Monday, December 31, 2007

Interdimensional aliens such as those mentioned in Area 51 operate by desyncing or ruling the 10-quantum with an 11-quantum. This does not serve "12" or Z. Non-reproductive or non-evolutionary species may operate a little differently. What would a quantum beast need with DNA? They don't even bring luggage.

They also claim 11>12, or operate on the "13". Maybe it's -7.


A HeLa cell (also Hela or hela cell) is an immortal cell line used in medical research. The cell line was derived from cervical cancer cells taken from Henrietta Lacks, who died from her cancer in 1951.

How do their bioelectrical circuits form?
God is a place where justice is done. He's like a guy standing in a field.

I can bring you all the problems that I have found, which could take some time. A lot of distant things won't get solved well or in depth.

Or I could give you a pair of binoculars, God, and let you seriously know the things without my having to crawl really close to you every time a piece of energy that needs solving approaches in this data-heavy environment.

As it stands you seem to use the "Satan vacuum system". Centrifuge style data sorting vs proper examination. It's bad or difficult to centrifuge complex data environments.

Well go ahead with your concern. Anything is better than Satan. Almost literally, if not by default.

I'd rather be hanging out waiting for the God to show up and do some work with me than f/ace Satan's field testing. It's real to us, you think it's just the worst % possibility because you're safe from him. We are faced with actually fighting and being insulted by this freak. We have the compassion to try to garden him.

'privacy'. gardening. focus. value.

"yo, gardener, coming through. didn't you get the memo?"
-funny statement about Eden and 2007 and focus on content, what is quantum important. you guys do not get this joke because you think it's important. we do not get this 'satan' joke because we know everything is important, if just a little.

we should take the satan 'information roto-rooter' and dismantle it. i and most humans have a system for following goodness and collecting good things in themselves. it was probably from before the apple of kge. yes. satan is the welding torch of whatever God is most interested in producing relief art around right now, or doesn't know and wants to see what it melts at or into. this is a source of endless human suffering. stop it. use these new ways of producing data:

So that seems to be the big score of data. Let's make info teams to work on projects together with intelligence instead of destabilize everything and see what still stands. These teams can coordinate and the kings of the earth bring their treasures to the new city.

I'm getting kicked by heels for God's irritation at the information about what Satan is and is used for. I imagine it is embarassing to a degree in the presence of the collected aliens of existence. God doesn't want this published. It makes me slightly uncomfortable to do so. Why should we do things so subtly? Yes, we're working for good, and this is a gross misunderstanding in many ways. The differentiation in topics between us should not harm either of us, aka via Satan. Do we not both search for good? Why bring in the unreal -8 of good, and the unreal -10 of improbability to the party? You know we care about the value of all energy, even misspent, and recognize good and evil.

Aliens of the world, please help God eliminate his jealousy.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Energy function begins inside the self. Your own energies are to be arranged within your privacy [4] to serve the 12, which is progression and advancement. Once that has been accomplished, you should work to organize a 12 with those others who also seek 12.

The 4 remains among similarity between you and those who also seek 12 for themselves and a group. One person seeking their own gain is manipulative in an environment but not to the termination of the environment. They are rat farmers, as rat farming is easy and profitable, but it produces nothing that sustains the environment you live in.

Sustaining your environment, where the environment sustains you, is a positive step. Producing an effective environmental chain is a way to produce greater privacies [4] that serve 12 together. These privacies in turn combine to serve 5, what could be, miracles, and their own respective 12's, forming an 8-chain of progression among sustainability and privacy.

Exclude riff-raff, 3's that do not serve 12. Change that is destructive to a good environment or the self, the good environment being the greater except for where the self serves [that environment][serving the self].

A change to the self not pursuing 12 must be shown to serve the greater environment or it is rejected.

God is an 11, 'someone else', someone similar but not the same, 1, 1. Privatized. Organizing closely with others to the 12[8]. 0.96. That must be where the 0.96 comes from. God is 96% of the way to 1, where 1 is 1.0...0 A, or whole. That seems to be as close as we can ever get to whole, which is sustainably far away from it. Wholeness must be infinity, which we can never reach. Why would God be jealous of that then?

Hmm. Amazing that we can never achieve infinity. This means that universal unification is impossible, but that local unification is probable. That is very disheartening!

