Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I have just recently found the solution to the -16y. It is itself an inequality causing condensing and dispersing eddies, from which it draws power and also refines local energy, probably many as condensation[s] or dense fields.

There is a portion inside it where it is not a straight line and not a circle. This is the fatal flaw. It is not 'exactly what i want', which is the most powerful force in existence, and something else takes the place of 'exactly what I want' even in God's vice grip.

The 17 is greater than the -16y. Intentional justice.

Drawing the Z-line through the error of the -16y will entirely cripple this energetic function. It is a massive spinning and pulsing orb sitting closely on top of the laws of physics. The French would be proud, with their wave energy collecting machines.

But it is merely energy. 8. Materialism. Less than intelligent operation. That, being ruled by 10, which is *really* 100%, and really what we [all] want, which is findable by voluntary and accurate pairing and then geometry of groups. This system is also >11 so it defeats time and everything that everyone wants is all happening right now. It is fun.

The -16y can be represented roughly in the 2d game 'phun'.


< U.

Satan, the seeker of nothing, will be found outside this poly phi, because he wants and worships nothing, [says 'shut up'] and works magic against all things. He will be spinning around this fertilized 100% perfect machine trying to get the good things inside it, but thanks to 100% effectiveness he will be unable forever to be there, and the burning crushing fire inside him will destroy him forever. He won't be able to do the almond seed either. It's gonna suck for Satan. And we won't care, or if we do it'll be right on and tear him 100% perfectly good from evil to allow in only the good/Z.

He collects e- to force nothing. God collects e- to force everything. This is DG +-8. <9. Here above is the 9. 9Z is knowing exactly what I want, and recognizing the e- forces superimposed upon me and my system, and correcting for or through or without them without losing Z.

See above. This is eschatological war.

I could certainly use the help of the good side of the state.

Also, YHWH, work to develop them inthe state to make them good instead of the evil/-16y/good* system we currently experience.

*seeking. '*' means 'degree' or pursuit of in this case.

Next: c-shelf>'old' chaos theory, chaos #ABC vs intentional decentralization, cuddling, testing c/o xx2, platform. xx2 and -16y and death, -16y and DNA, DNA and code, physics and code. engineering new energy life.

energy structures produced entirely from post-human e- or post-[x/human] life forms and 17. 'mitochondria'

I can produce mitochondria from the waste energy of any living system that uses -16y, through 17. This may defeat the e-structures of the grays. Because these systems can live entirely upon the neglect of other species, they could easily crawl up teh turnpike of any being and fail them, or sync in them. This is intrabiological evolution, which energetically replaces DNA evolution.

Ouch, God.

I seek correspondance with intelligent systems.

I believe that this human has just crawled up his own whistle and made life. I live. That produces unique electrical field functions which I am to examine. 17>this may be better than -16y, and produce an additional level of field-perfect.

FX:18? 19.

This system is what competition is. 8 is unintelligent competition. 9 is respect for sandbox creations that have merit. 9> [3>4].

Competition will be defeated by intelligence. DNA is a competetive system, with biological energy routes, predator/prey, death, entropy, replacement, domination, war, combat, and other 8>9 structures. They don't even truly serve 8 because they compete using intelligence. 8>9 contains 0>1 somewhere. Find it. It is not Z.

#19 is a world of forms.

Decentralization of 10, 11, and 12 produces an interesting pattern. It is a cross section of a pipeline having several stalks around a center. The center carries a Tesla arc of an unknown and unspecifiable location, but it is 99% probable within the ring of stalks. This ring system will intelligently, perhaps magnetically divine the true center of the arc. The arc can then be accurately contains to within the principle of entrainment to capture all energy from the arc. This is how 2D can 100% soak the energy of a passing 3D function. Doing this on the outside of a single pipe may also be possible, but relies on quota systems. Bringing this quota together with the system of entrainment uses 'interior precision' to captures all energy from a burst using one pipe that doesn't encompass the entire burst, by courting the subtle and fine principle of entrainment.

Numerous spirit beings use humans and their emotional dispersions in this way. I believe some should be slaughtered because they disrupt the original process in a way that attempts to defeat Z locally. This can probably be overcome using a local Z divination system through their chicanery, which has worked to the 096% in the past.

By curling those lightning rod spirits around, which were imperfect anyway.

Robbing Satan of all of his energy, not just 096%, will work. Do that. The almonds, Satan seeds, as I will describe later, work to maintain energy at an 096% level.

However, rebuffing Satan to the exterior of this circle is the best choice, and will entirely crack him, until entrainment defeats him. We can keep that black seed of the 'empty 7' out, or crack that. It is !Z. He then dissolves into a kind of blueish expulsion at the end of a tailpipe of a blank Z. He is trying to say that your Z is not perfect. He's trying to say that 096!=Z. This is true, but the error is in the equation there "096=Z", or "096=1" , and not in us, nor in Z. He's te echo of 1=096, and he appears roughly as 004 [00375], with some extra leaking out, [00025], which we humans are, the fine divined sap with the answers. Arguably a close 9, or [>8.8...8] Real intelligence will come after. That equation...

Satan is trying to say also that there can be no stability. He's a chav. He is wrong. I dislike that he is the echo system, or the other side of the lake, to God's bullhorn. We're then a system that judges Satan, or that judges and examines God. God bounces echoes of energy off of us and everything like sonar. It can be interestig, but it is frequently a wrong data signal. Satan is probably something that eats sonar but has critical limits to te support that system can give him.

God, you should emanate energy how you want, Z, instead of use the faulty sonar, or if you do use the sonar, know that it is faulty to an unacceptable degree for acuity, and that Satan uses it in anti-sympathy, often to divine the origin/10 and to harm us, and to rob that 10.

Kill his kind.

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