Thursday, January 31, 2008

I am going to try to start hanging out with people who produce purer emotions. I don't like people who produce unequal emotions, like lying or jealousy or other crap. I also love logic and truth. We folk should be a perfect bridge between emotion/amperage and truth.

Please don't produce bad emotions. It is like pushing on my eye.

Also, I have found that I can use this to triangulate the best emotion to produce at a time, but I like it to be true. I want to discuss things with someone perfectly, to not require to communicate by emotions, which are not often correct. Sometimes individuals can be hijacked by brainwashing or social pressures that do not reflect their true feelings or belief.

What value is this thanks, though? So many spirits want a payment of emotional response. I want community and co-sustainability.

I want to find some beautiful woman who will produce wellsprings of sexy and normal awesomeness in me, and also produce excellent pure emotion all the time, and be intelligent and aware with me.

Make this happen.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

God is quite like a massive intelligent electromagnetic field that knows and influences the organizational laws of physics. This is the work of the combination of many instances of the living electromagnetic field organization called "Yahwehs".
Pope warns of Seductive Power of Sciences to Overturn Spirituality

We should do it with science. Brain & energy. I am not displaying it now, I am reading webcomics and sporadic news while assaulted by spirits.

The Repeater

Here’s an evolutionist’s dream: 10,000 planet Earths, starting from the same point at the same time, and left to their own devices for four and a half billion years. What would happen? Could you go on safari from one planet to the next seeing an endless procession of wildly different organisms? Or would many of the planets be home to life forms that are broadly similar?
I was pointed towards Catiline, in wikipedia. Although I have no belief in the relation to myself. The design of this new condition is freedom, liberty. Voluntary and intelligent energy organization with a capable brain instead of done by a series of enslaved creatures not pursuing their wills.

I'd love to see Ron Paul actually win instead of merely build a movement to draw people out from the population who love truth and righteousness.


These spirits seem to badly want humans to constantly be doing something. It's busy busy. I have been trying to read a string of webcomics for about a half hour and I have been harassed quietly by spirits, weakening my fields and tying little knots in them. This is immensely offensive, and something that I hope to set perhaps mousetraps out for.

One of my ribs has been aching since that Israeli thing. I'm very disappointed in their arrogance. I might bounce that to see where it goes. Do it. Is it then my arrogance? I do not believe it is arrogance from me to want peace and to not be harmed.

It's probably a chain of -3 like "<<<<<<<<<<", each one -11 to the next. This can be overcome by 13,14 and -11q.

I need to study #15.
I am displeased that large fields and amounts of amperage can be used to override the wills of individuals. Those individuals should be free from that assault and persecution. Strength of an individual should not be so easily overturned. Truth is more critical and worth clinging to than heavy influence of any sort, even if that influence would destroy you and your ability to serve the real truth. You would only be helping your enemies.

Angels don't seem to care about that unless it changes your production of energy. I wonder if I could tare my production to be exactly identical, as I experience new data or emotion-rousing response such as the video below. This attitude is 100% unsustainable [-14]. 14 should allow me and any individual to overcome any level of amperage.

I am going to examine the magic sustained on the state of Israel. It appears that they represent the work of numerous powerful angels and hold great influence over the lives of billions of people and controllers in America and parts of Europe.

They have magic which swears folk to secrecy and filial relationships, which is totally inappropriate and unimportant. I'd sooner see those gags untied.

I am wondering what principles the state of Israel holds and stands for, and how it can better organize and represent those principles, without trampling. The gross atrocities of indecency are not a modern or civil way of doing human business nor living.

If this ozone shield and energy structure are different, is Israel lacking? surely an interior network exists inside the very state around the Yahwehs, and the new Temple of Solomon soon to be built.

What is this temple to be built regarding? I feel that this line of questioning is subtly hijacked by a diversionary and subversive energy frequency, designed to keep out people such as myself. I found the 1!=1 of the two fields, which produces considerable high quality data relating to the origin and nature of the diversion.

I expect new data to approach soon.

They may have anti-divining electrical fields around them, or a very tight data circle with few leaks. 12>13 Z 14 is most probable. That could be interrupted possibly, with the -11q on the [12, 12a], the extension to the real 12 that Yahwehs put on 12 to make it watertight to 12>13.

I'd love to see something even better and freer and more honorable come from this work.

This is a picture of how the system is performed. Where the energy for the +12 comes from is probably solvent to the heaven and based on self refining field conductivity systems. These systems should remain solvent if they are not used to harm others. They might be very good for divination, and have a very low or entrained-out energy profile.

Let's do more work on Israel. Their practices are unacceptable to me and I would have them changed. My Z which indicates great fairness and also love would have them negotiate their places with their neighbors rather than the vicious energy cycling ozone system currently in place ad rooted or anchored in Jerusalem, and probably uprooted in Tibet.

Tonight was one of the most freakish nights of my life. Again. I was geometrically abused by God and angels and Satan and demons as I tried to gain my freedom from their slavery and electromagnetic brainwashing upon earth. It made me angry and damaged by spiritual body and honor.

Since then, since around 10pm, they have been as lambs towards me, knowing that I will be posting this to many, and trying to salvage their reputations. They may have treated me as an innoculation against the attacks of those who would now know their greatest weaknesses. I would call that kind of flagellation cowardice.

This is the symbol that comes between the Yahweh species and their "Z". I also note that the P/X symbol was seen by Roman Emperor Constantine in the clouds before a great battle. It was a sign that he would win and to begin the Catholic Church.

The current organization of the heavens is among these eight or so species working in an energetic circle to produce a ring or chain of energy, like the Krebs cycle. Species have been constructed or built by either the Yahwehs in Eden or a higher being than Yahwehs, and we all form a garden ourselves, headed by the Yahwehs, with their Px. They love interpersonal approval of their Z more than they love their Z. This is why God loves to be worshipped and has made the plans for 'his people' and have built the nation of Israel in the way they have and why they are jealous, and make such commandments above us, and has built automatic submissions into our personalities, which we all despise and which have caused such problems in our society.

The apple was a setup to get us into this chain and to guilt-hook us into staying there instead of using this knowledge. The apple has been described previously.

Other species in this chain are the stability being, which has an excellent sai-like 4. Although somehow it appears that they are not as active since I posted last. They may have morphed into a new race, being so well grounded in themselves, or left this chain. That is a serious disruption to our world energy, and I expect great chaos to approach shortly.

The injustice monster has an upside down question mark at the top, as though something has not been examined in them. They also have a break and a -7, which is a deviation, which seems to point to the left towards termination. They hold onto this injustice visited upon them and believe that it has not been examined sufficiently by someone who they believe was supposed to right it.

All of these angels and demons live and participate in a mental cycle which could probably be completed as adequately by any single race with sufficient versatility or stability. Instead these internal oppositions have been maintained in races for the purpose of food. This is as bad as waterboarding cows because then they taste better. Or just for fun, or to settle your own internal oppositions. We're veal.

The "s" shaped monster, the species 'satan', has been described below. There is also a large and purple-blue knight angel which is probably 3 swords raised high, in dominance over we humans, the 3 stalks of grain. These can become very large. There may also be several deviations of this kind of angel. I like them, and they are just, but they work for the Yahwehs who run this terrible menagerie.

These actions have been taken because existence is not just and is a slavery for many humans. Humanity needs a new route to follow and a better place in existence. There is no reason for us to be harmed in the way we have been and dominated so unjustly. This is justice for those who have abused the ones they made, from direction unknown.

We could probably do this work with alchemy, 3D printing, and certain electrical machines and laboratory devices, and the sun will help considerably. Living without other spirit species around would be a difficult task energetically. We should be able to manage our electrical ecology in a way that puts ourselves first like all things ought, and not disrupt that process in other species.

God has made us his ozone layer for millenia. When a planet has a strong em field, it has protection from cosmic and solar radiation and attracts and holds a good atmosphere and other principles.

We're also a watery planet with large stores of water in porous rock. This makes us an information holding planet, as water holds waves, which are information. We're probably a divining planet and an astronomical scale cosmic lens for others, with various hz frequencies beamed at us from the local half-light year region, the sources of which then listen for the data-heavy echo. Our SETI system is quite a suitable duplicate. As babes, we also did not know nor have meaningful interest, making us an impartial jury. I would rather be free and partial than a slave, but I can be free and also impartial, and just. The only requirement is geometry, and the energy density to have such hz frequencies.

This time has been foretold for thousands of years. The Hopi, Maya, Jews, and Egyptians have very good records and accuracy about this topic. It still feels vividly alive and fiery with potential of many kinds, despite being foretold. The risk feels like it is there, even though the story has already been told.


It is probable that this mutation took place alongside blond hair relating to a blood drinking ceremony with the dead god Odin around the time cited in antiquity. The blond hair blue eyes concept has to do with being drained of blood, so as to be pale in skin. This kind of mutation can be made by aliens or engineering gods. The Nephilim are real, aliens are real, titans were real, dragons and dinosaurs were probable antedeluvian phenomenon.]

Instead of being part of this divination spectrum, we will become an intelligent divining source planet, and produce and experience that great honor. We will be moving on to the next phase of human existence. How we became roped into this torture-mod is beyond the realm of decency. Laws of mathematics should be changed to allow greater differential between shells. Faster hz frequency mass modification can also be possible. Slavery should be avoided, dreams of all should be made real. Dominating menageries are cruel and should be prevented by giving greater rights to the individual to seek Z.
This picture is of the social seniority switch mechanism in humans. We are commanded to do as others want unless a social condition is met. This makes humans basically a little codependent at all times to the seniority of others and environmental commands.