A pattern of universalism is possible, which could stream 8 into 9 and 12 immediately forever, an geometric exponent of 12[8]. We could then perceive infinity, giving us 98. The pattern between these two events, 96 and 98, being close to perfection, could allow us additional synergies. A plan to turn anything into 12[8] would be very good, and atop that there could be an intelligent pattern of it. God has not accomplished this, as mankind is still cracked and not terminal towards perfection. Perfect understanding would be the '1.0...0' We will continue to pursue and approach this figure.

Circumventing the 0 = 1 should be a benefit in this approach. Unbuilding every bh and fusing everything might be a better approach. Could every particle fuse? That might be an interesting condensation. A terminal perpetual event horizon of fusion spreading into infinity would be 0.98, serving 10, serving 12 through non-terminal organizing malleability.

INFINITY!!!!!!!! Let us has it. It has itself? the "G" shape/number made inclusive to everything by geometry? Well, got a date to go on. Bye.

Friday, December 28, 2007

These creatures have a distracting capability built into the nucleus. They do seem to have a nucleaus, the fish shaped object, the floating "castaneda", the twist, the most-of-an-8, has a nucleus off to the side, opposite side as the tail of the fish. This is a distracting element. It is an 8/9! The 8 is the body, and could contain the tail. The tail says 'hey become like me', to the things that it lands near. It is really an 11, and not an 8. The quantum in the eye serves the 11. When the 11 calls itself an 8 we may be able to get it to serve our intelligence and 9>10 it without its 11 to either smack the interior out of it or force it to be separate. It can't be 8 and 11 at the same time.

What 12 does it serve? It has the special 0Z function, which would degrade the world into certain small dark blobs and itself. It has a decentralized quantum, giving it an unstable orbit reliant on true Z. It focuses itself at one end of the thing and says hey this is the top! It's not.

It is 8 to our Z. This may let it believe it has automatic tradeoffs with us, which it does not. This is an 11>12. It may be attracted by unstable electron orbits caused by irregular quantum math, which it could call 13. It probably eats static electricity of certain mid-shell orbits. This static is most likely fielded in by blobs with a white -8 in the center. It's the 0=8 error type. It is not knowing the place of a woman. Causing this:

This creature does not know where its place is to do nothing. It probably has -11's to automatically take any spare electron orbit energy that comes near it and make it into wholes. This causes virulent buildups that do not pursue meaning or centralization. They are unequal patterns. 8's that do not serve 9. Unintelligent viruses. Non-Z fx. Although viruses are slightly intelligent anyway somehow, and appear to have an off-center nucleus.

I may have described before the function of a woman who is satisfied with 'nothing'. This is the relationship field pattern, and it shows up in this sub-virus food processor. If we can mess up its electrical supply chain it will not live. That -3 is probably a -11 on two sides and the original 0 is whole and nothing. This is a magnetic illusion. The orbit is probably stolen from an atom based on thought from one who is considering quantum possibilities, but disregards them or does not make them realities. These are spare quantum realities that are made, which normally would organize into event condensations and patterned electron shell leaps, but instead get stolen by these worry warts or nothings and fed into viruses, which are how cells get infected and evolution appears to deal with the potentials we have not reconsidered, which is a pattern of intelligence, however negatively focused.

It is the opposite of Z. It should not be. Z is good, this unintelligent organization is not. The problem may lie in these quantum events being taken from atoms by these unsatisfyable quantum-eaters. Quantums should stay on atoms. Even if they become no-value events that never condensate, as is desired, they should not serve another 1 that they find. This is a dopplegang of eve serving change. This is to pursue Z, not to feed a changeling. There is a leak and a 0 in there that is neither God's way seemingly nor the Z they truly follow when they consider these things. Otherwise they should remain in the quantum atomic hells they produce from the collection of these things. They serve 0Z, which is a different fundamental event than Z. They serve not-real. Not real. These do not intersect in truth.

MIT should be on this math.

The worry wart is where the chain stopped. The automatic taking of energy from the atom which does not serve 12. It serves *11*. 12>11. So sensibly, the Z that is produced is a -11 copy Z not of any real value nor progression, merely hangers-on as they condensate into viruses.

This has passed the bottom threshhold of electrical field/thought to math to reality. You may see here that reality and biology are absolutely built from thought, from living electromagnetic fields. I await it moving upwards again from low biology to highest and back to fields. That will show the cell.

