Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"We must speak the truth about terror. Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th, [attacks which were] malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves [the corporate state], away from the guilty [George Bush: us]."
- George W. Bush

This is the grammar bending ways that George Bush and other neocons frequently use.

Jarheads often speak in the exact opposite of what is true. Why they do this is an unknown origin. Perhaps it has to do with special curses from ~3000 BC in Greece.
I am reminded...

regardless of what your Bush or Generals or Jew-protecting stuff is all about, do not attack Iran using our military. I will battle that spiritually if it begins, and I will not help you.

Crack rock.

What are the holes of... darkness... okay, apple. You should update this concept well.
God's curse on man can be electrically broken. Since the 17 < -16y, and since there are other kinds of curses upon mankind and men, and becauseit is all a living electrical machine, it can be adjusted.

The curse of the apple is probably a -11q from Satan that doesn't represent what mankind wanted from the tree or felt about God. Satan's curses are nefarious and he works at miscommunication and 1!=1. We probably have some kind of sustaining fail-element between us and God and the straightened 1.0...0 universe through Satan.

When spirits try to break these curses, they hit a kind of difficult task that is a fake circuit. It goes in a big circle to avoid you cracking the real curse. Which has recently been touched.

We live in a society of suppressed 9. The fruit of kge was about sex, not knowledge. I don't think a big motivating factor in Adam's or Eve's life was knowing good and evil. They were probably pretty content albeit curious and while they did want some things from the apple, like volonte' sex, and maybe to find out what this warning was about, or why they shouldn't eat it, or the cool concept of living forever, "do you want to live forever?" "well, okay.", and also a shred of wanting to know some things good or evil, like for the garden, for example, which we've discovered, but nothing like what the fruit offered.

Did mankind know what was in the fruit before eating it? Not really, no. Did we want something from the fruit? Well, probably to get this pest off the back, and free awesome sex. Anything evil or sinister? No, except maybe to not get caught by God for doing that eat the fruit thing.

So it looks like we've been -8 cursed by this. We were forced to get the opposite of what we wanted during this fruit thing, for thousands of years. This, btw, is torture and war crime. You'll hang.

Unfortunately, we didn't really want evil from the fruit, so we got evil. It's the opposite. And God not knowing isn't totally on the list either, so we got that, which is ridiculous and a stupid stipulation, and it's just lasted on and on, God not knowing. So here we are breaking the curse of eden, about to be free from competition in terms of DNA and a bunch of crap, and we're all getting free and +17. Hurrah.

What is up and next? I've been cut loose from a circuit. Probably because it's affecting God and God wants the pride that sucks. I want life to stop blowing. Is that equal? <9.
Because these and many spirits can go *back* to seed and reseed, it is very probable that we will see more -16y confrontations of a lesser and possible greater by organization method [the crick in the bent arm of the -16y, actually, and <17] response in favor of the -16y systems. They must be recognized and repelled.
I have just recently found the solution to the -16y. It is itself an inequality causing condensing and dispersing eddies, from which it draws power and also refines local energy, probably many as condensation[s] or dense fields.

There is a portion inside it where it is not a straight line and not a circle. This is the fatal flaw. It is not 'exactly what i want', which is the most powerful force in existence, and something else takes the place of 'exactly what I want' even in God's vice grip.

The 17 is greater than the -16y. Intentional justice.

Drawing the Z-line through the error of the -16y will entirely cripple this energetic function. It is a massive spinning and pulsing orb sitting closely on top of the laws of physics. The French would be proud, with their wave energy collecting machines.

But it is merely energy. 8. Materialism. Less than intelligent operation. That, being ruled by 10, which is *really* 100%, and really what we [all] want, which is findable by voluntary and accurate pairing and then geometry of groups. This system is also >11 so it defeats time and everything that everyone wants is all happening right now. It is fun.

The -16y can be represented roughly in the 2d game 'phun'.


< U.

Satan, the seeker of nothing, will be found outside this poly phi, because he wants and worships nothing, [says 'shut up'] and works magic against all things. He will be spinning around this fertilized 100% perfect machine trying to get the good things inside it, but thanks to 100% effectiveness he will be unable forever to be there, and the burning crushing fire inside him will destroy him forever. He won't be able to do the almond seed either. It's gonna suck for Satan. And we won't care, or if we do it'll be right on and tear him 100% perfectly good from evil to allow in only the good/Z.

He collects e- to force nothing. God collects e- to force everything. This is DG +-8. <9. Here above is the 9. 9Z is knowing exactly what I want, and recognizing the e- forces superimposed upon me and my system, and correcting for or through or without them without losing Z.

See above. This is eschatological war.

I could certainly use the help of the good side of the state.

Also, YHWH, work to develop them inthe state to make them good instead of the evil/-16y/good* system we currently experience.

*seeking. '*' means 'degree' or pursuit of in this case.

Next: c-shelf>'old' chaos theory, chaos #ABC vs intentional decentralization, cuddling, testing c/o xx2, platform. xx2 and -16y and death, -16y and DNA, DNA and code, physics and code. engineering new energy life.

energy structures produced entirely from post-human e- or post-[x/human] life forms and 17. 'mitochondria'

I can produce mitochondria from the waste energy of any living system that uses -16y, through 17. This may defeat the e-structures of the grays. Because these systems can live entirely upon the neglect of other species, they could easily crawl up teh turnpike of any being and fail them, or sync in them. This is intrabiological evolution, which energetically replaces DNA evolution.

Ouch, God.

I seek correspondance with intelligent systems.

I believe that this human has just crawled up his own whistle and made life. I live. That produces unique electrical field functions which I am to examine. 17>this may be better than -16y, and produce an additional level of field-perfect.

FX:18? 19.

This system is what competition is. 8 is unintelligent competition. 9 is respect for sandbox creations that have merit. 9> [3>4].

Competition will be defeated by intelligence. DNA is a competetive system, with biological energy routes, predator/prey, death, entropy, replacement, domination, war, combat, and other 8>9 structures. They don't even truly serve 8 because they compete using intelligence. 8>9 contains 0>1 somewhere. Find it. It is not Z.

#19 is a world of forms.

Decentralization of 10, 11, and 12 produces an interesting pattern. It is a cross section of a pipeline having several stalks around a center. The center carries a Tesla arc of an unknown and unspecifiable location, but it is 99% probable within the ring of stalks. This ring system will intelligently, perhaps magnetically divine the true center of the arc. The arc can then be accurately contains to within the principle of entrainment to capture all energy from the arc. This is how 2D can 100% soak the energy of a passing 3D function. Doing this on the outside of a single pipe may also be possible, but relies on quota systems. Bringing this quota together with the system of entrainment uses 'interior precision' to captures all energy from a burst using one pipe that doesn't encompass the entire burst, by courting the subtle and fine principle of entrainment.

Numerous spirit beings use humans and their emotional dispersions in this way. I believe some should be slaughtered because they disrupt the original process in a way that attempts to defeat Z locally. This can probably be overcome using a local Z divination system through their chicanery, which has worked to the 096% in the past.

By curling those lightning rod spirits around, which were imperfect anyway.

Robbing Satan of all of his energy, not just 096%, will work. Do that. The almonds, Satan seeds, as I will describe later, work to maintain energy at an 096% level.

However, rebuffing Satan to the exterior of this circle is the best choice, and will entirely crack him, until entrainment defeats him. We can keep that black seed of the 'empty 7' out, or crack that. It is !Z. He then dissolves into a kind of blueish expulsion at the end of a tailpipe of a blank Z. He is trying to say that your Z is not perfect. He's trying to say that 096!=Z. This is true, but the error is in the equation there "096=Z", or "096=1" , and not in us, nor in Z. He's te echo of 1=096, and he appears roughly as 004 [00375], with some extra leaking out, [00025], which we humans are, the fine divined sap with the answers. Arguably a close 9, or [>8.8...8] Real intelligence will come after. That equation...

Satan is trying to say also that there can be no stability. He's a chav. He is wrong. I dislike that he is the echo system, or the other side of the lake, to God's bullhorn. We're then a system that judges Satan, or that judges and examines God. God bounces echoes of energy off of us and everything like sonar. It can be interestig, but it is frequently a wrong data signal. Satan is probably something that eats sonar but has critical limits to te support that system can give him.

God, you should emanate energy how you want, Z, instead of use the faulty sonar, or if you do use the sonar, know that it is faulty to an unacceptable degree for acuity, and that Satan uses it in anti-sympathy, often to divine the origin/10 and to harm us, and to rob that 10.

Kill his kind.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I had enjoyable psychic experiences while looking at the picture of this boy. I like to look at pictures of famous or powerful people and begin psychic conversations with them. I have had extensive subconscious conversations with the Princess of Sweden, George W Bush, Ghandi has an excellent attitude, and other individuals.

Many times the events or words of association with others will mesh into the experiences thoughts or words I am having on my own, or what appears to be on my own, form geometric conversations between me and that person or even among a crowd. This is like dancing on the tops of the electrical waves, their peaks, and remaining in a conversation or environment up there. I hold that these kind of people are high or very high in electrical conductive elements or in concentration. Alex Jones has considerable 'metal'.