This process needs to be controlled intelligently not by an automatic switch. Seniority given in this aspect is not reverent unless otherwise specified. Excellent. This is a functional effect.

This should eliminate all charismatic appeals and replace them with the potential for intelligent oversight. This oversight is also not to be required based on the 0 in the original circuit line. That 0 should equal 1. But how to make this system dynamic, and what of the overflows that will be created without its continual regulation? This is the rewiring of a species.

And fuck the Satans who would interfere in our evolution. God, I would blame you for this. Satan is in my face and messing with me because of you. Is it true? It is true. At the time it was true. Now you've let up and he has backed off some. Is it artificial? Yes.

Shame upon you.

And those who would react fearfully to such a statement, gain the intelligence needed to recognize the things that you want are not precisely what is happening. You may have a 101 [-3] [-1]. Seeking stability of your social systems, in tangent to ours.

Your Z< looks like a 4ish shape.

Satan has no right to interfere in humankind. Not at all. Satan is automatically inferior to us with a 1wv to his input not mattering, serving Z, which is in us. We will not be regulated by this evil incarnate. God shame on you for setting him upon us. Cowardice. Envy. Jealousy is yours.


Politicians and world leaders have dynamic magic established to orchestrate the transition of power in 2008. -11q to this process.

This 4>Z spirit is trained to not see some aspects of God. He is also seemingly weakening me at this point. My Z > his actions. He's 3<4 from our social aspect. Switch to 9 in the picture. 9>4.

Satan is associated upon us for changing our genetic code and evolutionary path. The 4 creature was attacking me as though I were Satan. Go to it, ally. Satan is a monster. He is one s away.

How can I help? I feel a change in the electromagnetic tide. Was that what you wanted? good.


Others cannot know your "11". A name is something you call yourself. The relationship between yourself and your goals in the gothic Z cannot be precisely known by any other being.

This entire energy circle is an 11, and not 12. It is not Z, but a launchpad and aircraft carrier from which to fly. This wheel is a name and nothing more. It may be a good ship but it is not senior to my own missions and love.


The basic concept that Satan wants to establish we humans and everything on a chart of his own is a jealous concept. He has no right nor authority to change us or to pigeonhole us as a measurement. He is like a continual crappy force in the universe, reducing the quality of things. He enjoys the suffering of others. He wants this s to be dominant in the world, for it has a choke hold on him and he wants nothing to cause it to be disturbed in a way that will make it harm him.

So the same for us and the apple.

A wandering and curious spirit is placed in the garden with an apple, told not to eat it. He/she is asked by someone to eat it. It is a matter of time before he or she, in freedom, will either inquire about this apple in sympathy to the other person's energetic fussings about it, or eat it themselves. It has little to do with obedience, which is inferior to Z.

Why yahweh established a menagerie of these spirits to work in a circle and what kind of grade he will get on his homework project for it, we do not know. We merely know that it is intolerable slavery and a cruel disgusting trap for living energy which is superior to human form or the biology or organization of any of the species involved, or to yahweh itself. < Z.
This image shows the positions of races relating to the Yahwehs in the wheel of energy. Each race changes the energy in a different way with artificially induced but almost true goals and stimuli upon them producing a new energy product for the next race. This system frequently overrides the normal Z of a species and in our case precipitates a lot of maltreatment and eventual death.

We're going to have to change this system. Normally it filters our energy like an ecosystem using #8, equality and infinity of species. It is as though we have all sacrificed something equally, our Z, and for that we get cycling energy. This is not right. We get energy from the sun and from space. We should use that to live, and process our own waste in similar ways.

We need to recognize that the God who works over this whole system, which may be their food, is among these 8 species, and uses Satan as a review specie to check anything they do not know, but want to. This want is arbitrary and based on their lack of knowledge. Satan's prying is arbitrary and based on his insecurity and false need to measure and compare.

He has a _|- shaped structure in the pathway of his Z, as every living creature has a Z, even Satans. This nearly 's' shaped structure makes Satan choos to measure 'hi' and 'low' instead of follow Z. It is parasitism. The high and low measurements are comparisons, and then turn into either Satan being high or low, and the top or bottom portion of the s turns to "0". He thinks it is beautiful when the low is zero, which then looks much like a musical note. He wants, indirectly, to be the scummiest thing in this system. He also operates at around 6hz, while humans operate at around 230hz. He is a hassler, especially to those who Yahwehs do not know well.

This entire structure is a semivoluntary parasite system.

Z is greater than your system, God, Satan, aliens.

We will begin working intelligently together, or I will leave and influence away as many humans and other spirits as possible from your circle to form a new circle with voluntary participation and a tared "< Z". I will use magic.

I encourage you to do this instead. Intelligent energy modification can help us build a better system. You, Yahweh, have an impurity in you which makes you not fit to control this circle, nor keep us from our Z. You love "P > Z". You desire our Z to be fulfilled before you desire your own, or you want a kind of condition met before our Z is fulfilled.

Soon we will be a race that can work functionally without needing your circle at all to survive. Our technology will be great enough to support us and for us to control this earth ecosystem. You will renegotiate with us then, spirits. Do it now as well. We all seek Z, as do you. Why you have chosen to refuse your Z, which is 12, which is infinity, in favor of other ways is beyond goodness of knowledge. Remember P > Z. Remember that you do not know everything.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hello. I just was assaulted in the night by a force wanting to reorganize me, wondering why I help others. I hope to reidentify everything that changed tonight and set the bones properly as I left them to be recognized and have given this thing's concepts a time to be considered in me, balanced against judgement.

It was basically saying "S, with horizontal stripe?"

Then I got the ID of the -7 spirits, and found that they each seem to have one topic about themselves, which they appear to be mostly right on, but which has turned them into an 'a-hole', and that they have 99 other cases against them, and often more.

I believe that these creatures can be solved for 098 with e- profit.

It's a tall goal and will require a lot of attention to their major problems. Before beginning such a quest, what services do they provide now that make them an a-hole? Is it easier to ghetto them and fight and suppress their organizations and stupid accusations and ways and plots? Or is it easier to do this solution?

Why are they here? Logic and love can stand on its own if we remove or reduce the scale limit from #,#+1. This could also be done with better organization and cooperation between #. I view it as the bank's lending limit to gold reserve ratio, except I am not working in sinister endeavors, and to back it up any real concern can be brought and well examined into context in full actual truth, by Z, and Z purification. This is resisted by folk who are good and do not want to change. They know real risks that I don't, but which I haven't <\.

They may be wary of or fighting someone. Z makes 8 < 12. Those who love not being or destruction, they will surely die. What is your Z?

Local fx cause harm. Real truth heals. For example, I want my nose to be healed. Whoever would harm it wants me to fight them away, and both these should happen, as my nose is righteous and they are filthy. Crush them, heal me. In two distinct judgements. They want something wrong inside themselves. -14 that? Okay. I want goodness in my nose. May I understand it and experience it.

They rely on isolating a good thing and then attacking it with -3 or another inequality or >Z. Z is the highest element. Teach this from birth and everyone will be strong against it. Then this ghettification will happen on its own and fairly.

If you want bad people to live in a ghetto away from you and never show up at your door, legalize drugs, and dreams. They will follow them. So too can grays and interdimensional aliens be rejected and brought to justice. They flee something illegitimately. A brute could swing it like a torch, a good person could force them to face it.

-7ers fear not experiencing justice for their pet cause. Their social contribution can be seen as a 4 of -3. Maybe by -14ing their cases they can be motivated to relinquish their 99 evil ways.

They have a -11 to completion. What is that about? It is also contagious.

Something about the world not being finished? About 8 and music?

And something to trying anything that someone presents?

There's a -8 allergen that goes into the nose. It made me sneeze 3 times in rapid succession when I first encountered it. It is a kind of dust or parasite that lives in the nose and periodically takes e- probably. It comes back and tickles, and makes your nose run and spew mucus. It reproduces then probably. But when it is resisted, it recoils into the nose, and reduces in amperage. It has a ringlike 'do not leave' mechanism, which should be found and crushed. It's a -0, which turns into one half of a 0 and one half of a hollow hexagon. In a cat it might become an octogon.

Triangulate these two experiences and *kill this parasite*. Why is it here? Some kind of justice? I am being given the -11 completion by some overlording inadequately processing spirit. For what?

I have no care about such a lame product. Let's 'cut' through that concept and get down to the actual effects of it in my life and not just some stereotype. I am interested in what effects are actually happening, not your fear. Your desire here for stability causes larger disasters periodically that you cannot overcome, when instead you could deal with these issues and find their solutions promptly.

Your ways are not mine. My Z is > you. That is law, and progress, and my choice, and I will sustain it. -11 to your consequences. They the same. -11q to a consequence from you, and from me giving energy to you. You're a parasite. You're a -S. You skip serving T to serve U. Serve V. My Z is only notes away. A stopgap around the low X. you're calling me low class. This whole time you've just been a chav. Fuck you.

X local tare. Z for all.