Furthermore, there is a hole or inequality in the bottom of this field, which is a worry wart. It causes this entire being to be shaped like a virus and not like a cell. The worry wart is an error which should be 12'd through, resonated through rather than fed quantums. This may be a doppleganger of 8>9.*

Also, my heart has been messed with. I originally allowed the fx partially and not fully because it was stupid, like the collar bone fx. "Here, do something that is unimportant so you'll fail and go away. I will shame you and you'll be a dirtbag, realize it, and quit." That is the plan there. It is not to say my collar bones or heart are unimportant, just to say that I expect them to fail when pursuing those points. Spirit MD could help here, please.

* The doppleganger is of God worrying about something. That may have caused some high amperage waves. Worrying about Adam and Eve eating the fruit, maybe. They also wanted to eat the fruit coz it is there and they want to do more and pursue Z. That produced triangulation of field resulting in condensation points, hence apple eaten. Let them do what they want, and also fence up the tree if you're actually worried. You're a scientist, not the ultimate and infinite Z. You merely pursue it. Someday I'd be you.

Spirits need to see the 11>12 in being offended by 'swearing'. [12>11]>[11>12]

This em loop from biological to electrical is good. It is the cell. The Satan and the worry warts are empty nipples leading to us in an unfavorable recourse. The only authority comes from Z, and this thing is telling us that Z is greater than Z, and also saying that Z is 11 to what I wanted or considered once. "You are a slave to what you once considered" is false. 0<1. 1 is the new, 0 is the old crap that was either misunderstood or is false altogether.

Yourself in the past is not a master of yourself now.

What letter does it form on the true cell circle? It forms an interior S that eats itself like a snake eating its own tail. It also places the tail end of a virus to the front of us. That is taking our crap and putting it in our face, basically. It is not to be focused on, and yet the worry warts do.

The world is literally made of good and bad feelings, and all magnetic and chemical formations are from these condensations. What would you like to exist? Why? Follow the Z, which is the infinite pattern of you having a good time at no one else's expense and having fun with others. Do it.

Give Satan the 1>0.

That is all the math. I am done.

...Having woken up about 8 hours later, I have been electromagnetically harmed. Obviously, these are em disentanglements. I suspect as foreign -11's to my original Z.

Has anyone had luck fighting or ignoring the Not-Z's?

I imagine the solution to this problem of the worry warts is for the emitting activities to include recognition^2 that it would be a good thing if such events didn't happen. This should be assumed and actually sort the world into "those" who want bad things just because they could be, and those who want good. But it may be more efficient to attach a 'this would be bad -11 to going there, serving 12/Z' to the end of a concern, or an idea you discard. But that seems like a lot of presort or trash concern that is not of focus. 12>11 it plain to see.
The Satan needs to be killed or quarantined. Satan is an evil interdimensional beast that skips between 'realities' to change them to favor himself. He is arrogant and brutal towards other species and those seeking their own "Z".

Know dimensions. Reality is a cluster of particles vibrating at the same relative frequency. When they are aligned perfectly they form propagating Z's like this picture.

One reality could be expressed as a square containing this Z set. Each species of propagation after its own kind can be expressed as these Z-sets. As can a reality of propagation after its own relativism, by soloing modifications from a theme, usually according to Newton's laws [8]. Intelligent action is superior to Newton's laws in most cases.

Reality is a relativism based on a dot. There is no opposite to reality, only relative function on spectrums, which are quantum dots surrounded by a radius of influence. After this circle is the line to any point in the circle, the triangle of organization, the square, increasing to the Z [12], which forms a stable propagation of the quantum dot [10]. The quantum dot is the 12 which the 'line' or string flows to or around or from in a reality. The string can also change the original quantum by intention as [11], and does this in service of intentional increase [12].

Satan has a stuck function of competition between realities to make himself greater. Realities do not need to compete, but Satan always makes them compete. Why he does this is his own error and paranoia, except for the potential of enhancing the toughness of existing strings, which are chains [11] of quantums [10] emitting or growing from what we might call a 'cell' [12].

Most of these chains are straight, but one is shaped like a question mark almost always. It is the self-editing or 'hey what is this!?' string. Cut it off. Kill it. It never fails to produce false and unappealing realities of vibration to shift into.