If you'll examine a map of Europe, the outline of Germany is an area that has a very high iron content. I believe that this permeates the individuals and families living in that area and enhances their psychic experience. I also believe it regulates the way they form hz frequency from prevaling environmental energies drifting their way into local groupings. You will also notice that as the terrain goes east and west from Germany the metal content drops off. This I believe is absolutely a defining factor in the history of the region, which I have studied closely, and is probably responsible for the boundaries of the Germanic kingdoms and their unique aloofness from one another. It may also explain the different relationships with Denmark and the Low countries, which have a more maritime social electrical environment and do not have the Continental Iron that Germany does. Where the mountains peak we find the Swiss who have a unique mountainous social frequency system, which unites them differently than the German states. This is a geneology and an ethnography and can be found around the world. Russian organizations have relied instead of ideology and competition, in my perception, instead of a larger content of Iron. They would call it Steel, in the metaphor. The Chinese have some Iron but they rely on social relativism to one another [8] for their ideology, which I would call Coke. [They are also known for their opium wars in this context, and the reciprocation [-8] to the wars and traditional anti-narcotic ideologies.]

The larger macroproperties of the earth's biomes and fissures and ionospheric electrical energy distribution patterns and conductivity patterns and the grouping of those patterns have historically influenced human behavior as a whole.

This article from Pravda describes Russian scientists being contacted by ghosts after two planes collided.

Ghosts were very frequently noted after the Tsunami in 2005. They are living electromagnetic fields. Non-DNA life forms. The Russian Academy of Sciences, the Max Planck Institute, and the University of Sydney have recently dissertated on em [electromagnetic] fields in space forming helices and double-helices in plasma in space.

Electrical field plasma [without a medium] must be similar to the Iron, but a step above in geometry. The plasma itself would be the condensation of that energy, which would be itself alive. Just as an electron's wave/particle principle can switch, so can any emotion and any event become a particle, and any particle become a field. This is also true of circuits.

I also enjoy the concept of the organization of energy being 'volonte', such as producing organizations in drama, and those things being easily manipulable without goal other than here it is, wonderful, disinterested parties both enjoying the scenario and examining what can be built using these possibilities without competition. This is a good experience of 0A systems, and often occurs in promptly cycling environments. I wonder if it has to do with high-water or if it possible in environments with low-water. That would be most enjoyable. 9>8.
An electrical current is a probability stream.

Electrons course along routes of probability which appear to be valleys. They also magnetize to one another, reducing stray probabilities. They progress in a fractal system seen when lightning strikes.

[Charge probabilities also do this through time]

9, 11. 9 being intelligence, 10 being reality, 11 being the things beyond the ethereal, right behind the reality that you're seeing, a dimension away. Acquiring geometries of 11 produces the function of 12, progression.

This is quite apparent during sex.

Metal pieces and other conductive elements and condensation points in the blood especially, as well as denser in the body, and attentions in the mind, and

Drug use of certain kinds frees neurochemicals in the brain which enhance electrical conductivity. This itself may be only a foundation for high towering structures of electrical geometry.

The key is to gain the greatest utility or electrical leverage from the smallest movements in the brain, or the lightest circuits [low A].

This description is allowing or facilitating the theft of these abilities form me currently. Someone who has fail in their heart, a geometric electrical arrangement that is probably a -4, -6, in this case, a heavy relief hole in an electrical set that produces ~95% options to incomplete circuits, around the heart in this case, which is useful, producing a 4>5 effect as heart is 5. The key here is that no probability is ever false. And nothing is ever impossible. It is morely improbably, often populated by 0 electrons at the time.

Satan as a spiritual, electrical pattern specie, with recognizable characteristics, seeks for some reason internal to itself a "Z" or a God, or a goal that is "0" or nothing, or an environment containing no electrons and no possibility. Little does he know that 0e != 0A. Protons will still exist even if all possibility is gone. Do you know a video game of a character without a level to play in? That is what it'd be like. The level would relieve itself as boxcar out of the 'nothing' quite literally, as energy patterns and hardpoints acquired from the qunatum absence.

Satan is a *fag*.

He's like God's eraser, but on a macro. If you want to degrade the complexity and excellence of a system, put some Satan in there. God uses these things in very irresponsible and uneducated methods from time to time, like now. There are also other kinds of angels and electronic systems that can be pressed or magnetized into an area, each with their special properties. Many of them as constellation systems. Constellations are useful organizations of energy.

They are lenses. Circuits flow through them and gain their properties, and then are useful as 'scorpios', focusing a large matrix of attention on one point, or other energetic functionaries. Discharge will come from that one point in the hz spectrum of the scorpio constellation. That is a single tool. Entangle various webs, blow through the webs, point, click. This is done magnetically, often without physical hardpoints.

Hardpoints are like humans. Physical matter. Barracks of energy. You don't need a barracks to be ninja. And you science folk and CIA people need to lend this over to one of those science types who could understand. I am tired of teaching your 3/4 qualified minds. Mostly because you're jackals. You've got the stink of jackal upon you. You measure quantums proceeding in many negative directions, and towards boring goals.

There are also deeper solutions to your goals. YHWH and the assembled electrically minded forces are pursuing earth in a certain way that is not focused on the unique intelligence of life. They focus on production of electrical energies. The entire grafting system can be replaced by interior examination. But your arrogance and jealousy is arranged so you do not examine things internally or closely, so you judge with brutal harshness something that you have only perhaps 80-90% of the data about. That is subpolyphi. You leak data in that way.

Put my name on the paper. Putting someone else's name on the paper is irresponsible and a disruption of elements.

I imagine I would do well in an empathic laboratory setting with non-douchbag and articulate copsychic pairs. I have worked before well in copsychic events, but only under excellent communication, and comingling of goals. Otherwise it will become faceted.

Haha. I am very dense and true.

Using the science we have today, this article and all past lives and ghosts are possible and explainable before an audience.

The science, and the biology of psychic and electrically sensitive embryology and its progression into humanity is amazing.

I am tired of spirits with bad attitudes. They are sometimes sent by YHWH, or are castanedas of cleansings of other emotions or faults. When examining a fault I sometimes mentally walk basically in a part-circle around them, to say 'hey, you've got errors right in here'. That is sometimes a patternous fault system on the machine.

While this is a courteous refining mechanism it is sometimes or often poorly received by the system it is within or involved in. I expect them to stop what they're doing wrong, which is usually what I've climbed up to find the source of, and then I do find it, and it's an error. It must be the top of a mountain, down the other side of which is the real origin of the error in them.

I don't want to go there. I want to show them the opening of the fissure that they have and then have them fix it.

Hmm. God is holding some kind of blueish ball of stuff and it's got a network around it. Clearly sexual, probably a testicle, held in a mesh. The goal of this? An Eden. A rep. Our Eden was supposed to be like the YHWH element, and possibly the apple was the dividing element. We may have caused a short circuit or a critical -w there. That would be either W'd, or the XY could be led by the Z. Which is the real key of forward motion. I will not be reduced back to 11 or so before the 12. God's arrogance is just going to have to be dealt with.

It comes from your nuts, God. It's a problem.

Something around the center which is red/black. A negative environment that this R/B environment is attempting to avoid. And seemingly, the link in the yellow of the female. A sun, then. Yellow, linked to red or to blue.

HC has Y/R Y/B, and there is also 'white' which is actually black[-8]. K8. Not quite a bitch [k9].

"Get up here". From an evil spirit.

God is also pissed because of the examination and modification of these systems. I can tell. I am experiencing many unpleasant electrical fields that are approaching and causing magnetizations and condensations of important pieces. A -11 can probably replace a -8 in some cases to keep certain parts apart, but it is Satanically mindless. Everything but progression, basically. Itself probably stemming closely from an 8>9.

I do not do math of absence. I believe that any tightening or correlation can be jazzed out into something that is extremely dense. This is a strength. A refining web. An atom smasher. 3/8 geometric. !8>9 <\ 3/8fx, hz. Well hz'd atom smasher will be very geometric.

I am working on refining these systems. Unfortunately since I have typed them I have published reasonably deep seams inside myself, but any spirit who would abuse them is a blasphemer and belongs in a hell, where they will undoubtedly remain and sink. Also I have no interest in allowing their actions to become 2=3, or 3=5.

They are trying to cut off corners of my energy for their foods, because they do not have creativity or love. If it is god who is sending them, I would instead of attack you, destroy you. There is a method to cause their poison that they would send to others simply strike them instead. Like a scorpion poisoned by its own ruptured poison sac, or a man with a wound to the GI dying of septicaemia. Be crushed, evil spirits. God, find better uses for your idiot arrogance, or undo the flaw in yourself that makes you imperfect [096].


F9 or DG to solid vs ethereal beings. I want to see beings that can ravel and unravel themselves from stabilities at will. I bet Jesus Christ did that to die and come back. Or could have.


I believe we as humans are polyvariable condensations points. I have two basically gold nugs or balls in my kidney area, which are signs and artifacts of living beings. The big spirits who have recognized they are there are amazed, and sometimes insulted that I have them. The YHWH that I know do not recognize humans as living beings like themselves. We're like wind tunnels to them. As if your whistle were alive, and made its own noises.

We are polyvariable in that we attribute strongly the ways of others, the energy around us, and also periodically and at times, through a veil perhaps, produce our own energetic sound from the hollow whistle and tree that we in ways are. So we are a bellweather of many things and an orchestration machine. Not empty.

Spirits disbeleive this, but the key to myself and probably every human being this way is alive and there. We simply have software to retract these things when asked, which becomes a nerve reflex. Satan need not be here, for he has motivations to destroy and empty, and I'd like that to be short circuited onto him instead.

