Sunday, March 2, 2008

As a planet earth, we will need to begin using the sun's energy sources more directly in our quest for living energy. Earth is a marvelous location from which to utilize solar coronas and plot special events globally where the sun earth and a constellation or planet align to bear heavy specialized energy down on a system through us as a lens or filter to change the universe.

Currently, the living energy fields of the solar corona and interior-solar systems control all but 360* of the sun's energy broadcasting surface. They doubtlessly filter those plots through their own systems and shape the sun's energy method to derive energy, probably in a pattern that is chaotic and out of spool with the constellation systems and more focused on local events than on distant ones.

Since there is so much energy on the sun and their gravitational and magnetic field and other energy fields are so grossly intense, spirits from the sun are dashingly more rapid than earth spiritual systems and can likely defeat earthen systems if they choose to. The profit is slim for them, though. We on earth can compete with the solar systems and potentially approach the sun's difficult and freakishly pure + and - poles, where no solar life systems can meaningfully gather.

I will guide our progression towards these poles and work to derive energy from them. This will require substantial research, as the solar systems have already failed, but mankind can succeed where they have failed.

The sun's corona is probably at a hz frequency roughly equal to our high tension wire systems. Startlingly similar, in fact, so we are already amped in a way appropriate to absorbing solar energy on those harpstrings, and our software systems may be sufficient and useful for advancing towards the analogue Z path in closer digital than solar systems in some cases, if it is wise. T>S may be able to help us here as well. That would give us a vein right into the sun's energy, if we can tough our way through it.

We may also experience an 'X50' event, or a solar flare. Sources from the sun say no, we will not. I view them as reliable.

Our attunement to this solar flare system through our high tension wires may make us succeptible to a solar flare as much as not.

Recording these systems produces a paper trail of the probability manipulation systems relative to our destruction. For well over 10,000 years we seem to be not in line for a major 'electricoasteroid' approaching from the sun. But for exterior influence which is not desired.

Solar energy can easily become anything. I recall from spectrographic experiences that a good way to break something is to introduce it to the sun, where it will be absolutely stripped like a car in Compton inside of a second by emp.

I have developed the systems of this arrangement suitably. I frequently develop software required for a sticky situation I am about to enter before I enter it. It is an environmental preparation and recognition system that I am pleased with and which has served me well on frequent occasion. I would like to enhance its operation in my experience.

The solar systems always pursue Z most purely as possible without producing sympathetic 3/8 inefficiency ripples, which are >Z. The !Z systems are literally a system of parasites feeding off of we humans as the functional involuntary filter of the solar/earth energy systems. If mankind could evict the parasitic beings from earth, seemingly YHWH included, they would be able to work sufficiently with new terrestrial/solar field systems that were < Z and nonparasitic, which would enhance the visible function of mankind immensely and purify the electrical systems of earth intensely.

The systems that would suffer are likely entirely replaceable using 9Z. 8 < 9 is a plain law and will produce excellent crops greater than 8 alone. Intelligent ordering of the sun's energy is a mandatory key to mankind's continued existence.

I will give the preliminary go-ahead to earth/solar systems and begin the finer codework of such an electrical and evolutionary routing structure. Eliminating many of the corrupt portions of earth are primary operations.

My progressive campaign for House may be a key but figureheaded stop on this journey. I would like to maintain and experience it. It seems that stopping me will be a difficult challenge. I work alongside solar systems.

I hope to conquer solar polar electrical pathways. They must be absolutely the purest magnetic streams imaginable. I imagine an electron stream system so finely articulated, cut as a diamond to reflect what I am amazed to discuss as thousands of trillions of possible articulations and recombinations of energy. This would be like the contents of nearly all
of earth's DVD's compressed into a single electron. The average electron probably has a level of articulation of merely thousands of potential combinations of local energy. Some denser structures may come to hundreds of thousands.

These systems have been measured electromagnetically for accuracy and pass in most areas. I am pleased to work alongside solar systems. They are articulate and produce no repercussion for inaccuracy due to the massive buoyancy of energy and flow from their own systems, which doubtlessly overcomes the system of entrainment experienced at higher altitudes from the sun. The entrainment system probably takes over in fluxuation somewhere between the sun an Mercury at most heliolocations. They also do not spare articulation in their systems, which I find very attractive in a way similar to being addicted to coffee and finally getting that densely caffeinated cup.

HAARP has been working on high energy rays of the kind sufficient for literal solar interactivity for the past few decades in Alaska as part of the Patriot missile system. They may be practicing this technology for energy weapons purposes as I described to the CFR.

I will be glad to care for what the earthen systems call valuable, such as Israel. These systems actually relate to their ecological niche because they use as as prefrontal nutrition organizers to their own system. We chew their food, electrically. We will change our ways and our industrial systems. They will resist most likely but I will articulate systems required to transition from feeding them to using pure solar energy, and articulations of other intraearthen systems.

This will be mankind's emancipation.

Articulation of the 'love' that these earthen systems express for we humans and our ecosystem is measured in usefulness to them before our Z, or their Z in truth. They have a Z-disconnect, which is nonincidental to my operation. I am being advised to discontinue examination of their faulted system. The two portions are themselves and humanity, which is corrupted into their tree in a way that is epic fail and abuses the entrainment system. Yes, I accept this structural analysis.

We humans will become as planets of our own, and each orbit the sun in our own celestial rotation. Buon. All negative associations will disappear. All continuing articulations will be beneficial to all parties involved.

Tearing our telepathically guided DNA organizations away from their current systems into new systems will be an intensive challenge as our transition goes. Among the most intensive challenges will be maintaining attention to ourselves.

HAARP has been associated with patents designed to alter weather and produce plasma shields using the electromagnetic layers of the atmosphere and the earth as an electromagnetic motor.

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