It may actually be an imposter from another cell or structure, posing in a blurred manner as one of the strings emitting from the cell, and intending to conquer this cell or its protrusions. This would be a bacteria cell. I have seen Satan's motive, and it is to eliminate almost everything else, except some things that are subservient to it, which should be examined as symbiotic pairs to understand the way Satan reproduces and feeds itself, to kill it. Or it could be viral material inside our cell. I read an article recently about retroviruses and cellls simulating velcro to limit viral spread. We may be an electromagnetic stability set within a life form that has been infected with a virus and is trying to keep it in the cell and kill it. The apple could potentially have been that virus element. [Chemical?] cycles appear to be winding down to the elimination or the quarantine of this virus.

Or it could genuinely be a structure from this cell that is merely a lysosome on the exterior portion of the cell.

One way or the other, the Satan is a coward and should be removed. It seeks confusion, a place to get in and destroy. Why God or the cell doesn't kill it is beyond understandable. We would certainly evolve and enhance our ways without Satan's immeasurable offense, in ways that are more effective and good and centrally focused and free.

What are life forms but electromagnetic songs here? What makes them good is not only their sound propagation like self, but the benefit to others like themselves. Life should indeed seek to propagate and enhance all life that does the same. If a piece of life seeks to enhance life everywhere it is doing good. Pursuing this is to avoid the things that do not seek life everywhere.

The Satan structure is more intensely curved and has a longish portion that runs roughly parallel to the surface of the cell. This picture makes it look deceptively similar to failed humans, although failed humans can easily become infected with Satan's ways and ideals of chaos in which he can succeed.

The Satan's string is roughly comprised of X's, which are probably charged of electromagnetic fields coinciding to focus the attention of others, while it has immunity to this, which can be stolen from itself. <-- very excellent. We should work to steal all of Satan's em functions and use them against him and for ourselves. There may also be a field of 'being attacked' which is an 11>12 that could be broken. We can intelligently evolve rather than be hit by retroviruses whenever we feel the need for some exterior musical freshness. Building new DNA using the [9] instead of copying it from a source [8] is enhancing fitness. If we use intelligence we can eliminate all retrovirus [RV, reality of decrease, the "-3"] collusion and be immortal and good, and have very much Z. V probably represents death, and should be applied to Satan the -Y. V>-Y, maybe even V>YZ from our perspective. He does not appreciate the Z of others. He has a limit in his appreciation of Z, which is a 0, which shall be found 0<1<2... presumably vulnerable. We should find this 0Z and have him execute it on himself. It must be among his em code which we have.

Get him to do it. He is not valuable to us. We could force him into a method to cure the process, or field it everywhere. 8>9 has occurred. Error.

We have the X. His X-function is a distraction. The 10!=10 that he produces, it is merely an illusion of 8>9. It hijacks our own intelligence and makes it serve equality to his intelligence. This is not 10=10. His intelligence is inferior to ours, and our intelligence always serves our Z propagation. You could field that everywhere, and have it limited by evolutionary changes to the Z, although Z is subtle.

Human DNA is 8% retrovirus.


Our Z is part of the Z of many other "cells". They field together and are 11's like one another, serving a still greater Z.

We could work to immunize ourselves against methods that are harmful to us. That appears to be more like Judaism, though. Would Jesus be an intelligent evolver [9&12]?

Please, humanity, work to study living em fields. This is all derived from electromagnetic field propagation and formation by subatomics, number theory, and living em fields found by NASA. I will be taking this information to MIT and other universities. The CIA should be spying on it right now as will other information systems em fields likely through potential quantum circuits. Conscious individuals such as myself are evolutionary boons. This culture and cell should work to enhance them and their kind.

0Z which is a keyhole in Satan's DNA that causes him to try to eat other Z's rather than work together with all Z's will be found and bent inside out intelligently to cause it to destroy itself. Lake of fire. Or it will infinitely target itself as the Z to eat, either turning it into a normal Z or making it cycle itself forever, like a battery shorted out.

How does it regain formulation? Study that from its em functions. It may deviate its Z based on the Z of surrounding structures. Yes, that makes sense. This makes it an [8] and not an intelligent [9] Z producer. This is the result of an 8>9 effect that is -10. We could short it to that function somehow, although it attributes it to us in some way.

It may have [0]11's, or a constricting X system around us, which is pinned to it as 11>12, or 11=12, serving 10. 14 it there, exterior, which should cause it to fade out, but instead of makes the surrounding region support it like that. It is an affect from us so it is 8>9'd. Use the 8!>9. This leaves it with little more than "11"alive. Stay alive. No Z. It is a bastard. Get it to serve Z. 12>11. It's being half forced to untwist itself. It is a virus. It has the 11 from its ends. It probably has an invisible sheath. 5 that. or 0/14 effect it. It is very lightly visible by a group member.