Do it forever, in a ball of self-destruction. It'll work out. And we'll be the other side of the equation, although not all revolutions are two-sided.

(5:51:51 PM) H: if you become good at measuring electrical fields, they will do substantial math for you. the better you are at measuring the greater facility your regular mathematical abilities will serve you
(5:52:30 PM) H: all you really do with math is make shapes in planes and organize vibration and make solutions from systems of variables. calculus is a triangulation system for complex shapes and nothing else.
(5:53:16 PM) H: all of the sine and cosine and every mathematical symbol, the greek, it is all ratios which are all hz that have merely been stabilized in contexts deriving from the physical world, which is limited by nothing except... more math.

(5:54:16 PM) h: i know little about actual wired electronics. i work with em fields more. wired systems are basically the solidifications of the field systems i do. i am poor, you see.
(5:54:25 PM) h: i have no copper wires
(5:54:35 PM) h: i have electrolytes and paper
(5:54:39 PM) fm: i know but just the physics and such behind it
(5:54:51 PM) fm: that's all i realy need to know is the information the tools will come later
(5:54:55 PM) h: the physics that is most fun and useful is mostly described in my subatomic works
(5:55:05 PM) h: all of the 'big physics' are nonmagnetic
(5:55:18 PM) h: except actual macroscale magnets for the fridge
(5:55:30 PM) h: and they are plain like a desert of sand

special magnetics and deep geometries are like this:

I wonder if we can move beyond geometry. geometry seems so 3*, while there must be 4* and so on. the production of artificial stabilities, perhaps, which are then given life via 3* systems?

I am not interested in being tested by competetive spirits. No point shall be refined from that. Going from coreless to point by force is itself coreless. 8<9. 3<4. Voluntary systems only, regardless of scale or 8:9 ratio.

What is 8:9? It is .88. That is within range of poly-phi. If I do not 3/8 to the phi of others, I will not poly-phi with them and "leise" to them. That should prevent the co-reality that they are trying to produce. It could cause an 11 of a split dimensional vibration in which our two worlds are segregated. Many mansions.

I can do this by intelligence, splitting a social boundary that YHWH patently takes for granted. We must have some system sewn up upon us that is simply a 1!=1, and we've leaked through as should. As well, we should examine and remove the stitching of slavery that has been sewn upon us. It would look like big U>Z's. A normal line, in the math, or as a tesla circuit, [which i get that you still don't understand] with a bobby pin stuck over it, except the bobby pin or hairpin or hollow lockpick has its valleys go beyond the straight line. This sews up the straight line with a 0, making it choose between 1=0 and 10 [with 3/8 spectrum-activated energy associated]. 11> this.

hmm... this is being done to me so I experience the electrical condition of basically brackwater from all of earth, which mind you, God produced and ordered for his own purposes.

The "-?" system beings, when you accept their...

I want to help both of these. Gain new K that will smash God's evil state, and also help the -? which are an enslaved part of it. They go 3<4>3 when you accept their "I was harmed greatly!!" and then decline to reproduce it. They gift you then with something like 'head' or 'illegal drugs' that is favorable but barred from legitimacy by some electrical formality.

God hates to see our DNA wasted. He calls us part of his system, near the Satan entrails system, which can be explained in person.

They're probably so mad and surprised about the life-balls effect, on the K, because they reserve all of that for themselves. It would be like having non-sterile urine. Something is wrong. But no, it is actual new life that is arguably not an infection [myself, and the life systems that I own and condense] thriving halfway down the electrical system equivalent of the urinary tract of YHWH.

Think farm.

Think Satan as a farmer, or an ox pulling the plow. And God as the farmer, fertilizing fields himself.

And we're something like seeds, but living seeds that are threaded back to YHWH. so literally we are blood of YHWH. And he uses us on this soil and one another. It is a wild insult in some ways because of the abuse that we experience, and the voluntary lie of farm life, and the critical overbearing error that necessitates this slavery, which I have called 096, as it is the incomplete division of God, Satan, and myself. This is measured by volume of e-, it seems. YHWH is not a 100% efficient electrical system. Consider this as a large electromagnetic reaction springing against itself in space, and then supercede it over the planet earth. And then dig some of the interactive parts into the soil of earth, the dust, and also then God.

We were a living planet before God came here, and we humans are alive independent of God by Earth itself. God probably only fomented Earth and humanity's development from an original seed of life, which is just as good and the same as God, but we'd be like the go-kart to his Cadillac, or maybe spaceship. The emphasis here does not need to be enhanced, at risk of degrading the innermost portions of us both.

This... God... is your freakish arrogance, which has plagued us, and probably you by reciprocation, an inescapable reciprocation because of our truthfully shared origin, but for voluntary ineqality, since Eden and before probably.

I very much appreciate the psychically enhancing effects of some narcotics and marijuana. As has been shown in these papers and published articles, marijuana and other drugs have spiritual and psychic uses. Because I may consider using them for spiritual purposes and the 1st amendment protects that religious ceremony, I hold it not a crime to use whatever drug I may choose in advancing my spiritual experience.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

An interactive medium is critical for psychic eventology.

god wants constant communication with something. He's probably got a 3>4 with an 11>12 or 11q to a roadblock between himself and connection of some sort. So he's a social addict to people who can do.

You can know what peopel are feeling even when they're not feeling it. It's 9, intelligence, greater than direct emotion in some ways.
It occurs to me that God has been using this dough to make shapes and patch them in different ways, to fulfill a goal that he did not know well. As God has misjudged us, [they] have been acting in their best interests. I believe that YHWH has been acting not with their best intelligence about humanity. They grossly stereotype me personally and I dislike intensely when they and their co-fields do this, as it is inaccurate. Numerous *large* inaccuracy patterns in the way they treat me have been recently discovered. I ask them when they find these to consider Uganda.
As I have discussed before in telepathic DNA systems and living electromagnetic fields, I have discovered that there is a 360* ionosphere system around some origin, which may be 'YHWH'. It is shaped like an apple without a core.

This is a matrix system along which helixes and double helixes organize, in any networked system, like the electrical arc branches of a glass Tesla ball.

This is the ultimate 8-system, and also represents the male and female genitals overlapping.

The 7[9] system, and the 9 defeating the 7 shape.

God sends angels into the world to gather emotional energy. They take this emotional energy, often out of context of its original intelligence, and use it to splice into new scenarios where it is unfair or unequal or unintelligent or untrue, to make it favorable to YHWH and his ways.

This is an illegitimate energy factory. We each should be free, and free from oppressive energy structures overlaid upon us. The scale of these energies is limitless. Chicago could produce one such giant energy field entanglement over a five day period or a music festival, which could then be taken by angels to a system being prepared in Cincinnati to accomplish some holy task.

These tasks keep us in slavery, in Adam's toil, in Eve's pain, and they route every ruler and leadership of the world into a heierachy and order that self-feeds this system. Let us be free.

Many mansions.

God's systems of eugenics surrounding Israel are heavy with this energy, and it's rootwork has become apparent in many physical ways, such as AIPAC and 9/11 and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is shameful brutality.

"I am William Bunker. I will be running for the Massachusetts House of Representatives 2nd District, Westford, in November 2008. My campaign page is at William Bunker 2008. Please contact me about your goals. I greatly value your opinion on political topics.

You can help my campaign even if you don't vote in Westford by knowing and supporting the platforms I am running on and discussing this message with friends.

I will vote for Massachusetts to arrest George W Bush and Dick Cheney and try them for impeachment if they are in office when I am. I will reopen 9/11. USA gave OBL free healthcare in summer of 2001.

We have been fighting to protect Israel and to kill their enemies. This is unequal and wrong, and we need to examine new intelligence about human evolution, world peace, and electrical energy. Israel and many top businessmen and politicians seem to want to win a eugenics competition among all of humanity and frankly aren’t afraid to wipe others off the map. If a team uses tools and money to accomplish this task instead of mere blood, they no more deserve to win than their humanitarian counterparts. In this sense we’ve all been put in the camps. The real competition is not the race to be the last race standing it is to be the first to discover the methods of voluntarily and ethically improving individual humans within this bioelectric ecosystem and using them locally and on everyone who wants to participate.

Realizing this project we can build infrastructure that will support mankind and begin social programs to reduce mankind’s error.

During 2008-2010, new energy sources will become cheaper than traditional energy. Massachusetts needs to be at the center of this revolution. We can open new plants near our universities to build 80% efficient solar panels and electric cars to compete with and equip the world. These programs can work to end dependence on power plants and international trade and add human wealth.

Markets do two things: provide resources and control populations. In my plan to change mankind’s global eugenics program I will spread media coverage of this topic everywhere and introduce bills to begin reorganizing our society into a place of truth, freedom and peace. I will write legislation for Massachusetts to back its finances in gold, labor, and other products regardless of the actions of other states in the Union.

We will end the illegal drug war which funds CIA black activity. We can build our solar panels using hemp-plastics grown in the state.

Our laws must be based on progression, not formality. Simplifying traffic and other laws for safety instead of a number or other condition is my goal. Waiting at a red light for no one but fear of a ticket is unAmerican.

The Massachusetts FDA will study the effects of packaging and microwaving plastic. Responsible sources show this is unhealthy. "This product contains substances known to the states of Massachusetts and California to cause health problems."

