Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It was overheard that the holy of holies of Israel is a scrotum.

I've done some excellent work displaying the works of God on an earth scale and in space nearby, probably in viewfinder range of the radar scanning of the moon's south pole, or maybe not.

It's a giant cosmic blackboard and the math is kickin it. We as humans have intelligence [9] while God would prefer to own us as emotionally ruled energy bitches [8]. Forever, seems, but we, like all living energy, grow to the Z that we see. We have intelligence and plans of our own that God has a more difficult time controlling and energetically benefiting from.

I tried to show God that Israel is an unintelligent nation, and while in other ways this has been shown and I have even gotten God to change, he won't grow intelligent about Israel. It's something I find unpleasant because of the gross atrocities Israel routinely performs and other unequal and malicious events. USS Liberty. The Levron Affair. And dozens more, some publicized, some secret. And every small atrocity that they do, bulldozing houses with people inside them, bulldozing farm crops, assassinations, launching missiles from planes at urban centers, they are criminals of war, and God is their commander in chief, witlessly.

I expect that this will change, and that they will grow wise and end their disgusting violence.

For all of their cunning, and God's strength, I expect more. I expected a God who would be infinitely perfect at all times, and instead I have a giant electromagnetic ballsack hanging in the city of Jerusalem. It is not my idea. This is the whip.

Adam wanted Eve to have the awesome guylike powers he did, in wholesomeness. Rib = himself, and as such has all the rights of himself.

God probably foolishly contended that since it was sex that drove Adam and Eve to fall from God's favor in the garden that sex would rule them. God has personified the magnetic elements and binary roles in genders.

The relativity of DNA, evolution, gender, sexuality, race, and Israel are great. This gives them the grossest and most mindless errors. "Stereotype harder." = -9. What = 9?

Gangsterism < Intelligence.

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