Tuesday, March 4, 2008

God and Satan have worked in communion to control humanity's electrical output, as though we were crops of the earth, collecting and dispensing energy for the spirits. They would have us controlled by 8>9 guilt and unintelligence. Spirits will frequently produce confusing events and enforce stereotypes and other ill-meaning literally ill intentioned ways to secure energy from us. They intentionally produce disinformation and misinformed statements.

They also value our DNA, but not cells without DNA. They are very stringent about sex. Masturbation is a serious offense to spirits, even though many humans think almost nothing of it. They are very attentive to our life cycles.

They are very attentive to the word of God, be it intelligent to us or not. They view it as command and not freedom as we should all be free.

Jesus Christ said that we would someday be free and live in many mansions in heaven with the Heavenly Father. He said to turn the other cheek when someone or something attacks us, as it may be one of these spirits and trying to enforce truth is difficult when they are being influenced by what is understood to be a demon.

Jesus said to not adopt the ways of the world, but to be true to what is righteous in your heart. God would have us adopt the ways of the world, as 8>9. We must live knowing intelligent truth, as wise as vipers, as gentle as doves.

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