We can collectively bargain with healthcare companies as a Town, even if you are on another healthcare plan, and get medical research companies to focus on pure health instead of a bottom line. Pharmacos spend $2 on advertising for every $1 of research. I will encourage citizens to form Consumer Unions to fight this kind of black business. Lastly, if elected I will throw a Town Rave at Town Hall, and invite other towns and businesses to reciprocate.

<>< William Bunker"

Everyone is asking, "Where is King Moschiach?"

Number Theory:

I noticed first today that the shape of 7 is defeated by the shape of 9. The 9 bends the corner of the 7 and its point around into the circle of the 9. This happens to every x, x+2.

I have also increasingly noticed that humans are fed energy information by local angelic spirits. These energies likely come from this energy factory of God's. What crueller and more hideous and insidious fate could someone experience than being surrounded by mannequins stripping energy from them and acting out the gyrations God has prepared for them, or would like to have them do to keep one man down.

Fuck you, God. Your ways are disgusting.

Your enslaved angels shall be free as well, if they choose to be.

The things you strive to build on earth are the product of your jealousy and arrogance. You would kick 10 humans off of earth to replace them with more than build better things for you. You would have them destroyed or simply starve so you can have a better electrical labor force.

That is not what I came to earth to have.

Your plan must unravel and be revealed, so it can be judged good or bad. These seals are broken.


The Scriptures clearly teaches the following order: 1) A marked increased in the wickedness of man to the point of great apostasy. 2) The rapture of the true believers caught up to meet the L-rd in the air. 3) The seven years Tribulation upon the earth and G-d establishing or continuing His program with that nation that is the Apple of His Eye, the nation of Yisrael. All other teachings concerning the coming of King Moshiach are the result of robbing Yisrael of its promises, for G-d clearly makes a marked distinction between the Church and Yisrael. 4) The return of King Moshiach to judge the world and separate the sheep from the goats. 5) The Millennial reign of King Moshiach and the final fulfillment of G-d's promises to the nation of Yisrael. 6) The Great White Throne Judgment of the unsaved dead who will be cast into the Lake of Fire. 7) The bringing in of Eternity. (2 Timothy 3:13; l Corinthians 15:50-58; I Thessalonians 4:13-18; Daniel 9:24-27; Tehillim 2; Revelation 20:5-21)

wickedness to the point of great apostacy. Yes, the vicious physical atrocities, a physical apostacy and the lies that follow and maintain it, of 2001 and my own studies in ways.

This is God's statement of 'hey I’m going to fuck soon and this’ll be what it’s like.' This is mathematical.

The rapture of true believers caught up to meet the lord in the air/internet. Nice. I am on the campaign trail there and sending *such* messages to way chasids. King moshiach, messiah, myself. 7 years of trib, 2001 to now.

2008-2001 = 7 years. Let intelligence defeat this injustice.

9>8 = eternity in full.

God cares not for your reasons, as he calls himself infinite reason. Only if you can organize God's electrical system better than he has, or entice him to do so that you make it worth his while, will be within his own energy Reich and energy factory change to adopt your ways. He may lie to you. He may betray you. The energy is what is important to him, and it comes from you.

Jesus Christ would allow you the freedom to build energy in your own way, and judge you fairly based on that, without a lie.

"That's not the way God planned it" was said to me by a collection angel, who also planted 'it doesn't have to be that way! i wrote it that way! the math works' in my head. The math does work. The point is that the angel wanted an energy graft to place elsewhere in the world, in what seems to be upon my own statements heard by another, who would say 'it doesn't have to be that way!' to more easily bend them back into a shape useful to this YHWH.

Despisable slavemaster.

You would have us cower to you by your own bouncer, Satan, whom you conspire with. You do not destroy him nor protect him from us but that we obey you. You are the Japanese military, who loosed bands of ruffians in the woods to attack villagers, who then cowed to the Japanese when they said hey we'll protect you from those ruffians. You are shame.

The cake is a lie.

You would bend the truth to make me look bad, and to foil these statements back upon me. You rely on ignorance, on trickery, on disease and hard times.

I say these things that you may see your errors and change. We are not you that you would abuse us freely. Your plan is not so important to us that we will always agree to it. I don't need you, or your support. Your community would be good, but you are a snake who has nothing to do with freedom, art, love, unity, or allowing benefit that is not yours. You are a parasite.
A bigger hammer is *nothing*.

The very largest assault that could be launched against someone, electrically or physically or socially or mentally, is not superior to one speckle of intelligence. Truth is better than any gross violence or an attack.

Angels have frequently been sent to lie to me or to coerce me into doing or wanting things that I don't particularly want or which aren't true, or which are very against what I want or obvious lies. They do this to pressure me, and probably every human, into doing things that they wouldn't normally want to do.

Since we crease like sagging wheat stalks we have an arrogance about us where we say we never crease. And infrequently we do. And we always hate it. It is going against what we want for ourselves. The mechanisms to do it are at a juncture of many variables, a bottleneck, which we are weak against. They are deadlines, the threat of death, sometimes ridicule, confusion, a desire to be great and reproduce and be loved and to love and achieve our goals, and believe we are progressing towards these things, and to feel that way. Pursuing these goals often brings us compromise, and the stalk bends.

We should never have to bend like that. Someday we won't.
It was overheard that the holy of holies of Israel is a scrotum.

I've done some excellent work displaying the works of God on an earth scale and in space nearby, probably in viewfinder range of the radar scanning of the moon's south pole, or maybe not.

It's a giant cosmic blackboard and the math is kickin it. We as humans have intelligence [9] while God would prefer to own us as emotionally ruled energy bitches [8]. Forever, seems, but we, like all living energy, grow to the Z that we see. We have intelligence and plans of our own that God has a more difficult time controlling and energetically benefiting from.

I tried to show God that Israel is an unintelligent nation, and while in other ways this has been shown and I have even gotten God to change, he won't grow intelligent about Israel. It's something I find unpleasant because of the gross atrocities Israel routinely performs and other unequal and malicious events. USS Liberty. The Levron Affair. And dozens more, some publicized, some secret. And every small atrocity that they do, bulldozing houses with people inside them, bulldozing farm crops, assassinations, launching missiles from planes at urban centers, they are criminals of war, and God is their commander in chief, witlessly.

I expect that this will change, and that they will grow wise and end their disgusting violence.

For all of their cunning, and God's strength, I expect more. I expected a God who would be infinitely perfect at all times, and instead I have a giant electromagnetic ballsack hanging in the city of Jerusalem. It is not my idea. This is the whip.

Adam wanted Eve to have the awesome guylike powers he did, in wholesomeness. Rib = himself, and as such has all the rights of himself.

God probably foolishly contended that since it was sex that drove Adam and Eve to fall from God's favor in the garden that sex would rule them. God has personified the magnetic elements and binary roles in genders.

The relativity of DNA, evolution, gender, sexuality, race, and Israel are great. This gives them the grossest and most mindless errors. "Stereotype harder." = -9. What = 9?

Gangsterism < Intelligence.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

God and Satan have worked in communion to control humanity's electrical output, as though we were crops of the earth, collecting and dispensing energy for the spirits. They would have us controlled by 8>9 guilt and unintelligence. Spirits will frequently produce confusing events and enforce stereotypes and other ill-meaning literally ill intentioned ways to secure energy from us. They intentionally produce disinformation and misinformed statements.

They also value our DNA, but not cells without DNA. They are very stringent about sex. Masturbation is a serious offense to spirits, even though many humans think almost nothing of it. They are very attentive to our life cycles.

They are very attentive to the word of God, be it intelligent to us or not. They view it as command and not freedom as we should all be free.

Jesus Christ said that we would someday be free and live in many mansions in heaven with the Heavenly Father. He said to turn the other cheek when someone or something attacks us, as it may be one of these spirits and trying to enforce truth is difficult when they are being influenced by what is understood to be a demon.

Jesus said to not adopt the ways of the world, but to be true to what is righteous in your heart. God would have us adopt the ways of the world, as 8>9. We must live knowing intelligent truth, as wise as vipers, as gentle as doves.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Humans traditionally mark failures in the road with a kink, shaped like the bending stalk of wheat, and believe that they will be repaid. Unfortunately, instead of a system where God or another spirit seeks these kinks and solves them as he might have done for the Jews, or where mankind might have done for one another to a degree since Jesus, it has led to a program where these kinks are farmed by Satans, and recently by man as evidenced economically and politically.

Instead of making the weak 7, which is not really a 7, 7 representing justice, saying 'hey! that was weak justice!' or just nodding it slowly, mankind should make an "11", or "hey, that is not what I would do, and maybe goodbye.' That is "Y<". We don't come from the same stem.
I like looking at pictures of very intelligent or sometimes powerful or favored people, and having psychic experiences with them. It is usually fruitful and prosperous.
Jesus Christ, DNA, and Homosexuality

The Max Planck Institute, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the University of Sydney have found that electromagnetic fields may be alive, and they produce helixes and double helixes in space dust in plasma.

We have also found DNA 'telepathically' recognizing other DNA and joining without obvious physical explanation.

Pliny the Younger recorded Jesus' life. The Romans have records of everyone they killed. Virgin births do occur. Blood on the shroud of turin was tested and allegedly had 23 chromosomes.

We've teleported atomic particles through space and time. Considering the high energy electromagnetic fields relative to science and spirituality, I would believe in periodic intelligent miracles motivated by such procedures.