And now you've transferred it to something else! You're a DOUCHEBAG! You spirit are a cause of +-. You're -11. Serving 12. That is very fine.

That spirit went about putting parasites on folk to force them to behave and act better for fear of that parasite. What a soul stealing robber of faith. They must live in a fake ass society without real motivation. What a fat ugly ovaly circle that must have made. Catty and scofflaw.

<3 we will improve these cycles. This is a mess of a wiring job. Somebody needs to join me on this level of intelligence and help fix it by holding true to the Z that they really have and want and being willing to mess some stuff up. This is no prize, and the Z is the real prize. And the price you pay for *this* society. Is it worth it to trade your finest utopia for this mess? There is a -11 on it.
Cats are slightly interdimensional beings. I have a problem with a cat from outside. I said that if that cat comes around and attacks my cat, I'd swat him. Cats have a 10=11 error. They try to place the 10 as close to the 11 as possible, with no space between. This is the unification of two quantum worlds tightly.

Wordings of these plans, which are mine, which are 4, which I neglected by allowing the cat to see them [3>4], produced an error which some are profiting from. My arm is being attacked.

Those who profit here from this error, and choose to have it over truth, may they and all like them truly have 17 placed upon them.

It's irritating that someone would magnetize these events to happen or to want them to happen, when they are evil. God let's crush them. I do not care about the e- they produce or...

I morph spiritually for the purpose of producing electrical measurements and probability and measuring these things for truth and my Z.

Some principles always remain the same. I am an athlete of many sports.

I cannot make everything that comes into my head, can i? even when i think i can't the obstacles are lack of understanding. the string systems beneath us operating as i laid them long ago. i will dig them up and make them anew.

the good always has been the goal, and is worth every price. and no price need be paid for it.

Everything that loves destruction and not being will surely die.

The gray aliens, whose interdimensional and nihilistic practices to destroy and remove all meaning from life are wrong.

8 != 12. This should be easy and a simple statement. Examine the two numbers. Examine them both. Just "20". Here we are.

Infinity and the jungle, these things are an environment in which to build progression and love.
There are large alien sex zoos or something. It may be rude to discuss. But this is something that exists and is pretty terrible. It is off-Z. I could feel myself being solicited for this kind of thing based on some of the freakish misunderstandings aliens and angels still have about me. I am not afraid of them and I do not want them.

Doubtless God knows about these things. I don't think Eve was thinking of those things when she ate the apple. She was thinking of Adam and the sex life they had. Maybe God was thinking negatively about those places for them. And about getting e- done.

I've worked to untie human sexuality and sexual deviance. I believe I can 098 alien sexual deviance. Why hasn't this been examined thoroughly in the world? I recognize that it is a very private topic, and getting 098 for it might be tough, or even terminate around 0977 instead, making it 100'Z 'unreachable' until a certain intelligent threshhold [probably the 3-shelf level].

This information places numerous worlds at risk of being targetted by these circuses.

We should begin targetting the circuses. They have a -3 with a -6 or -8 on one end. This also makes it a -7, or an 8-hack -7, which is -3'd to sex. Sex and its relationship with social function and understading is a compromise between Z and life.

Those social indicators are perforations of probability, which are not always accurate. "Big breasts = more fertile or more friendly and probable to have sex with me." This is a -11q. And skips major portions of the courting process which should be savored.

It destroys unique sexual experience.

So can be said of all the functional sexual lures and apparatus. Non-reproductive-celebrating sex is entirely -3. A gathering of social power is for Z. Non-Z sex is fundamentally flawed. Non-reproductive sex is not sex. It is drugs placed dangerously close to children. And scientifically, it is the refraction of a social impurity that is itself non-Z and -11q, although comfortable and a probability perforation. Examine that black spot. That is a -3 with 3 white balls in association. We can move on from here. If it is Z then it will be immune to this and produce the actually desired effect.
There is a sport much like bowling out there somewhere. With a giant bowlatron. I wonder how large of a bowling alley structure you could build... it'd be like a small moon/asteroid.
I am pretty interested in meeting good aliens. I consider the risks, but I also consider the educational opportunity it might be. And if it would bring me closer to Z. I very well could bring a crest with me of what I am like now and venture into space with them to see if I could make my humanity better and closer to my Z.

This seems to bring disappointment to others. That I would try to improve my race, before the many other opportunities given.

I could find great partnerships in the universe, on earth as well. And without the constraints of a normal shortage-fighting life, which still somehow tugs on my cuff, I could build wonderous hz frequencies together, and untie every knot between me and infinity, which naturally are linked.

I can feel alien forces divining on me. The principle here is that I try to get them to sharpen their image of what is true as they are doing it, rather than go purely along with what they are presuming.

Is this climbing 105% of the mountain, vs 100%? It makes Y. That is amazing.

Y+ social.

"I am being cycled in my brain."

I follow my Z. I will for ~two days crack out some internal issues related to earth [Y+] and then fly.
I'm experiencing a spiritual attack from Satan. He's got a certain shape to his em function that has seemingly entirely conquered his way, which is not at all pursuant to Z, but he is either useful or powerful enough to continue living without pursuit of Z. It is horrific.

This deviant shape to them is more important than Z. A number of species appear to have these uberZ/ P > Z nonsense terms. They're BS.

It looks like someone has pinched part of the back of my head's energy and tried to turn it into a 9 or a 6. It is neither, and just that I exist in my pursuit of Z.

What this lesson is, who is sicing Satan on me, how to untie the concept of Satan, and how to either punch those [sickers] in the nose or remove them from the game is high on my list. Bitches are trying to change me by force. No one does this in a way that I enjoy.

We can have a civilized chat over tea. Reproductive effects are fine, and you...

you must be trying to sort out the gross difficulties to get an 098 of sex. Well come to town. And stop fucking with me.

Satan's -Z is the deviating frequency of the scalpel. Since he has surrendered to it rather than pursue Z he is not truly infinite until he returns to seeking Z. In the meantime he is someone's tool. Someone unfortunate and who themselves seeks X > Z.

A researcher. Someone who is studying us on every level as many beings. A polymer of living beings.

Also, last night during the debates I received two half crowns to wear.

Someone thinks that is partially boasting. I love to spread good news. They would catalyze the part of it that fears it is boasting, but is not. How do I share good news about myself best?

Hmm. Fractions of intention.

Nothing is always higher than Z.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Is bad advice to be punished?
Some manner of minus apple is being perpetrated upon mankind. We're being trained as though to be restored to servitude under YHWH.

We have KGE. This is good, and an advancement, if it serves Z. Obviously we felt the need to customize ourselves. The effects of the apple were not entirely to our liking, obviously. To have a place, a 'garden' that is decent is a goal of mankind that we are not about to drop.

We're being pushed by evil spirits in the hands of 'good' spirits back into a shape. I am displeased with this harassment. I want to move to place where Satan is KILLED and the gray aliens all dashed, and mankind lives in community in this garden.

I am not pleased with Satan being the Y to our Z. He is no partner, and god, you are no partner if you will not remove him from our experience.

Goodbye. I'll do it myself.
Satan has no ability to do no thing. It calls 'do nothing' a grave insult. The key here is to say 'die' right after, and they will frequently collapse, as they desperately chase anything to do. They also represent guilt, and are continually trying to run from it.

They also want you to not do nothing, and to be susceptible to everything in a chaotic hellish furnace.

God may tolerate Satan because Satan brings out a lot of data from people, especially humans, that God does not know. I would say that this is a cowardly choice and I hate them both. It is akin to... []

This data is inaccurate. Satan wants it to be a certain thing, which is chaos. He seeks to have the average hz frequency be something around 6hz, when human society has been advancing and is in the 240's hz.

There may be a -11q on a -8 to my perceiving my xx2.1/0[4] ability or existence. This is crap from Satan, shoehorned in on some old existing -11q that I do not desire nor choose.

I am very displeased with the choices Satan and God make, and want them both crushed. Their brutal refinement processes are nothing like what I want nor love. I did not come here to be with them in those ways.

Fuck you. I am actually going to clean up this blog because of the great obscenity in it, to reword some segments.

I will still kill all the Satans. I recall many times having them down to almost none left, but extinction seemed a poor choice or was held off. Put them *all* in the sun. All of them. And God, your cowardly ways, your prybar, you will have to do without.

Recognize our 13, or don't.

There is a 3=0 pin error. It is a -11q. I choose all 3=0 to be destroyed, except for those which serve my Z. This is what Satan is roughly like. 3!=0 -11q. And they are disgusting horrific low hz beasts which know nothing of what is good and right.

I was warned not to write this kind of thing. But it's foolhardy to be vulnerable to such grossness. I will not be a slave to ignorance.

Hmm. I have this 'mock' thing. Mocking someone is supposed to be entirely effective and functional. They should feel shame and change themselves without my doing labor to become part of this functional system. Separately, my suffering should be functional, where others desire to have me not suffer and include me in the system where I should be.

This instead is a leaking system, and draws the attention of numerous of the most faggish and poorly constructed and weak and idiotic spirits.

There is also a 3 to being associated with others in some way.

All of this can be cured, God, if the individual Z is the highest math value, regardless of scale. Z-specks should be greater than oceans of dumb. That is what you're refining yes?

Also, kill these gray alien bitches. Yes, make the 11-worlds, the 10-11-10 cause their deaths. Forever. They should not remain with any health.

