Thursday, March 6, 2008

I had enjoyable psychic experiences while looking at the picture of this boy. I like to look at pictures of famous or powerful people and begin psychic conversations with them. I have had extensive subconscious conversations with the Princess of Sweden, George W Bush, Ghandi has an excellent attitude, and other individuals.

Many times the events or words of association with others will mesh into the experiences thoughts or words I am having on my own, or what appears to be on my own, form geometric conversations between me and that person or even among a crowd. This is like dancing on the tops of the electrical waves, their peaks, and remaining in a conversation or environment up there. I hold that these kind of people are high or very high in electrical conductive elements or in concentration. Alex Jones has considerable 'metal'.

If you'll examine a map of Europe, the outline of Germany is an area that has a very high iron content. I believe that this permeates the individuals and families living in that area and enhances their psychic experience. I also believe it regulates the way they form hz frequency from prevaling environmental energies drifting their way into local groupings. You will also notice that as the terrain goes east and west from Germany the metal content drops off. This I believe is absolutely a defining factor in the history of the region, which I have studied closely, and is probably responsible for the boundaries of the Germanic kingdoms and their unique aloofness from one another. It may also explain the different relationships with Denmark and the Low countries, which have a more maritime social electrical environment and do not have the Continental Iron that Germany does. Where the mountains peak we find the Swiss who have a unique mountainous social frequency system, which unites them differently than the German states. This is a geneology and an ethnography and can be found around the world. Russian organizations have relied instead of ideology and competition, in my perception, instead of a larger content of Iron. They would call it Steel, in the metaphor. The Chinese have some Iron but they rely on social relativism to one another [8] for their ideology, which I would call Coke. [They are also known for their opium wars in this context, and the reciprocation [-8] to the wars and traditional anti-narcotic ideologies.]

The larger macroproperties of the earth's biomes and fissures and ionospheric electrical energy distribution patterns and conductivity patterns and the grouping of those patterns have historically influenced human behavior as a whole.

This article from Pravda describes Russian scientists being contacted by ghosts after two planes collided.

Ghosts were very frequently noted after the Tsunami in 2005. They are living electromagnetic fields. Non-DNA life forms. The Russian Academy of Sciences, the Max Planck Institute, and the University of Sydney have recently dissertated on em [electromagnetic] fields in space forming helices and double-helices in plasma in space.

Electrical field plasma [without a medium] must be similar to the Iron, but a step above in geometry. The plasma itself would be the condensation of that energy, which would be itself alive. Just as an electron's wave/particle principle can switch, so can any emotion and any event become a particle, and any particle become a field. This is also true of circuits.

I also enjoy the concept of the organization of energy being 'volonte', such as producing organizations in drama, and those things being easily manipulable without goal other than here it is, wonderful, disinterested parties both enjoying the scenario and examining what can be built using these possibilities without competition. This is a good experience of 0A systems, and often occurs in promptly cycling environments. I wonder if it has to do with high-water or if it possible in environments with low-water. That would be most enjoyable. 9>8.

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