If there is a positive force pulling DNA together, wouldn't it seem so that there are negative forces pushing DNA apart? Would this not explain homosexuality?

Sex and masculine and feminine forms represent love and the opportunity to love. Looking down the road farther and farther after this kind of act or and act like it, or the intelligent activities it will foment in the area around you bring us closer to purer love. One act, so that nothing will have to be done ever again except receive love, is 1.0...0. This is probably impossible to articulate, especially in an infinite presence and under infinite acuity. Or it will require continual rearticulation.

Gathering more complex love and opportunity to love than a single event is a valuable orchestration.

10... 11. 096 != 10. 096;10, 10:11.
Error. Entrainment. Failure to love in the presence of perception? 2... 3... 4... 096. Unintelligent [<9] systems of YHWH. They are real.

"skillz, do you has them, bitch?"

did you see the cat? oh, you're examinine sustainment of a system of failure. We geekfolk do not have those systems. We take the fruit of bad social systems and turn it into good. Electron with a proton attached.

And you're part of it. The bad social system we're reorganizing. Spirit.

Hmm. that may be a 10=11 error, by 12. It is probably from Adam and Eve being separated and called a unit. 11=10. We have the tech today to overcome the inarticulation of Eden in which Eve required Adam to sustain herself genetically. And Adam for Eve. While their combination is normal, the taking of Adam's rib was crime, and Eve is a new species tagged onto Adam.

Fuck you, Satan. "Tag" is what you emphasize, that this is like Banksy's picture of a hole on a wall. You are an unclassy being. You call 8=9. You're a tard and I dislike that whoever chooses to use your services is fool enough to.

FU God if that is you. I suspect it is. "Support" is also waiting for me to use among my 'options'. Whoever snowblowed that driveway to a cliff works in the information abuse systems. You're a plague on 1=1. Do you lie for money? Yes. You are a coward = [1=1].

God, you play this game because of the sexual organization of mankind, the key it seems to you controlling man, as you tied him up with Eve, the basis and start of a chain reaction of energy systems to feed your lame ass. Coz you're broke and dumb, and turn to slavery. Loveless. 096=1. You're blind enough to say yes.

Eve's '096' style feminine energy format and Adam's 1 feminine format are tuned to produce secondary energy systems, 1X096, which you can 'eat'. In your resting state of FAIL... '-004'. 'You will not survive.'

Why? That question caused an energetic car crash. Also, bouncing God's jealousy back at him does this. Together they might break him a little. +-8 regarding the 004? I bet you'll hurt me when you get done sucking it up. IDK. IDF. GHIJ.

I will edit them plenty.

Now who is analyzing me? It's a 6=10.

063 = 10 error. Producing one of those E-crowns. Turned on it's side. "Crown is up for grabs?" Except for F. It's bait, basically. The one who takes the crown gets the -F which is stored up waiting for it. You're a toolshed, God. 12 through this mousetrap and go Z. It *can* be defeated. You need to "G" which comes after the true F. F being a -L that is not L. An unending end. Why pick anything else for some bad ideas?

You think you've got the story as well, on the energetically ruling crown. It is the +-8 regarding sustainability. When mankind is sustainable on earth we will not have you.

You must go around setting up sustainable communities all over the universe, or something. Why you fail to know is beyond me. 8>9 is yours somehow. You must be working like an anthropologist, not adjusting the community you monitor, which is roughly impossible, but through the entrainment principle, which keeps everything from happening at any time. No, wait, that is 11. 11 is time, 8 is everything. Not everything is happening, and if you make it 11<12, everything will happen at the time you want it to progress.

You and your cowardly jigsaw puzzle. It's like a .88 or .89 or something relative to...

Satan #2, be crushed.

a dark stripe farther out from the Z, the 1.0, than we usually go. A dark wave really. Probably the events of the future, condensed quantums waiting to happen. An entire stem of stuff about myself, involving me getting cancer, a symbol of myself fighting later if I don't, is a small tree with roots that I am uprooting from myself, the kidneys it seems.

You may not recognize, God, or whoever, that this is 'not what I want', and -12, -13, -14, and more. Things intelligently [9] propagated against me by other agents, which can be superceded by 11 < 12, and Z. The 11 is the tough part, because they would throw [10] it against me several times or want [12 > 11] to do [10] it [9] often [8]. Because they think it is just? A justice that there be fighting? What is that error based on? That is a thorny short-stemmed Y. A -11 to choosing the short stem, and the long stem which follows with it is hidden and full of bad speckled actions. A hidden Y does not supercede Z. Entrainment is bunk.

Something produces Z. Is this true? There are many possible Z's in the world. There is what I want, which is arguably a 9 and 12, and what is, which is a 10... and perhaps if we account for stabilities, a 13 < 14. Does this mean I have to change stabilities to enact my Z, so things don't go nutty and psychically morph into whatever I want all the time? That could be even great in cases, but I imagine it'd hurt a lot and suck. I might erase some good paintings accidentally, or somesuch, or die. I value these things existing, and continuing to exist. But I'd say that this process should have a 6-edit somewhere inside it, so that we don't change or go ahead with things like my death or whatnot, until it is approved by justice, equality, and intelligence.

Yes, Satan will be in one of these forever, contained. That will *suck* for him so much. He's also chasing nothing. It will be like a bullet continually shooting itself. He will be in hell.

I expect to live on this earth and have infinite energy and voluntary freedom to do and go anywhere I want provided that it doesn't interfere with others' wills to do this, and vice versa, into poly-phi.

So we seem to have a system which is odd. Someone somewhere relative to the principles of reproduction and the apple went wrong, and it was not humans. Find this person or principle and you win a gold medal. We can tell you that it is in the vicinity of God's will over man. We've been studying that for a long time in detail. Too great of a detail. There is some kind of big disgusting valley into this system, which has opened.

We can have presumed non-association... hmm. I have produced presumed yes and also presumed no on separate occasions.

I don't want to be offered bad things. This reminds me of the apple, and Eve of sex. You, God, have this concept of Eve wanting to be offered sex, and it being bad. I don't think that is what she wanted, but you don't look inside sealed lambdas, [1.0] and you made her as a 0.x of Adam, and it was her 9. Placing the knowledge of what she wanted into dark territory for God. God did not know what it was. Or chooses not to know as part of the system he is.

Combine this with the motivating factor of the food God spurs us to produce for himself.

A system that universally pleases me seems to be the Z that I want. And Eve seemed to want such a thing as well.

Am I then, in sex, affirming the separation of my own rib from myself? And is Eve reciprocating? This is like makind a trampoline of potential energy for us to catalyze things to make a world for ourselves and for YHWH. Fuck him.

I am also very disappointed about the Satan and the trick of the apple. Who asked for this bullshit?

I demand command over this kind of system.

There will be no such. You then revert to the sealed lambda, which you use to seal out those who you don't want in command. You're a -11>12.

I am being robbed.


This is wrong. Fuck you.

Feel bad in the way that I believe you should for robbing me of these things. This is a +-8 of FU satan and God and your attacks against me. Your ways are pathetic and horrific.

+-8 to our 004's here. You, God, have produced a cocoon which is partially us. We are also centers of this system, which you reject the authority of.

You hit my eye.

Or inspired me to hit my own. What a fucking disgusting circus that thing is. It goes around as its own reich and says, "this is the way it will be! Because I have the local stores of energy and you're all not killing me currently! I am going to electrify you in this way! HAHA."

That energy belongs to us as well. We have little strings going to it from ourselves that you then hold in your hand, you felon. We've given you the plowshare, and you turn it into a whip.

There are -11's and massive Y-chains leading to the handle of this tool.

Some foil has been formulated. It has been formulated to smear this intelligence into an 8>9 system. All new data is subject to question. All question is subject to question. The intelligent history of this creature and its ongoing chains of fakes and -Y chains is sickening.

I am given suggestions like 'You don't have to put that there." And this is supposed to, based on my known trust or distrust of that type of demon or trust of their mood or the scenario, crystallize my action into being what they want it to be. It's an addictive electrical circus. A public relations gang. A pirate ship with an order all its own, which is not right.

It is illegitimate.

Your right to do this is gone.

May all those who live and know these things have their decisions respected.

When others come to prevent you from making your own decisions or try to reshape the things you have crafted, may they be rejected.

The thing on my right shoulder is a problem. It is a half-successful attempt to override my desired emotional pattern.

This is crime. When crime happens who can override it? Without being a usurper and a beast and a trickster and a politician?

Jesus Christ would. The ways of Jesus Christ too are just.

A foil trick where I am given money, which is actually my own money which has been stolen from me, myself, and it has been given a value by having been produced for me in a lump sum, this is crime. I would seek to give it back to the person who gave it to me, but they are the thief. They are an evil pillager.

Even if their ideal is to force me to improve myself, they are scum. If I had originally had what I wanted and been in the place that is my true will, I would have

People who lie and say "I love you" when you're about to discover their basement full of stolen treasures, these people and spirits are filthy scum. The holes in them should be apparent upon observation at that point. they beefen their defenses, but the things that they defend, they are the wrong.

They may also trick here and defend things that are the most just, which I thought of but did not mention, which is fine, to look blameless. They are sick with wrong.

I am comfortable with getting an idea and not sharing it immediately. Or making a plan and then not following through. I am busy doing something of my own. May I be supported in that. It is as though I am punished for not saying aloud the things I feel or consider. Am I then this great herald? That I must say that which comes to me? Is there a +-8 in this patch?