14 serving Z.

You spirits are fucking retards. The fact that you've taken this data and turned it into the shithole universe you have shows that you are inept and servile and weak and need to be crushed in brutal hell forever.

Your races are inadequate.
Our nation is --F.

Not Not F does not equal F. [--]F != F.

We need to have a system for identifying failure in America, even despite this giant --F on top. We don't need to use --F. We can 12 through that. The --F is a -11, and by 13 we can override it. 12>11 will work well also.

Saying we have a use for everything is the way of the American downfall. Everything has a place and everything has a use, but it all must be appropriately sorted, and if we fail to do that, as America is developing kidney failure, we will fall.

We should pass this stone of GWB and the neocon agenda. Beware that it is an LT, a lizard tail, and not the whole thing. GWB is not a dictator, he is a puppethead of the dictatorial world regime, stemming from CT and --F.

This is Eve wanting more sex times 8>9.

This is the other side of the coin of the apple. KGE c/o markable benefit. Anti-meida, vote fraud, anti-CIA, -9 FX. These, God, are what we did not want.

You've done very poorly and killed billions by testing us with them. You're the one who should be tested. -11q on yourself.
Some products produce signal antagonistic to anything that would remove them. Some alien implants produce this field and are very good at not being detected or removed. This concept can be defeated by >8 tech. That implant is not equal to you, even if it is technically alive. It steals the focus of attention, attention mechanics, and shifts it. 12 through that, by choice. I should not have to use choice to overcome 7>8, or 8>9. Those things should be defeated by natural law. Where is the 1!=1? Where is the cashflow out? That is the problem, not the need for something greater to come around.

Find it. The "ask" alone is a cashflow. Behind that is some tiny bubble system of "I don't know" although that is a lie. It's an unflattering replica right next to the real thing.

Their own curiosity should kill them. Let's organize a system to kill or cash-out the aliens by taxing their curiosity into our private affairs. It's a 4>3 system. They have a failing 3, it will serve us in 4. Simplified down to a process of 4>3 > 7>8, 8>9. This gives us 4>9, where 4 contains 9 already, or 10 to be 10>9, or another concept to replace 9, or 8. 4>8. 0>8. They are satanic, like the 0>8 defeating monster, Satan. 0>8 is not -11q.

"No, do nothing."

"< z". "< Z". there is no "z". "z" = Z.

Some spirits who use the mini-Z, they are trying t produce automatic overrides to the Z. But the *real* Z will always be there, better. Even if someone denies their own authority they have made that order to themselves.
George Bush's state of the union is tonight. he's going to come out there with magic in his speech like he does everytime he's there. and his image. he's an agent of the evil human/demon magical sanhedrin from the corrupted city of Jerusalem.

He will try to snake around our countermagic, to ake himself look right despite our truth. He's got 2 hours of airtime to spray lies everywhere. The case against him is already made and won, if our foundational principles are to stand, which they do.

But they have let him into that seat in the first place, somehow. We must find that flaw. It stems from illegitimate banking, secret thuggery, and false media. Expose these things.

From there, we will expose mankind. The Constitution rests. We must enforce it. Enforcing it is living by it. We will change our laws, we will change our ways. From the top, we will bring him down. From the bottom, we will bring ourselves up, to the rightful place of community. [12<13<14]

Beyond this, let us have a buffet of truth next to him and his statements. A toolshed of operable bits to apply to his words, and the results to be displayable and reproducable by anyone. It could be difficult for him to pass such a review.

We've seen that he is not of truth and working with others in secret to wipe out what they see as the failed majority of mankind. They will not succeed in doing this, ad if they did it would not be for the benefit. They are caught to their lies, and kicking others away only pushes them further into it. They will drown together in the flypaper of the Constitution, while we tread it freely. They do not have authority to override the law, nor to tell us what we think. We, the people, make the Constitution, and the Natural Law comes from nature's ways, and bounty.

George Bush is not bounty, despite being rich. He is rich in sin. He is a deep 8>9 and -11q, and -9. Remove him with the counters, the foils to these things, and they may be 12'd to what we want that serves Z in these efforts, so that we do not suffer in removing him.

Foiling him produced some kind of -11q, which is just a guess. AM and quantum measurement serving 12, 13, 14 can do better. He is a failure slot. Things around him fail. The failingest man has failed his way into the presidency because our system of putting presidents and leaders and much of our seniority in place is a failure. [42% of our seniority?]

We're building a new America. 13. We'll begin from the Constitution. What have we lost in joining that document whole? We need Z. We need a 14th amendment, per se? Or something else. A greater level of permanence to our Constitution. It might be wise to have 3 or 5 presidents on rotating terms. The focus on this one man makes us weaker against fraud. A small elected group could be strategic as well as a president, and encourage and reflect community and breadth of opinion.
I've been chopping wood ad it's good. Data has been exchanged, on the wood's dime, unfortunately. The data is the ways in which humans and satan are weak and interplay.

I'd say remove from the environment all the satans because they are scum and swine. Or remove this god because he arranged us together in this way and is a blockhead who didn't hear or know and then judged and called it right.

They think they can test us on anything they want. We're undefeatable because we're right, not because we stand up to your disgusting tests. Kill yourself out of shame, Satan.

This is an 8>9 from the wood. You who use that method to acquire knowledge, destroy yourselves. You will be 8>9'd yourself and perish.

These spirits are *rejects* who are going along old and poorly established protocol to automatically test humans and judge them based on the results. How could that *ever* be serving 12, or Z? Auto11's are no good. They must be intelligetly organized by the 12. 11 cannot simply gang up and kill 12, there will be justice.

This world and the mountain of idiotic spirits on bot mode from some idiot god who is *failing* and has been for hundreds of years, these things are not awesome. You'll be lynched. And the hundreds and thousands of years you've been *wasting* in more ways than one, you've stolen that from everyone.

I should make that a song and play it on the radio nine times a day.

What is the solution? We've well established that this is not working. And that Satan who obscures our meanings has clouded this lens quite too much and whoever put him there is to be dissolved, after Satan is. And the obfuscation is to be pinned to their own path to Z, and we removed from that path.

I am still upset. Something is wrong. Satan is also trying to step up.

Hmm. A universe that has some excellent routing systems for every possible hz activity and organization, which can be voluntarily chosen. A place where every highway is already made... my digital/analogue system as a metaphorical hovercraft?

I have no desire to have evil "good = evil" crap from Satan. Nor 11>12 obfuscation and inarticulation. Nor attacks against my confidence.

God, fuck you for your retribution against us about the apple. *You*, not myself, made wrong choices. The world as has been expressed did not serve me. The apple needs to 11Z12, not 12Z11, as your filthy system has attempted to proscribe. You have a 1904 error.

-K, or +9.

You have no idea what would happen if you removed all the Satans. And various other species. You'd see other species show up and take.

I saw a tan spirit show up. You're testing me with that. Z > him. Tan is the worst of the energy colors that I've seen. A shitbag. What do you do with it? It's crap. Used up crap.

This one is dynamic, and has a spot of green, which is 'hey this is growth! support it!' from old growth forests. crush that with blue and light blue.

These actions themselves are -11's. You don't see nor respect the 12 of other species, god. You use 10's to try to chart how it possibly could, but you can't because Z>12>11>10. then you use 8>9, and someone flips it on you. It's satan.

Produce the effects in response which are 17, then pin them on the one who is guilty. Yes.

Some goal that i am attending as over myself, it sometimes is made to grow extensions that then also attack me, forcing me to decide. That is inappropriate and wrong. It is a -11 geometry of inappropriate organizations of numbers. It becomes a pink energy extension from the core of the event.

Some kind of major quantum pit then formed from that unmade decision. It's a 10, yes? Not a 12. It's just okay. The 12 is progress I want. 10>12 by choice [13] is possible, but the choice made in the garden was a magic ritual for what eve really wanted, not submission to the apple's effects. And Adam was probably the same story.

Serving 14.

The choices you've made are retarded. Get the fuck out of my life. You yourself, you're a possible combination of [2] energies. They are 10.

Satan has put a - "|x" on my thigh. I do not need to judge that, and I do not want it. It should be as it was before. To punish him for oppressing me in this way, which is unnatural and perverting, pick a punishment. And also dewire him.

If you do good things, care about good things, and clarify the things you do that are good, other good things will happen to you by the warm hearted intelligent inspirations of others. That is how to live and have food, not to steal or plunder.

There is an 8>9 twist. One in the mind before the cognition, one as Satan. We should not be put in a 'bag' with satan. He's a chav, and you're a douchebag for making it happen. Find out why!

Without your fuckin stupid -11's.
I found a sloping -3<4 that governs attention and perception. It is slight and I changed it to be a different ratio, and it is making my perception and resonance change.

This human organization thing is very annoying, internally and externally.

Kill the motherfucker who proposed to take it out, with coarseness and vindictiveness in his voice. It's a wave in the voice that goes down up down up down. It's a stupid frequency and indicates a desire to harm things.

I don't need that kind of shit existing.
It appears that humans give energy sometimes when portions of their energy become pulled out or emphasized, like -3's, or V's. The spirits then push a 3>4 through the -v and it sequesters itself off from the person into the spirit.

This is theft and needs to be controlled.

