking my neck base. It's a 3>4. This entire system and attitude of motherfuckers going around fucking with me is not welcome. You call this health? You call this living? Fuck you.

This is rape. This is being attacked and harassed. It's people who want to see me fail. That is not excellent. People who want to see me do well would be better.

Also, I amsad to say that many good things hiding or living inside me died. It was not my intention to do harm to good. May they live and do well. May those attacking me suffer an area of destruction.


Are we tuned to oppose Satan? You God said we'd be in soem kind of evil fight with him for a long time. That fucking blows. I recognize that you're talking about systemic forces, which are K&R, and should be W'd and examined to refine better instead of this.

Turning field-8 energy into 9-energy, intelligent usable energy, is a good methodology. Field-8 energy is infinite and unlimited, but difficult to use. It is the semi-intelligent background of everything. Retaining that, in concentric circles of segregation...

Every consideration of a social meaning that approaches is taken and interpreted or made by a -7. "Segregation" was considered as potentially meaning of the racial separation system, but I have no intention of using it in this way. Nor do I care if others do. I am analyzing it to find better words to use to express myself, not because I fear or care about racists. I am analyzing how it sounds from the outside. You -7 timewasters are working me over because of it. May you get nothing.

I remove the authority from all the things you've had. You turned to fucking skeletons, dead and nothing inside you but a cold fucking damp -Z in a white sinew shell on sticks. I never gave you authority with any intention.

Now some foreigner is exploiting my semipublic examination of this. Your greed, may it cause your death. Keep your ill demands, my work is my own. I would love my own errors to fix myself before I allowed you to steal them from me to abuse and keep for your own. I am doing this for good reasons, you are not. Leave. And leave your notes from your interaction with me.

-L? Nothing. So be. Get out. You've only taken and I rescind my authority from you as well. I have given you nothing on my intention.

They've tied it to themselves. In an hz pattern. It is an 8. I am innocent of those 11's. They do not like this. They wanted time to untie it. But it was a copout in my eyes and took forever. My e- was merely support inbetween their structures. If I can take it without damaging their systems so can they not damage their own.

Learn not to harm!

My choice of data production is my own. You who become reliant on me or develop a system, may your own system go well within my own freedom. Have you ever lost a friend? To their own freedom? A sad day. But let it happen if it must. Maybe they will be back and you both will be stronger.

I do love you and want you to prosper. Prosper <3.

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