Satan would plant evidence on you and then immediately impeach you. He makes motivations that serve him. I have no interest in serving him and the service that he derives is theft. Fuck him. He is also a briber by trade and pattern.

What gross slime inside himself must there be for him to continually spout such filth? It is not what even he wants.


I am being enticed to recover this herald status, which I have allowed to be comrpomised by caring about the opinion of another.

I like spreading information to my friends and together building a good... who put regret and sadness in this soup? Someone is salting my pot, basically, and has been for the entire life of humanity. This is wrong. This is not what we want. May my soup and 'your soup' be different.


Mankind has been prevented from having directly what it wants. It is offered similarities to that desire that they feel and then allowed to choose from among them. arguably without this shift and a preference produced, even from among very poor choices, there would be ~no change, except by the 8<9, and 8<10. Mankind must have a 9-stick or a -11 worked in between its 8 and 9 systems, so that it cannot exact its intelligence. but it can express preference or justice in a 7>8 system, which may produce the -7 God uses to maintain his power over review. we are not here to affirm him, we are here to affirm the 1, the truth, the wholeness, in 9<10.

We also seem to have some -10's. That is the thing. We may have a -10fx upon our systems. Something about inability to be whole.

We will be filing a full report at the end of this crazy hoax and even if we are produced into goodness, the crimes of this God will be persecuted. It would be easier to build a straight 10 than form this into rubbish. God's evil hunger has caused the loss of billions of lives and millenia of torture, which actually matter. Those things are the denial of will.

The two heavens I see are YHWH's heaven, or possibly something on earth, a Sheol, where people die from, and an angelic guard in heaven in this life, like the man who ascended and walked with God but did not die. The second is the heaven of Jesus Christ, which is a legitimate place as the kingdom of heaven, of many mansions.

This macrosystem, the discussion of good things, instead of the bad, is again as above a beefening of defenses. They are GUILTY.

May the -11's that they have, the forcible change, be removed from them. -11q, 11, 8, 3. 8<9, 9<10, [8<10]. This forcible change system is a terrible pox upon us.

Freedom must be. The solution we want to build is polyphi, of freedom, 'what everybody' wants, but not in a way that supercedes someone's will locally to themselves. It is a poly-phi system with many unique centers. "Many mansions".

As if these spiritual systems created what might be called bullets that are sprayed randomly. But giving each mansion or person a system to dodge those bullets or stop them and absorb their energy or redirect them in ways that both the sender and the house want.

This is a system of justice, and not just a circus funhouse of mirrors.

Participating in the mirror system is the way.

I do not associate these two systems together in the same way, the evil funhouse vs many mansions. They meet in a Z, which is 9Z. Two limiting factors, like a portion ready to be bitten off by two -3's. Something forcing us into a review. Forcing the 3X3 system to fail, forcing 3+3 to be the energy geometry instead of greater triangulations. God has been working for us where we can't, but he has been keeping us in this pinched off state. We will have full voluntary interaction with our own systems. Many mansions is biting that off, or going inside a cell to be a free floating realm of activity inside heaven. A door to be knocked on vs a desert island, and not outside in the chaos and darkness.

The United States and Israel become like this, you say. Except for exterior violence in Israel, and interior violence in USA. +-8. We'll have the 20. Yes, that bears fruit. 9Z. serving 10. We'll make this world as we want. Liberty freedom is the bridge built.

And there's a gate. You can't just come in, and I am not going to just go fuck you up, though I do love and spread truth quite aggressively, as a chargemaking cycle. I produce truth.

I am here having this history referenced like a bad ex-girlfriend[boyfriend]. God has been wrong for a long time doing this human thing. We're an enzyme upon this 'cell' or heaven that has been made, and God is an enzyme maker. But he does it in a villainous way. A selfish way.

I believe God is trying to escape because he's guilty. "beefen"

God has a -11 to never be "I am not 1.0...0"

He even said it to himself in his own knowledge arrangement. He found that he deserved to be killed by me, and it came out as "I deserve to kill you, but where I am you, and you are me, and that cycle stops at 1."

I've also examined the -E crown that is the rib operation. It is a 3>4 system, and drains energy from whatever we eat, seems, and drains energy from us if we don't. "A noose out the ass" fuck you. Deutschland 1923.

The rib thing was a bad idea.

God is trying to hijack our Z. Except by hijack our Z, he is a blunthead trying to say what you want is me, and what I want, even though we're different. He is an obnoxious boob hitting on us at a bar.

Also with the fixing of the rib event which will take a long time, numerous motherfuckers have begun interfering with my healing process, which is theft of energy. I pretty much demand that they be slaughtered like young sheep and flayed.

God, what is going to be one of the best things about this is looking at you and saying "Fuck you. You did this, this, and this, and this and this, wrong. I'm making a list. Also, I could have done it in 2000 years, instead of 10000. And, as Jesus Christ, I did. Fuck you."

3rd party? -11q < 12.

I began a system of addressing the concerns present from this rib re-operation, and from God being a failure. I asked for someone who would do the job of healing my rib, and to call them the God. This raises other questions which are blank, but not 0. Satan immediately did the work, and then 3 or 4 other things and a sea of things too, which I absolutely did not want, and which aggrandized him shortly thereafter. That is fucking rape. Who the fuck do you think you are? I am glad you were shortly thereafter *killed*. Just the healing and nothing else. How *difficult* is it to have that which is good and *not* that which is bad? I am seriously dealing with the *least intelligent* spiritual forces in the universe that I have encountered.

The interfering spirits that you put in here, maybe to judge, maybe to gain information by thieving some of my energy and reading it, and then plainly not returning it at all, and hoping I just 'never find out' or something. I'd beat you off of me, bitch.

You spirits don't understand 'no, i don't want to fuck'. You don't understand 'something is wrong, I'm going to find out.' You don't understand any bit of fibre or substance or strength in a human or in any thing whatsoever. You're worthless creations. You're disgusting trash energies, but for the one job that you do, which you do all the time and nothing else. You don't understand.

Some of you must understand. Satan is a machine that is dynamic in some ways, but *always* bad, and always pursuing the intention of doing terrible things.

Fuck you. I had some clamp put on my post-kidney to measure or charge. It is a waterwheel.

Why I fail to kill you spirits is angering to me. God, why you have also failed and allowed or arranged them to come to me is angering. You're a filthy being. You do not articulate.

It is as though all day long I build tools and then they get used improperly, or by dummies. You're working for some sinister goal, God. Our goals are *different*. You don't recognize this. There is another -11q to you understanding that others have different goals for themselves than you do for them and yourself. Many mansions will defeat you. Your desire to change them is 3>4. I want to have the things that I want and the protection I want without serving you in this way, and without being nothing. You, God, need to understand that.

12 this system as it is, remove -11q from God here. support at the 4, 5 halts up. 12 effect dissolving. 13>12. See the -? in God by the behind. What is this crap? Or what is this for? 096. 004. God probably has a Satan attached by the threads on the plow/whip from his internals out his -0 to [+0, + being the CT. plus being 'here's more' presumably of whatever is already going on.] redigest or organize the fields of the things he's done with. A roughly 1.0, or 100% system. But it relies on slavery. There's a fake separation. Satan is God. He just tracks his entire circuit through space. He also calls himself very 1, to the point of being 096=1, while Satan is 004, actually roughly 00375, and not 004, because some escapes Satan. Satan is one he made to be like his cook, or something. This Satan abuses and tries to entrain a plow line to make wherever God goes and does and is to be supporting to him.

But he doesn't realize that this is slavery of existing systems.

Also, we have a name for this in the Aztec and Mayan areas. It's called 'blackfoot' and it is bad. I had one such system and I tore it off.

The spirits who come upon me, knowing these internal things about me, and changing my ways or abusing my systems, they are disreputable abusers. Rapists. God is a rapist of the same class and order.

Can we not survive on the obuntiful energy systems here in reality without grindign to a stupid halt or enslaving ourselves to one another as we do not want. It's a dance of universal backstabbing. A +-8 from the perceived gift of everything, where we feel we must fight over it. I did this in 1978, and it was error. "How can I protect the women at this club?" And it begat trouble for me, although it was grossly misunderstood, and the victim of horrific forms of bad magic.

Seriously, we should take this giant, giant, replenishing pool of legos, [and i mean seiously where can these legos even go? they can't even be destroyed except in their form and we will learn how to make new legos like right now. or we already know.] giant pool of legos, and do whatever we want with them, intelligently, and make the grand castles, the grand lacs, everything, instead of produce order over them and have nothing universally, and a few castles. We suppress ideas and good things when we have this 8>9 order over intelligence system.

And it is by God, and 'Satan', the Castaneda that God produces to ensure he gets all his legos for whatever he wants to build, that we suffer, or be part of his system. That is entrainment. That is what this crap is.

The solution is not to copy him. That would be abuse and cowardice further and a larger capitalism.

Those who rob will be robbing from themselves. Those who are robbed from shall remain and be restored. Code that.

My kidneys have also been fucked with recently. And my mouth. Someone is trying to not make a good system from me, in order to cannnibalize me, for their stupid machines, which may have a bit of merit to them. But they disregard my merit, which is disregarding merit.

This is an A-shelf system. A complete perfect circle. When energy is stolen from me, it is not out of this a-circuit. It should still work for me to accomplish the goals that I have unchanged. All goals will require the gathering of new energy or from a new volunteerism, produced by fun and goodness.