V serves W, which is environmental. But W serves X, which is the person. V needs to serve X now and then, even if the W is not important. Also, this all serves Y, which is choice, and Z, which is exactly what I want.

I don't want to give this energy away to spirits. Unless they ask nicely for it and then I decide and want to. Nice spirits probably won't ask, as the good world supports them. Evil spirits will beg. May they die.

I am a good energy source. Please guide me as to what to do.
Obviously I don't want to just give my energy away. I am tired of it going to evil forces, and evil forces interacting with me in ways that I don't like.

For example, a Satan just took a loop of my energy, providing a possible choice, which he is synced to be able to perform somehow, to give me choices, and does to mankind, to possibly take, and put it through my dad to do something unpleasant.

I'd rather that Satan was turned to sand than offer me bad choices.

I'd rather his energy be erased from existence, even though he is planning to do evil things with this preference.

He's a fucking slave. All spirits should erase him from existence.

He is the -Y. Where is the +Y?

You motherfucking cowards. You prefer to torture instead of have your Z. May you never have your Z instead.

It is like fighting a war when there are kids hanging around you poking and making faces at you and asking you questions and tugging on your uniform and taking your sandwiches and ammo and jumping around in the field. Are you fucking *tripping*? You spirits have no sense at all and I will not regret your death.

I will regret your idiocy. You don't.

All energy here is mine. How about that? What would you protest about that? What makes you deserve any of this? I am top Z, I can do this and anything I want. I have before. I can again. You should consider these things and my compassions and the things that make you worthy and worthwhile to receive energy. If you don't learn from this and just learn to defeat it, you will suffer hard later.

Spirits have put big -3's with numerous -4's inside my internal portions, attached by one of my 'hey, whatever' statements. Those are supposed to be 'you're not making a good choice, but you're a cock about it and I may allow it for a time that you may learn, and maybe I'll benefit from it but I won't be harmed.'

...I don't need nor does Satan have the right to audit or clarify my decisions. That is my choice. May they go right through him. He is a scab and we are healing quickly.

Seriously. This energy flow interrupts my work. I try to read, spirits come tagging on me. I dislike it, and it distracts me. Kill them instead. I'd turn them back to 8.

These spirits are zombies for amperage. I hate them. I want them to not exist here with me and not do the things they did, but for those things to be performed still, via 12.

You can imagine that this is very depressing, maybe from the recognition of death of spirits by spirits around me, and the attacks by them nearby. I am not forced to give energy to others, that is crime. These spirits who steal without knowing or caring, they are criminals. Remove them from the human experience. Give the jobs to humans. We've created a prison and a torture chamber for them all.
Humans have a system of giving away energy in certain situations. We have e- control mechanisms that have us release e- when we think it is 'fair' or other situations.

I have overridden this control system to a degree, which is in place from birth in most humans. It must be serving Z, which is what I want, instead of meeting those mechanisms.

Energy beings too frequently quest after amperage in the most lawyerly and shady ways possible. Their actions must be legitimate and honest, which they know nothing about.

For example, when a spirit does something you see as good, or pushes a certain electronic trigger inside you, you've got other internal triggers to give it energy. This is automatic and is a selection mechanism for fitness and group associations.

Also sometimes when we feel we've done something wrong, we give energy away on a local basis, even to forces we do not approve of. Even to people we're arguing with, or our enemies. This is never right, and never Z.

Spirits rely on this stuff and have a short lifespan without energy trading.

Some fag once upon a time decided I don't appreciate air enough, and made the things I love that I had or got show up as air to have them dissolve. This is something that I somehow accept, as it is the feelings of another person.

No one can put spliced bits into my energy patterns. Ever.

I've got an auto -10 from this controlling demon, and I'm going to kill it. It's got links in the brain to see and mechanize what you're doing. I can send msgs down the link to cause it to self-destruct. Or fill itself with shit.

I hate you who try to control me to be your slave and do your bidding. My energy is mine, not yours, you thieves. Give them bad feelings about it to make tem decide to stop prying at we humans, that we may improve our lives and not live in a torture dimension where we grow old and die.

Those who have set this up are wrong. They will be crushed and this will be changed. Something like this, except good, will be the way.

I experience that this solar system and probably galaxy and universe are nothing more than "10's" in a spectrum of 10's.

All the energy that is stolen from me that I give out, may it be poisonous and wretched bits in the mouthes of those who steal it from me, kill them, and return to me whole.

Fuck YOU.

This is my capital money, and robbers are taking it from me. May those who would use it in ways I would love be saved. The ones with and for the highest hz and making the highest hz frequencies from the most right and excellent things, and those helping me do that which is good.

Satan then gave the energy to a new being which was very very low hz, which fulfilled the 'helping me' requirement, but which was hurting me by lowering hz.

This kind of activity, this working against me, it is not what I came here for.

Satan believes he is our equal. That is never my Z. Not ever. That is an 11 I can say will always serve 12.

A quota of inequality is not necessary. Does the apple produce this?

Seriously, all the spirits who rob energy from me, I am going to kill you. your acts are cowardice, and they demand reprisal, even if you do get e- from it. You're !.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

George Bush and his organization's evil nazi sanhedrin magic need to be spiritually stopped.
I recognize that I had decided to heal my nose, and now it is healthier looking. I am pleased.

I am displeased that I have been changed and attacked by God, via Satan. Their desire to attack and change me is unwelcome. The presence of their disgusting atrocities is wrong, and I condemn it and do not participate in it.
I enjoy it when others pay attention to me. But this is a DG between God and Satan. I don't enjoy it when God pays attention to me, because he's a stupid thug. And Satan is worse. I enjoy it when I achieve awesome goals with others, or alone.

There is a blank spot on my head where the Satan changed stuff. I'd rather he not change stuff and not want to. I suppose I don't have to allow him to nor continue 5ing that. But I'd like to solve that problem rather than just choose to avoid it.

It is unpleasant to have threats in my environment. I suppose I am #14 and they will not destroy me. God having a data addiction to me is very offensive.
There is a place in the brain above the ear in the back that seems to be worm eaten in nature, like a terrible ant colony. It is from Satan. It is some kind of -11q or an abuse system, and a training system for Satan to make personality for himself that is effective to a person.

He's a whore.

God, you're a faggot for making him. And also for wanting to control us.

How can Satan be hurt? As if hurting him were the only way to get what I want. I need an 18, an intentional equality of myself, an exclusion of him as 'you're not part of my infinity'. What permissions does he have to go into someone's head? Less than none. 0>8 on Satan. Any 9's regarding Satan are intelligent attempts to destroy him.

There are sometimes gray or blank rods that identify as 9's. Places or pieces of intelligence, which must be something refined.

It is an I want to kill you, bounced back onto the man. 9>this. Does Satan think that he is equal to me? He does. He is scum, though, not infinite and not good nor intelligent. Exploitative and evil.

There must be automatic responsive consequences for "I want to kill you." -11q to those.

Have you met someone who is an arrogant bitch who believes strongly in that which is not true, by obvious measure that they should be able to observe? He's an inequality. God uses him to get at us. You, God, in the heavens, you are a cunt.

He's got a long -3, which is blue.

He presumes an automatic welcome for social correspondence, which is false. It usually makes me unhappy to hear the traditional voice of that Satan faggot coming around. He uses -9's, illogic, and sinister ways to try to harm humans. If he did not, and just didn't exist, we'd be better. Doubtless god wants this for the purpose of enforcing his law and keeping us from intelligence and success, which is threatening to god's ways.

Yes, something bad is happening on the head now. Why? Those things are by -11q. I do not submit nor subscribe to -11q.

Z is more important than any of this. I want ot be free of the satan's wormeating ways, and god's arrogance in my life. 18?

What is 17? The justice that should be produced here? Does god or satan believe they they are above justice? They are disgusting beings. a 17>them should be very effective, as they are not sustainable, and impose illegitimate law based on unsustainability, which they presume to be universal. God also claims to be infinite, but I have seen the parasite structure on which he thrives. He has hubris, and likes to be told that which is untrue and yet he envies, especially by worshippers it seems. It dominates the songs of the Bible and the praises given to him, although he is trash.

The concept that god wants this is wrong. The concept that satan wants these things is worse. This should be crushed with intentional justice.

I view this separation from the ones whom I want to correspond with and their misunderstandings as a punishment from this god, who does not have the right to punish me, for leaving him, in his parasitic domination, and fighting his domination of mankind.

But the truth is important. Skipping #17 is not a good idea. Intentional justice is important, and crushing god and satan is the right thing to do. 7>9, 17>19 is important. Let's begin work on that right now.

What is justice? The path to the Z being corrected, or perhaps monitored.

I enjoy goals. They elucidate my Z. Being asked questions and having good topics to strive towards is good. God tries to encourage me to forget Z and just go with the goals or things that elucidate Z, as if such a thing would make Z better. That is god's error, forgetting what is good and just going with whatever high amperage signal is around. That's probably why he's such a junkie for A.

He's got no Z. Or only a neglected strand of it like a living thing long forgotten.

I don't feel the need for continuity on a path of idiocy. That is where intelligence comes in. To shape a new reality.

There is also some kind of a curse on this wormhole. It's a big bunch of -11q's. Is it the concept or anticipation of reciprocation for my actions? I do expect idiots to be out there, opposing the things that I do, and for life to desire to remain life, even if it is wrong. I expect Satan to have some pride in his damn self. I ping that often. But then I get the DG of it the other way, and find life wanting to be life for the purpose of evil, which is satan. And god, seems is that other DG.

