Sunday, March 2, 2008

Failing to comrpomise is not a real problem. I have no obligation to compromise with God or with any other spiritual being or human. I will do exactly as I want, which is 'Z', and which is senior to any other desire. Forcing me to comrpomise when I want Z is spiritual or social robbery and prostitution on the part of God or the humans acting on his behalf. This will be a voluntary world only and it will have enough energy to support everyone who behaves in a buoyant electrical manner. That is *anyone* who begins producing energy freely and honestly will be part of the circuit, and anyone who takes what does not belong to them will be crushed and burned off of the system.

It will be this way, as earth's energy has all been claimed. Or we will collapse.

God or someone has installed as a mandatory part of our energy structure a gap that must be overcome, an ohm, a -11q, which has certain requirement circuits [10] which must be fulfilled before the ohm is removed. I believe that using 12 will defeat the -11q and then we can have this freedom of energy, freedom from slavery, and every other excellent thing.

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