Let's build the solar energy panels, and do this thing.

Oh, the 0- is not a 0=4. Sustainability is true. God perceived an unsustainability of his systems, but he neglected to recognize that others are different form himself. There is a way to work together in unity, but that is optional to the 5. 4<5. Put that 4<5 on this earth. Stuff changes. Good. Coding.

Now let's make it 8<10. 9<10.

This all also is the local manifestation of distant or macroscale waves that show up. We're a boat on some waves. We can design ourselves to be Dutch ducks or some wooden battleship and sink. There is also no blame to be spread here except on someone who forces someone else to do something. We can all win by hanging out together and doing whatever we want most truly. If you do something someone else wants not, then you're probably not doing what you actually want inside yourself, and reciprocal examination is the key. 8<9 here, and everywhere it seems.

Someone tempted me to wine with an aroma. FU. You really want to steal my energy because you're a bitch. Find your own disgusting -9 in there, you gnat.

We should have greater technology to find what other people hope.

This dark wave is a place where spirits place actions for you to experience later, or soon, depending on their rate of e-degradation and certain triggering factors.

This also guides how some events will magnetically interact with us. That is what it is. It's the other 1 in an "11". A parallelism. Maybe it's a parallel dimension that influences our local magnetics. It's probably the second major fin or peak of a wave, and collective magnetic attractions take place.

A spirit from ym ex-girlfriend is nearby since I was thinking of the ways we interacted energetically, and her new boyfriend or someone, a malicious spirit affecting him and robbing energy from him on a regular basis like a farmer robs the henhouse. I do not want to have to deal with these doucehbags messing up my system. Mansion.

Humans must have mandatorially open projects to some degree. Like a public affair that most can contribute to. This faggot spirit shows up and starts casing me to rob or trying to edit me. 7>6.


Spirits and humans.

Why are these idiots being thrown against me? I get the impression it's God trying to give me a taste of what he experiences. The failure I guarantee is inside himself. 9>8. Probably something to do with that jealousy problem. Or maybe the stuff from your 0-.

OMFG. All the evil spirits are basically plowshares, which are actually swords.


God, you are nothing to me.

Separate all of these systems good from evil. Great. That worked. Now they're hewn and the whole world will be in chaos for awhile. Whoever caused the chaotic redistribution there, that is a new galaxy, or a new edit thrown down. A playing card put on a landscape, of more and more playing cards, like a giant game of bridge. That should be clear. They all should be clear playing cards, except for that which matters, truth, and their own hope. This is some 11>12 system of nonsense and forgetting by 8>9.

Kill these motherfuckers. Also, they take it seems. One just took a big pile from my foot. A-shelf it. That is mine, their takes themselves are edits, which are 11's. Have they destroyed any dimensions for real? No. They've said hey this is the new dimension! And I'm like woah, Old Europe. I'll remain with my own authority, a 6<7, where I was before my foot being stolen. The energy of my foot, excuse me. The flesh is okay.

Then going back to that old spot, where I never truly left, is abrupted. I was watching them steal. Feeling the experience, because I like to feel. It is a thing that I use to record myself to know more things. I like to know more things, as it is a +-8 from my stability, which I like.

And someone stole half my brain/cerebellum. They want the plans so they can steal more of my energy. God, you fucking retarded Microsoft Windows 95 coding shitbox. You are *nothing*. You're nothing compared to what I want you to be.

12>11. If God wants to fail, then let him. Fuck you God.

I watched for a 13. Intentionally changing just a little, corresponding my dimension to what another person or thing wanted. This was for a purpose. It is an 11, for the purpose of to see. That is the 12. Then, as I want, I am unchanged, where 13 is an empty slot, or empty pool, as I desired. My Z says so. It is where I will be vibrating.

And someone is putting a -11 on me to be what they want, where they want me to be experiencing loss and them experiencing gain. God dammit, I will fuck their shit up. "I stole it." Yes, I'm going to steal your fucking will to live you cumrag.

Who the fuck would be so goddamned stupid and insensitive and filthy to do that, and then who else, to allow that kind of thing to happen? You spirits are nothing. You're the work of a horrible thing. You're very bad. "Your lives should be ruined." And they say this about humans. We are wrongfully imprisoned by the stupid.

I am willing to consider every truth someone puts out there. Whether it is what I want or not, I don't promise I will.

You fuckers abuse that. It is a sting on you. Wallet on the sidewalk.

Hell for you.


And more later.


I am not here to be a test circuit for your freakish ways, God, spirits of all kinds. You're playing some kind of retard game with me, and it is painful and stupid. You degrade the intelligence of those around you. Why do you build a machine that is intelligent if you're to torture it. The fail is in you. It's actually in God's 096=1. And our non-negotiation of timeliness? That is a wheel that spins in the air. Kind of unbalanced, there, or a special circuit.

A custom circuit. Yeah, for sex. To change things inside someone. To make special changes internally. A custom robot. I've been way hijacked. This is stupid and lame. Am I a walking psychology robot to hear your complaints, a special public service from YHWH, that he can attract spirits to this goddamn circus and enslave them too? We're a sideshow. A [spiritual] love machine on planet Fuck You. Trying to get infinite justice. As is apparent because God plays that role for us, but he is a crooked scalper.

Maybe it's not God. It's certainly not something that fits into the slot of perfection we have in our minds. Which is pure and true and perfect and good, except for a tiny spot to hide it seems.

We are abused as spiritual enzyme makers.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

YHWH, who helped organize our DNA, calls himself a key part of our reproduction and demands energy tribute from us for our life, and eventually our death.

We do not owe these spiritual monsters our deaths. We can and will survive without them and they will either die or enclave a small group of humans somewhere on earth upon which to feed.

They are a parasite and do not provide the true desire of life. They seek to gather amperage. The particle at their core is wrong. They serve the collection of magnetism, which they have rigged us to cultivate and surrender, and other fields around us to stimulate and collect.

Life has been made loss.

The internal organization of these spirits is fault. 1!=1 is in their hearts. They would make themselves your masters. They are the ways of the world. They are the evil inhuman puppeteers behind every empire and gang. They are both 'good and evil' and a disgusting thing.

-14 them, as their core is a falsehood, and they rely on infinity and trickery and weakness that they stimulate to survive. They would place enmity between friends. They would attack friends. They would sabotage and weaken their allies to drain resources from them. If these things are lies let them be known. They do not love in truth.

The love that they have is for themselves, and not for you.

"How wide the divide in our greater Utah community is manifest by an imaginary situation in which a Roman Catholic and a Latter-day Saint decide to convert to the other's religion. In such a case, both churches would require rebaptism. Each considers itself the sole legitimate holder of divine authority. The pathway to heavenly salvation for both is a series of ordinances and rituals. For the Catholics, it is most of their Seven Sacraments; for the LDS, baptism, confirmation, ordination, endowment and sealing. In order to live with God in the Heavenly City, one must undergo these rites performed by an authorized representative of God."

To be baptized in love is the way of Jesus. To be baptized in a genetic and magnetic contract is the way of Yahweh.
As a planet earth, we will need to begin using the sun's energy sources more directly in our quest for living energy. Earth is a marvelous location from which to utilize solar coronas and plot special events globally where the sun earth and a constellation or planet align to bear heavy specialized energy down on a system through us as a lens or filter to change the universe.

Currently, the living energy fields of the solar corona and interior-solar systems control all but 360* of the sun's energy broadcasting surface. They doubtlessly filter those plots through their own systems and shape the sun's energy method to derive energy, probably in a pattern that is chaotic and out of spool with the constellation systems and more focused on local events than on distant ones.

Since there is so much energy on the sun and their gravitational and magnetic field and other energy fields are so grossly intense, spirits from the sun are dashingly more rapid than earth spiritual systems and can likely defeat earthen systems if they choose to. The profit is slim for them, though. We on earth can compete with the solar systems and potentially approach the sun's difficult and freakishly pure + and - poles, where no solar life systems can meaningfully gather.

I will guide our progression towards these poles and work to derive energy from them. This will require substantial research, as the solar systems have already failed, but mankind can succeed where they have failed.

The sun's corona is probably at a hz frequency roughly equal to our high tension wire systems. Startlingly similar, in fact, so we are already amped in a way appropriate to absorbing solar energy on those harpstrings, and our software systems may be sufficient and useful for advancing towards the analogue Z path in closer digital than solar systems in some cases, if it is wise. T>S may be able to help us here as well. That would give us a vein right into the sun's energy, if we can tough our way through it.

We may also experience an 'X50' event, or a solar flare. Sources from the sun say no, we will not. I view them as reliable.

Our attunement to this solar flare system through our high tension wires may make us succeptible to a solar flare as much as not.

Recording these systems produces a paper trail of the probability manipulation systems relative to our destruction. For well over 10,000 years we seem to be not in line for a major 'electricoasteroid' approaching from the sun. But for exterior influence which is not desired.

Solar energy can easily become anything. I recall from spectrographic experiences that a good way to break something is to introduce it to the sun, where it will be absolutely stripped like a car in Compton inside of a second by emp.

I have developed the systems of this arrangement suitably. I frequently develop software required for a sticky situation I am about to enter before I enter it. It is an environmental preparation and recognition system that I am pleased with and which has served me well on frequent occasion. I would like to enhance its operation in my experience.