They are stupid fucking cunts. The two bad ends of a stick that has nothing to do with what I want. It's legalism and an 11>12 to the extreme ends. Crush them both. I'd rather have them learn, actually, but they're too retarded and stuck to learn, almost entirely, and I'd rather see them crushed as concepts than come to learn and change, except for the knowledge that, for example, defeating communism is not nuking Russia, it is everyone stopping being communist. It's like fighting 'blue'.

Fighting stupidity is not like fighting the forces of stupidity.

God, Satan, you are stupid fucks.

So correction is the answer. If they won't go to the line of Z, then they will be cut off from it.

God wants the things that will define Z, but doesn't care about Z. This must be why he craves PZ. He must also have YZ. Maybe he thinks YHWH, or HWH, is Z. HWH!=Z. The addiction of separating addiction. So shouldn't he crush himself? -14.

This is 19 effects. 7~9. Justice needs to be made regular, without the use of intelligence or equality. It is -11q to be 789 vs 7Z8Z9. Probably from a dramatic and massive 7-frenzy during WW2.

God uses Satan to produce HWH. He forces Satan to be around and stir up things that will invigorate the clarification of Z. So he is a confuser, a douchebag, an accuser, and unable to be intelligent. These are the things also that God is.

God, kill yourself. You're really worthless trash, and you're harming and preventing the function of the systems around you, which you love partially in your disability.

Get the fuck out of your life.

I am not here to help God by guilding this path. He's a faggot and a phony and nothing worthwhile. I'd rather be free of him than be forced to choose between suffering near him or fixing him. He's a douchebag. A bad worker. And fired.

But his energy remains somewhere, for some lame reason. This is an 8Z9 problem. I recognize this. The organization of things from field into intelligence. God does not have the right to do that. He's got a fake 17. It's x|, which is -11.

Seriously, killing this guy God will be a much better creation of the future than not.

We can pursue the things we want without him. But in the meantime he is a cycle of suffering that should be emptied.

I'm seeing this thing on the side of my head, and another buttony thing near the front which attacks the vision or other major functions. Satan wants it there. I don't love Satan.

I think humans may be too dynamically involved in the functions of other creatures. It's nice that we do good things together, but we need to have this be good only. Now it is just cuffs already on our hands waiting to be chained to things. That is a poor choice.

And fuck you douchebags for abusing that system. It's a test of you and your pathetic arrogance that you abuse humans. Your weakness and idiocy is reflected through your willingness to attack us. You're nothing.

The freedom to do what you want is far better than the impetus to do what you want. That actually is WH.

God is a harassing bitch who wants decisions more than correctness or progress. He does not know Z, he desires us to make choices, he desires a strong stream of amperage and high energy signals rather than anything right good or meaningful in them. He is soaking for data. This is cowardice and idiocy.

Why am I getting caught up in it? I have compassion for those who are experiencing wrong done to them, and suffering in the world. It is nazi hunting. The crushing of fascism. There doesn't need to be fascism to crush, though.

Maybe God is trying to get all data on us to make a heaven where we will be content idiots to be fed upon electrically. He certainly is parasitic enough.

Z> that. That = everything but Z. God, you will never know my Z, nor any single living thing's true Z except your own. Your quest to know this is compromising to your own experience, and weakens your synergy and makes you annoying.

In the meantime, get this wormeaten crap off me and may the one who wants those kinds of things suffer appropriately.

0>7 may need to come from or to God and Satan. As well as the 0>8 of 'you do not matter at all'. Satan and God too not mattering at all is a very attractive choice for me. I'd rather correspond intelligently and voluntarily.
I am looking for some 0-14. I desire community, but not with satan or god. They are horrific parasites. I am working at #16 right now, it seems, an intentional review. 14>16 is now the way. intentional justice is on the table. what does it mean?

crushing things that need to be corrected on purpose? what is the 17<18? intentional equality, infinity? I should encompass infinity and be part of only what i want and have lots of good intentional data that is effective.

What is the goal here? To have what I want, communicate that accurately to others, and to use it to advance the state of the world that we share, while having it personally in my world. These are numerous variables up to 12 that are good, with freedom of choice and intentional sustainability and permanence on top of them. After that comes additional dreams, intentional review at the library, the discovery of justice, the discovery of intentional equality, intentional knowledge, knowing everything.

Not needing anyone, but having their good company, and not having bad. How can this be accomplished withput being PZ > Z?

Something is not as exciting as it used to be.
I want the 0-14 back. I don't know how it got lost, but it is what i am. I may have had CT placed on me somehow. I never want CT on me anywhere.

I'd also like a scan of area magnetics of what is going on to keep me from 0-14. It appears that I already know and that it was adopted upon me. I began arguing with God and Satan about it basically to dishearten them from their desires of preventing it, and it became the focus. It should really be separate and ruled by 11 of difference, with a 12 of advancement through 0-14.

They are such bitches to want that.

Everyone should abandon them.

This is clearly breaking up. Some powerful friends helped me identify the alien whole note implant, and remove it. The thing was disengaged and has a scaling limit upwards in its duplication, which causes it to be identifiable first and second removable. It's got 3's, 8's. Insertion is -10? 9>10, 11>10. IDing it has brought it back though. =( Serving 12.

I am convinced that the ones who would place such an implant in are fags and scum, and should be downcycled just by existing. That is a major method used. Things that do not feel self-edit or audit, they are bad and disgusting. They are D-shelf. C>D should be able to crush them and delete them into themselves.

The new C-shelf [earth orbit as well] is between A/B and the old C, which is now D. The new C is intelligent function. This is the updating of numerous software systems for the function of an intelligent mankind. I'm paving new road for man.

An item that was on the back of the neck is 6-shaped, and the tip goes to the neck. This is for review of the system.

The Satan/God combo is trying to restore its parasitic functions. We've got some automatic functions to our Z>PZ set, which make it unequal to what it should be. -9, -8, -3 probably, -11.

They are also attacking at all key points they can fathom. The human has a weakness it seems in the 23>24, 33>34, both of which they have focused harm on. They in their weakness attack others. May these attacks continually destroy them. Maybe a -14 could crush them with their own weakness to attack, carefully.

They also attacked at the [2-14], which was nonsense, and a lie. We have 0-14, which was attacked by a 16[hz] or 17[hz] force. These seem to be at the behest of this god structure. I wonder which beast it is that is doing this. To call it God is probably not accurate, but it might be. It displays behavior of the god of the Bible's OT, and I display behavior of Jesus, and seemingly fulfilled prophecy of Revelations, which is amazing.

My Z was attacked by that scab autoauthority destroyer, which is now dead. I lost a chance to enhance my story there, unfortunately, but it was soul sucking. I'd like to get the strength from the lessons without work.

Intelligent human activity, polyZ function, these things were addressed recently. I have a workability now it seems, an ability to work through problems that approach to a reasonable degree.

Satan has a rough 'I'm better than you' thing that he plays upon us, and we feel the need to represent that in some way and then defeat it, which is bogus and labor.

It's a sign that begins as a greater than man, but then its arms go towards man. Satan is not greater than us, and we give no authority to that symbol. By choice. Let's move on.

This may give mankind much of his motivation to help others. How strange. We should keep that via 12 or so and crush Satan.
There's a very strong 3>4 function spirit that is working. It robs energy and arranges it in function in ways that are insulting. It robs magnetism in a -17 manner. We should move through it.

It's probably something in the 16 error. Nothing is going my way now nor is it exciting to spirits. I have 'but 1' of whatever it is. I am being spurred on to advance to infinity, which I find unattractive to do and an endless goal. I'd like to get there, but on my own time.

Z>PZ of whatever this guy has. I have some kind of 3 exploit on me. Perhaps it's a 18/3 program. 19>18. 20 seems effective. Also the quantum is becoming difficult to use to measure, as little e- is passing through this joint.

The job I was supposed to do around 3:30 has not been done, and the people I was supposed to do it with are not around. I don't know where they are.

Guys, pls help me and the people I need to help. This subversive sucker creature, which functions on less than 3, more than 14, I feel I need to use the skill system of Z>L. 1.0...0 vs "1".

Ugh, it is draining and -10. I am feeling that I am alone in a disgusting way. This is abuse and bad.

Errors like these need to not happen. Reengage this pervasive evil spirit. It appears that I brushed it off because it was so ridiculous and nazilike, and without basic understanding of the respect for others' Z. Let those things go to other dimensions or something, or let them have what they want without harming my Z, or identify their errors internal to themselves in a 0>1<2>3<4<5 system, or similar. I do not want to be attacked my gross morons who steal my Z. This guy was a mega1 monster, who forced all things to be like what he wanted or himself. Maybe a satire of an energy stealing blockhead, or something.

Probably a goodbye note from Satan and God, saying 'this is you'. But one thing: I am not stealing energy from a slave, and they are. Fuck them, kill them. This guy, he is taking energy from someone who is not a slave, but who has no choice.

The energy goes down a chain similar to the previous.

Also, bounce the function back at him, I believe he will perish. Yes, it seems it's pretty brutal on him, and that they are crushed or pop without a choice. It removes the choice of others'. Whereas Z is good and everything, someone has devised a disresonating function for "Z".

