Wednesday, March 12, 2008

God's curse on man can be electrically broken. Since the 17 < -16y, and since there are other kinds of curses upon mankind and men, and becauseit is all a living electrical machine, it can be adjusted.

The curse of the apple is probably a -11q from Satan that doesn't represent what mankind wanted from the tree or felt about God. Satan's curses are nefarious and he works at miscommunication and 1!=1. We probably have some kind of sustaining fail-element between us and God and the straightened 1.0...0 universe through Satan.

When spirits try to break these curses, they hit a kind of difficult task that is a fake circuit. It goes in a big circle to avoid you cracking the real curse. Which has recently been touched.

We live in a society of suppressed 9. The fruit of kge was about sex, not knowledge. I don't think a big motivating factor in Adam's or Eve's life was knowing good and evil. They were probably pretty content albeit curious and while they did want some things from the apple, like volonte' sex, and maybe to find out what this warning was about, or why they shouldn't eat it, or the cool concept of living forever, "do you want to live forever?" "well, okay.", and also a shred of wanting to know some things good or evil, like for the garden, for example, which we've discovered, but nothing like what the fruit offered.

Did mankind know what was in the fruit before eating it? Not really, no. Did we want something from the fruit? Well, probably to get this pest off the back, and free awesome sex. Anything evil or sinister? No, except maybe to not get caught by God for doing that eat the fruit thing.

So it looks like we've been -8 cursed by this. We were forced to get the opposite of what we wanted during this fruit thing, for thousands of years. This, btw, is torture and war crime. You'll hang.

Unfortunately, we didn't really want evil from the fruit, so we got evil. It's the opposite. And God not knowing isn't totally on the list either, so we got that, which is ridiculous and a stupid stipulation, and it's just lasted on and on, God not knowing. So here we are breaking the curse of eden, about to be free from competition in terms of DNA and a bunch of crap, and we're all getting free and +17. Hurrah.

What is up and next? I've been cut loose from a circuit. Probably because it's affecting God and God wants the pride that sucks. I want life to stop blowing. Is that equal? <9.

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