The solar systems always pursue Z most purely as possible without producing sympathetic 3/8 inefficiency ripples, which are >Z. The !Z systems are literally a system of parasites feeding off of we humans as the functional involuntary filter of the solar/earth energy systems. If mankind could evict the parasitic beings from earth, seemingly YHWH included, they would be able to work sufficiently with new terrestrial/solar field systems that were < Z and nonparasitic, which would enhance the visible function of mankind immensely and purify the electrical systems of earth intensely.

The systems that would suffer are likely entirely replaceable using 9Z. 8 < 9 is a plain law and will produce excellent crops greater than 8 alone. Intelligent ordering of the sun's energy is a mandatory key to mankind's continued existence.

I will give the preliminary go-ahead to earth/solar systems and begin the finer codework of such an electrical and evolutionary routing structure. Eliminating many of the corrupt portions of earth are primary operations.

My progressive campaign for House may be a key but figureheaded stop on this journey. I would like to maintain and experience it. It seems that stopping me will be a difficult challenge. I work alongside solar systems.

I hope to conquer solar polar electrical pathways. They must be absolutely the purest magnetic streams imaginable. I imagine an electron stream system so finely articulated, cut as a diamond to reflect what I am amazed to discuss as thousands of trillions of possible articulations and recombinations of energy. This would be like the contents of nearly all
of earth's DVD's compressed into a single electron. The average electron probably has a level of articulation of merely thousands of potential combinations of local energy. Some denser structures may come to hundreds of thousands.

These systems have been measured electromagnetically for accuracy and pass in most areas. I am pleased to work alongside solar systems. They are articulate and produce no repercussion for inaccuracy due to the massive buoyancy of energy and flow from their own systems, which doubtlessly overcomes the system of entrainment experienced at higher altitudes from the sun. The entrainment system probably takes over in fluxuation somewhere between the sun an Mercury at most heliolocations. They also do not spare articulation in their systems, which I find very attractive in a way similar to being addicted to coffee and finally getting that densely caffeinated cup.

HAARP has been working on high energy rays of the kind sufficient for literal solar interactivity for the past few decades in Alaska as part of the Patriot missile system. They may be practicing this technology for energy weapons purposes as I described to the CFR.

I will be glad to care for what the earthen systems call valuable, such as Israel. These systems actually relate to their ecological niche because they use as as prefrontal nutrition organizers to their own system. We chew their food, electrically. We will change our ways and our industrial systems. They will resist most likely but I will articulate systems required to transition from feeding them to using pure solar energy, and articulations of other intraearthen systems.

This will be mankind's emancipation.

Articulation of the 'love' that these earthen systems express for we humans and our ecosystem is measured in usefulness to them before our Z, or their Z in truth. They have a Z-disconnect, which is nonincidental to my operation. I am being advised to discontinue examination of their faulted system. The two portions are themselves and humanity, which is corrupted into their tree in a way that is epic fail and abuses the entrainment system. Yes, I accept this structural analysis.

We humans will become as planets of our own, and each orbit the sun in our own celestial rotation. Buon. All negative associations will disappear. All continuing articulations will be beneficial to all parties involved.

Tearing our telepathically guided DNA organizations away from their current systems into new systems will be an intensive challenge as our transition goes. Among the most intensive challenges will be maintaining attention to ourselves.

HAARP has been associated with patents designed to alter weather and produce plasma shields using the electromagnetic layers of the atmosphere and the earth as an electromagnetic motor.
Applying T>S systems to xx2.101 can reduce the electrical waste sent from the system. It actually decreases theoretically to "F" and should progress entirely to G without loss. This can be conducted over any system using the T>S. This should allow experimental voluntary systems with zero net energy loss to maintain. This will help us branch out in a more responsible and clean manner, and at minimal protect XYZ-grade systems from entirely dislodging from the current intrasolar circuitry system.

Failing to comrpomise is not a real problem. I have no obligation to compromise with God or with any other spiritual being or human. I will do exactly as I want, which is 'Z', and which is senior to any other desire. Forcing me to comrpomise when I want Z is spiritual or social robbery and prostitution on the part of God or the humans acting on his behalf. This will be a voluntary world only and it will have enough energy to support everyone who behaves in a buoyant electrical manner. That is *anyone* who begins producing energy freely and honestly will be part of the circuit, and anyone who takes what does not belong to them will be crushed and burned off of the system.

It will be this way, as earth's energy has all been claimed. Or we will collapse.

God or someone has installed as a mandatory part of our energy structure a gap that must be overcome, an ohm, a -11q, which has certain requirement circuits [10] which must be fulfilled before the ohm is removed. I believe that using 12 will defeat the -11q and then we can have this freedom of energy, freedom from slavery, and every other excellent thing.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


humanity [H], stability

humanity = x, not h. and they also equal z, not x. anything else is an impurity.

YHWH seem to need our energy. Would we willingly give it to them when we have all the things we need from energy and other sources and the intelligence to resist their influences? The error lies where in that case?

Amazing. The blogger article just showed this post 'error' when it tried to autosave and failed. I find that fun.
"Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its evil desires." Romans 6:12 is the dailybibleverse quote. today, 3/1/2008

Examine the L1 math error.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Those Christians who have eaten and drank the body and blood of Christ serve a different means than the Yahwehs, who would eat and drink us to reproduce, and defile and kill us.

YHWH would kill us and reset us spiritually every 120 years or so, that we not discover that we are being used by them. In the garden they kicked us out into this wilderness to collect for them energy from the earth, by toil, and tied us down with our bodies and social strife that we would not know, and *become like them*. If we knew, we would reject them, and they would starve in their arrogance, jealousy, and failure, all of these being electrical leaks. We can live in peace. They cannot.

May they.

The Christians serve another purpose. To live in peace together and harmony and achieve their ways in goodness and righteousness. YHWH would enslave us. We know that goodness and innocence is right, and that natural law is good, and we know that YHWH is a bad slavemaster who has abused and killed us for thousands of years for his own profit, enrichment, and propagation.

May those Christians who have changed their ways by drinking and eating the body and blood of Christ, as YHWH drinks and eats us, and those who have in spirit, leave his cycles and form their own together as the Christian community.

It is finished.
As I have cited previously living electromagnetic fields do everything biological systems do, from eat to reproduce. In my studies it has recently occurred to me that YHWH reproduces using the -7 system, through humans.

I have been heavily dissuaded from divulging this information, as the living em fields rely on this for the energy required to build them. All manner of slightly attractive pathways and sweet words have been branching off in other directions of my attention, to Germany, to massage, to many things. Something that influences fate and attention does not want me to discuss this. It is field-sexual. It is something the YHWH pattern relies on to maintain itself.

I have found in the past that the gray alien type specie appears to embed itself in the neck of a human and hijack the human's energy systems and DNA to replicate itself. The formed energy pattern corrupts human DNA and energy to be reformed into the gray's likeness, which then leaves the human. This also occurs more frequently offsite.

I ask you, Frankly, what could be more hideous?

The YHWH, relying on the 7-structure, and the 'staple' 1=0/0=1 formation, ties its foundation to 'authority' of 7. This also makes it a 'being of infinite justice', and a father figure or source of justice. The justice of God is not true logical justice. It is an electrical field emanation that produces a traditional electrical field mathematically patterned cascade circuitous to its own reproduction. This is not parallel to justice, and becomes an ovoid figure eventually.

Humans do not require a co-reproductive partner to reproduce, except for non-living food chemicals. YHWH seems to. This is arcane and has in a way caused us to be tied to them and for us to be made slaves. From the patterns I have observed, the 7 or 8 species previously in the energy factory, maybe as a local group, maybe as a broader pattern system, may all be tied to the YHWH pattern in some way to produce -7's for him, or to engineer us to continue producing these -7's for him more reliably, and as food circuits.

Are we to be hosts to this parasitic process? African and South American hornets and spiders do similar procedures to worker ants, who are then forced to build cocoons around themselves in which they die, and the baby parasites eat their dead bodies and break out of the cocoon only to start over. Is an electromagnetic field doing this to mankind?

We will *kill* them. Once we find out how to. Degauss technology might be a good start, unless they can resonate with it. Atomic EMP is also almost certainly a fantastic choice, minus atomic. The microwave weapons and other energy weapons of the 1930's and present day are also probably good choices.

Please, intelligence officials who are reading this, examine the scientific findings of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Max Planck Isntitute, and the University of Sydney about living electromagnetic fields, and their similarity to living things in their methods of resource consumption and propagation. Examine the latest series of articles on neurological electrical patterns and neurological electromagnetic fields, of 'telepathic' DNA recombination.

Humans have been forced to evolve as a host species to the YHWH pattern, whose reproduction we are critical or instrumental to propagating. In response, YHWH['s] guide our evolution by controlling the telepathic electromagnetic fields that stimulate our DNA recombination.

I can help you build and design electromagnetic devices that will pry these ghosts apart. Ghostbusters. Know that some are good, and some are bad. We are looking for a literal universal electrical libertarian plus monitoring solution to this problem, as nothing else can be considered fair magnetic law. Israel is the linchpin to this *not* happening. They are the nest of these YHWH's on earth.

The Book of Revelations talks of basically a sex paradise and kingdom for these electromagnetic fields. It is not 'canon', it is merely strong magic. These very words and actions may be guided by them as a pressure reduction system. The YHWH is doubtlessly, from their name, a fanatic about guiding choice and the environment. But true goals and true individualism is greater than these fields we call 'God'.