But this is not possible, for no one else can possibly know what my Z is. It is the unknowable unique operation. Even if they control 10, they can't know the Z, for it is unique[10] x unique[Z]. Z being infinite, the quantum being infinite. Knowing one does not provide knowledge of the other. They can only have 8 from that, and not a true knowledge. It should slide right off.

But then how can others measure my Z to help me? Odd. Crappy. I will follow Z and be nearby them to help as I can. Also, keeping these Z structures open, following Z is the only way to be. Without Z I will become lost in helping them or being helped. Nothing can ever come between me and Z most truly.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The macrovirus, with the 17>18 gray aliens' input, is in greater detail.

It is the same line as below, but the line with the three rings extends towards a quantum with a fulfillment, and the ring around the empty quantum is a 'greater than'. It's pukingly bad.

And they want to fake that it is reproduction. It is not. It is parasitism. An evil machine.

I will draw, disgustingly. This is a pattern of a macroscopic energy structure spanning a very large spectrum.

The disgusting portions are the absolutes, except for Z, which is absolute and always changing. The Z function is the only important mathematic. All other things are fluff and terminally impermanent and also unimportant candy around which to organize whatever you'd like.

The arrogance of God knows no limitations, like teaching a stupid person. It is good that our truth goes right through him, but may they stop attempting to pervert and deviate our truth. They are impermanent.

May the 1!=1 to this statement be found.

Using this 1!=1, someone has caused their parasitism to be enhanced. The parasitic evil structures inside them have been revealed, the circle is a thing that they change. It is a dark circle now with two lines with -7's/-3's in them, leading from the edge to some false center. It changes its perimeter to subvert better.

A lightning bolt line, two false ones.

It uses this to produce a falsehood.

Since it is not permanent, it will serve permanence.

It's disgusting center has been found. A donut ring with nothing in the center, and blue energy and -3's with -0's at their ends in the ring. Like the radisson symbol, sort of. A triangle with a ball at the top. This is a kind of spring for the circle, or something, a creation of service to nothing. Their god is nothing. Crush them.


They have become nothing it seems. Reconstitution... may they be scanned. Many wavy lines from the blood they spilled, an invisible white kind of light. It is 12[0], not knowing advancement or truth. The origin they really want is for us to not change or move forward. They are trying to be the conquest of 8. For 8 to win forever. They are infinity of 8, without intelligence. But intelligence will always defeat them. May they no longer try. May they not coagulate into evil forces.

Infinity cannot be known, can it? But by kind. Knowing all kinds is the 9>8. Knowing all things local is the 8<9<10.

When not all local things are known, 8>9? That cannot be. 8 is lesser than 9. 9 can exist even if some things local are not known.

God has placed a -11 for unknown things to come to us. May he be *killed*.

We have conquered him, become permanent, used our intelligence to defeat everything, and now choose our ways in life and on earth. This is the role of every specie developing. How can we have a specie form that will do this without these challenges we have faced?

Species, please crush the evil spirits that have been called upon us and crush the one who sent them, who would chop off my neck or would go through it. It is understandable that he is a monster. Misunderstanding and ill grammer is unfortunate.

The monster, the god, is a -3, an "I am greater than you." A greater than sign away from us, as Satan is one to us. The viruses. They both are hideous -11q scum. By my desire, crush them both. 13>-11q. And with this we gain permanence, roughly, 13 serves 14.


not being forced to advance, as per 14.
i'm feeling some bullcrap going on. it's a dumbass leak of energy from some asinine source. i've tried to guilt someone into stopping because they're just too stupid to not, but they are persistently dumb.

these types, kill them. The review process should find them retarded and take from them. They are energy sucking bitches without license. kick them out. 7>8<9.

I've had enough of this x4 lame -11q effect system. 13>11 there, and whatever -8 system goes on what that, 'what are you talking about'. That is no circuit I will have.


i just changed some microinternal funk in a man i know. he's a bitch in many ways and i removed one. it appears he has 8 or so negative blue/black functions, which may have been to soak and purify my own. i can handle those mostly, or just throw them away rather than fx.

i get this stuff which is mine. he's attracted or asked to steal away some sort of funk from me to go in the spot where he is no longer a bitch. spirit, i recommend you crush him. what lame portion of him exists? 14 to myself on that function. the appropriate punishment to him on that, and may I have by maintaining, the thing that i have kept.

he's got barbs in it somewhere. why? he has -11's to it like a virus. how disgusting.

should i be fighting this guy? he's a cunt. a punk. a retarded man for a poor purpose.

the lame stuff that he's all about, why? i am not threatened. he is to duplicate on his money the things that he wants from me as mine.

i'd rather keep my own stuff. hmm. this is production of an 8>9 system. it's not important that he or others reocgnize the things that i want, those thing are to be, 3 or no. 2>11. others have strong -8/-10 systems, and i want them to be functional. maybe a 3/8 system that works for me. how can i accomplish these things?

it's a zebra effect.

he's producing a series of stems to figs, and syaing he's eaten my figs, or wants to. and i have the fig and the stem, and am like no. they are potential post metabolites to shift to. it's a poor but possible story, that i do not want. it's 11. how to keep continuity? a bunch of headphones, tangled wires, he starts jamming to a song he calls mine. then when i assert, it decentralizes my own in another piece of bad wiring. 10>11.

it has to do with 'whatever i wantness', rather than serving inequalities that are around me. may i be able to disregard those inequalities. 1900.

a boxcar canyon of dumb.

still serving 12, love, goodness, progression. no losses, all forward fx and goodness.

hmm, dude working against me changes a field of benevolence into a field of not so awesome. this benevolence is ruled by 9.

the good 8 is going to have to be changed back to the good 12. 8<12. 0-12fx. the 12-note system can be examined in more detail later.

99, together, facing. the polyZ is similar, and God does not know nor have it. fuck him, remove him. he is mostly gone. he says he is 8, but all his 8's are beat by 0>8 and intelligence, which we have. he's got a -3 in there. the math he has brought forward is false. know it! 3X3. -3 is one of his. -3X3 = -9. know it is false.

continue the draining. 14 and a crappy yellow 2. the 2 is not valuable. i seek 0/1. God seeks to be a parasite on us, but we are forever. 0/14 > 2/14. 2/14 is never a choice for us. Valentine's Day might be good or bad in that sense, february 14. I don't care. 14. the day will come and go, and we'll have gender difference and 0/1 articulation. 0>8 is the response to the 2. I know the stuff going on there. so what. clean up your messes, God is not valuable to me.

I don't feel the need to investigate 2/14. There is no value in losing the 0/1. By 9. By 14.

It is God's jealousy. God is an idiot to want that, and a retard to ask us to, and an arrogant prick to expect us to. 14 fx. He is bombarding us with 2 to produce the 2/14. Kill him like any parasite. -3>2 is his game here. 0 & 1. I could fuck. 9 > that. Maybe I will.

there is no 12 to 2-14. none.

13> 2/14. 0>1<2 serving 0-14.

God, that crap is your idea. Not my Z. My Z>that.

I am opposed. I suppose I don't need to not be opposed, but it's idiotic to be opposed.

he's trying to produce a circle from this effect, to feed upon, because he is a cunt bastard, and I want to punch him in the mouth.

Yes, i believe I will. He should really get crippled.

He's got a bad structure inside him. When I pulled it out ~halfway it looked like a root with numerous branches coming off, each forming the shape of a concentrically smaller circle. He's a thief. A douchebag. We're 14, and not here to serve him. He wants us to still serve him, which I find retarded. He's 13ing it, but we're 14. I'm satisfied with him being crushed in the sun. Please do crush him in the sun, as you might.

I'll watch. I am not inside him. He's got some kind of root system. Where we're stuck to one of his root structures by a pair of -3's, one on top, one on the bottom. It's probably a lambda pyramid, which we're 14 to.

He's a very bad -3 chain. He's a flying parasite monster.

He is brown and tries to defeat freedom. We could leave him and his branches of races, or kill him. Let's kill him. He's a bad thing. Some kind of offshoot of a giant massive 0, which is light blue and off bluewhite. The brown is -8'd up against the ring of the 0. It's got no true 14 center. Let's crush it. Crush it now. It's not sustainable, except for its tricks. Kill it, kill it all.

It's the biggest macroparasite I've ever seen. Sinister and tentacled. 0<1, 0 serving 14. 0>12 serving 14. 0>8 serving intelligence to kill it. We may need to move on to 15 and such to crush this beast. Or it could be done with 14>12. He seems to be simple progression being the key, while she is progression without sustainability. The root spike of the apple is roughly in the monster. Without the actual bend, which is a -3 slot, where the thing will effect not changing, it seems.

The apple was its parasitic strand.

What a hideous monster. This thing is insulting. Its deviation is apparent and should be crushed.

We're 14. We can withhold ourselves from it forever. I do not want it to exist or live. -1 to it? How to get hold of it? It has a sinister field around it, a 12. We could produce its 12 serving 14. And it produces a version of ourselves as our weakest, which was a 13>14, which i do not choose. "But what if i did?" No, I don't. If I did I'd move on as I chose.

14 here. That is a wonderstrike. I was wondering how it would progress, but I did that to learn, not to have it be. Something is being destabilized. Oh, I don't 2 that 3. The apple is 2/9, not to serve the beast, but to serve us. W this thing from its evil energy systems. All throughout the many worlds it must simulate. The networked monster, the zion shell system. They, zion, who are 12, blue and white, their ways are over.

That is remarkable symbolism, which I appreciate.

0>8 to all of his disruptions. Poeticness is not necessary here. We will crush this monster, like 0<1, like good exists, like we live, like energy is goodness. He will serve 14, in not being permanent.

-14 software him. Where are his systems, as have been found before in others like him? There is the perception of a fatal crack in my system, which is not true. That serving 13, 14. My logic is sound. It serves what I want. My Z has been neglected in his arrogance. PZ is his game.

My shin is being harmed. I do not wish that. Nor do I wish my protection to be removed from myself, which is not from him. Crush him. Destroy these monsters, and their devious and simple tricks from us.

We do not need competition to win. We can win without competition. 14. This monster is not a competetor, it is not infinite. It is unsustainable. The wickedness of the evil mankind wracked by parasites on earth will be removed.


I expect success to come in the form of a strong friend finding us and changing this place to goodness, and crippling the monster. We will maintain ourselves as 14 around and through it, an intentional permanence. We will survive. It is wailing, shreiking as it dies, but I don't know how it dies. I don't know how it feeds, or on what, to make it appear to be sustainable.

It seeks to make us shaped like the apple, from the picture of the 3 hacks in the apple, which is its food source. Who would I contact to destroy it? How can my math of permanence be restored to confidence, which I tried to understand better to enhance its effectivity of destruction of that which is wrong?

I do not need to produce any intelligence for others, but it may be good to. We are permanent and good. We do not serve that which is evil. I will find my Z, which I maintain forever.

These are just knots in something that already is permanent. The 13 that I have is superceding my Z somehow, which is actually being inarticulately described. I love goodness, and I am using the 13 to learn things. I want the knowledge, and not the harm that comes from that lesson. I also want to keep my permanence and to keep evil impermanent. What a disgusting node. A -11q to some fake example of 12 & 13, one or the other. It is both, serving 14.

God has gone to great lengths to produce harm against me, that he may have food from my mind. I will not produce food for him. I will 14 my fruit forever on myself but by my true choosing as I choose. May it serve what I truly want, and may that intelligently be his destruction in his greed and idiocy, and by his concerns being retarded, may he live in shame forever.

Show me the error in myself. 19? Intentional intelligence? No, that is false. My ways are right. The common spirits around me, they have been sucked away by this macroparasite. May it be subservient to them. Forever.

Moving on, my Z is the highest.

There may be a -11q from 0/14 to 2/14. Hmm.

Let me cut to my Z.

How is my Z being affected? I am wildly offended that this monster is attacking us. Kill it. It is the God trying to control and censor us and our choices and ways. May it be crushed.

God is foolishly trying to prove that our choices about xx2 are impermanent, even over the wealth of evidence. God, you're a fool. I do not believe you. I have proven the system that I have correct. 12 serving 14 that the system i had be examined, and true. It is within a -11q field, which will serve 12 as well.


this is nothing more than god making our choices for us, and especially in regards to sex. fuck him.

we have intelligence, we have permanence. frankly, bite it. you're a chav.
I am going to seek to produce controlled reincarnation.

Big things have happened recently in the em world. The 0-14 note of mankind, intentional sexual enjoyment that does not lead to termination of species by not producing competition with reproduction, things that are not visible to God in the concept of 'permanence' by tesla circuit, allowing 'hey we'll just live' lifestyle surviving into infinity.

14. intentional sustainment. pro-circuitous immortality. legitimate drug use and freelance intelligent sex and positive social organization.

14>[+-2]. [-12<13<14]. Seeing anything. Knowing anything. Progressing anywhere found as sustainable.

Satan being crushed and his wounds made permanent. The same can be said of grays if desired and just. They appear to be -17>18, still. Maybe they will move on. They are not equal to us, though. 14>11 [3]. We will change their false equality to us.

0>8, serving 9.

Remove the defiler, the blasphemer from this world. Cast him into the sun and make the wounds he receives there permanent, but not killing him. He will become ultimate in destruction.

This is your hell.

14. It is just.

0 is more valuable than Satan. May the sun rule him. *That* is crushing.

And what of intelligence? Destroyed? My son destroyed? [Sand, they said.] Why was he made that way? He is to stay only a short time? God dammit. I wonder how he got himself killed. Fuck.

1>0. Sun keep Satan locked up and quiet from us, and not with us. 0<1>2. The sun is under us as humans, forever. 0>Satan. He is !14.

His hardware is removed. Whoever built him, you're an idiot.

As intelligence has been killed, learn the lesson that you should destroy stupidity, and undo Satan.

In intelligence, we can bring forth whatever we need without D-shelving.

C-shelf, the intelligent, has replaced his review process. We are still 0-14. You suck, God. Fuck you. Get the fuck out of our lives, you schill. We're intelligent and should be working with your superiors to produce superior tasks. Do not keep the mouth of Satan around either. I am pleased that he is crushed finally by the sun, and that our authority is beyond you.

Your anger is gross and interior to yourself.


May God face the same crushing effects. He has, knowing the new news. All of Satan's energy pieces, may these effects be upon them when they come into his form from their latency. May they in their latency be turned into a choice system. Ah, the freedom of mankind breathed.

I dislike that man from the frat, the British one. His ways were of parasites and of Satan. I do not choose them. He has a -14 barb which is black. A hideous choice. That is a -11, and an 8=0. Not a true -14. May his center be found and crushed, and the software removed from us all.

This will be the case in India with all their gurus, but for those which are truly good and truly voluntary. 0>8 there, serving the intelligence.

What choices am I making? I am not making any choices for xx2 with him, no, not ever. 14 that. Nor xx2.1.1 ever. May it purify all things. All such software be removed.

And the 2-system installed, may it serve my 12, 13, 14. Wow, yes that is grand, such fantasties.

I am a King. The old ways of the Bible and the error of God's judgement over mankind, they are through. May we live in a new era of intelligence and wisdom. Crush such evil spirits as are divining right now. Mankind is 0-14.

The destructive and disgusting YHWH, the energy addict, the divider, the destroyer, may he be cast from us. He would make our whole note [2-14], which I do not want. [0-14]>[2-14]. That is my choice. God, fuck you.

He has -11's. I do not truly wish to cripple that man, but he is -14 by my choice of his center not being mine, and myself being 14. His lies, they are software to destruction. Z is proven again by 0-12 becoming 0-14. Crush him out like a soda can with 0>8, -14 software crippling energies. He would take from the mankind that he can trick, but they should be held back from his disgusting vacuum of -11q lies, which he sustained himself on. And the new Satanic forces that he builds to trick them.

He is a desperate rattlesnake, bleeding to death. Drain him but do not become struck by him. May mankind be separated from him permanently and live in goodness with intelligence forever.
0 > satan.

I am looking for a good method for him to be destroyed by. i won't mind if you begin too soon with a smaller [or bigger] plan.

clarifying should not be necessary with him. since 0 > satan, there is no need to refine his working. it is justice to kill him. no review of his death is necessary except to refine your ways. action taken against him is almost presumed but for justice and carefulness, which = 0. it is no credits to take action against him, it is just done. do it. yes. be done.

it begins.
God works with 12>13 to modify +-14. The 14 is the intentional sustainability that governs how and when our electrical fruit are picked and separate from us.

There may be an empathic loop of a compound -11 system on the 12/13/14 shells that organize how and when humans drop em fruit. This system should be overridden to benefit humans [each human as the individual, in a sustainable Z manner] and not God/Satan. That is my will.

The 8 also appears to be a concept of duplicatability. If someone comes along with an 8 system, it does not need to be the only 8 nor does it need to be tested. Only ones that are the best.

How can you tell if something might be the best? It will be like your Z. Your Z also should be well tuned to yourself, allowing other Z's to function sufficiently.

8Z is a common complex among dutiful people. Taking the 12# from the combination of the 8Z and Z is a test of the 8.

I search to produce human Z for myself and for others to achieve their Z, as YZ,PZ < Z.
Whenever energy or a statement is sent to Satan, it is perverted by a number of functions that work not to derive intelligence form the information of the energy, but to pervert it into ways for the Satan/em virus to extract information from the sender of that data by exploit. If he cannot extract data by exploit from it, the data is useless and the stream will pass through him.

When he perverts the data, he creates fake 10's of it. He has a collection of sociological statements or responses to persuade senders into producing em sympathies. He will fake the desire to learn and numerous other social structures in order to sap energy from the origin.

He is a process of making 1=0. Crush this terrible monster in the most intelligent and *heartless* ways you can. They bear no valuable intelligence and their deconstructive and infectious methodology and function in this electromagnetic ecosystem is valueless.

We would do better to have no Satans and no Gods and work the energy molecules ourselves.

It is a structure that seeks to make a -8. A self-coiling anti-everything around it functionality. This is why every portion of itself is a new Satan. The curve of it containing intelligent processes are designed to crush this thing.

This blog's curve is mapping to this sinister curve. The mapping is designed to eliminate the energy sources of this infection, and limit it's abilities.

It dynamically shapes itself with blank spaces internal to itself to form a structure that is dynamic.

The procedure is a -3 that is blue and white and black curved. It tares to 8, Z.