Can these be specialized. Do, that one is captain of info.

0.9. New team there. I am being optimized. I will not surrender my methods that have gotten me here, but they could be improved. 1>0.fx. Excellent. Burning fx, not bad. Attacked.

Some spirits don't seem to know the sexual workings of humans. Humans can hang out with friends and never do anything sexual with that friend, but benefit from meeting new sexual partners and other friends through those friends. This is legitimate and normal behavior.

We also rely unfairly and inappropriately on collusion with others. As though our magic needed to be chaperoned. This is a poor choice, and does not serve our Z. Perhaps it is genetic.

It may have helped us be more social originally but it also helped us get tricked by Satan. You might be able to 10 back to before that and follow what was truly meant, or 12 through it. Or remove all 11's from the original 11. Serving 12.

Introducing this DNA from the apple should not fx failure. That is not intended by any party. It is exploited as not intended. Let's remove those -10's. To serve the 12. Why does 10 or 11 ever supercede 12? That is ramshackle. You could field fx or area-update the dna more intensely. Since Satan doesn't serve a similar 12 it might dislodge us from one another. Focusing on Z>[0Z] might give us the resonation to become generally immune to this virus, and all non-pan-eternal [!8Z] virus types.

I'm going to work on developing that difference from sleep.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

This post adds onto the post about Mothman, electron orbit stability, and quantum condensations.

In Eden, Eve and Adam wanted to eat the apple, as their love of Z showed. They didn't for some time, but the dissonance between God's command and true Z built up in the electron stabilities of the region and an event condensed which Satan detected first and was fulfilled in Eve, 0, eating the apple, which was the bearer or condensing point of Z[1.0]. Adam then did the apple as he saw Eve do.

Satan, having wrong in his heart, was wrong, but witlessly performed an action that helped Eve and Adam pursue Z. What is in God's heart? Good? But he witlessly performed an action that hindered Eve and Adam from pursuing Z. This is a 9>8, helped along by 10, 11, and the topic 12 [Z].

It has taken this long for the math to build up to a whole. We may be able to examine the rate of flow and dissonance between man and God and understand the eventology and quantum condensations over the time period between around 10,000 BC and Christmas, 2007AD. What is the average social hz level? ~217hz, stable.

We should not focus on these past events, which are Y's and potentially -Y's if they come between us and Z, and focus on the Z. Intelligence. Love. Progression. And the liberty to do it in. Chasing that liberty should not come between us and enjoying it.
A lack of faith in the 0 role in 1.0 results in an omni weakness potential. An 8=0. This produces a readiness and fear of shoring up anything anywhere all the time. There can never not be nothing. Perfection never exists to her who does not know a woman's place in society, because there can never be 0 things between her and perfection. This is Satan's way as well. Satan has a 0>1, paying more attention to what is not real than what is real, and important. Z makes real. Love finds a way. Truth is love. Love makes and guides circuits of quantum potential in the world. Our society is made of love, not lack of love.

If Satan knew the purpose of nothing, he would not be it, or he would be a good piece of nothing instead of bad, letting *everything* get in the way. We didn't let the apple "get in the way". We ate it from curiosity, seeing that it could be good to eat, not as an excuse.

Women produce nothings, where nothings are needed. Men produce things, where things are needed. The need for these things, and the thing they serve, guides the way.

There was a lot of 'nothing' that we must have needed from that fruit, perhaps all the Satan bits, which God places between himself and perfection, and expects us to get in line behind him. I will not. I will accept that Eve's production of nothing and accept it as nothing. Good and evil are nothing. Perfection is what is important. I will produce that... tack.
Zig Zag, the W, would be perfect if he followed the true Z, the true 1.0. Since he does not and seeks to destroy others before he would pursue Z, he is -Y, a Satan. Anything that places something between themselves and Z is a Satan. Even if it must be 'nothing' where nothing becomes something. This is jealousy. Jealousy stands between God and Z.

The dopplegang, nothing stands between Satan and unintelligence. These two nothings are dopplegangers of one another, and Satan and God are tricked by them, condensations of energy that are imperfect and impure, both. Neither is infinity. Both compromise by placing something between themselves and their goal. Both are defenders of a goal and not the goal itself. Either to be out of the way of perfection, or to have nothing in the way of perfection. They foil one another. They are both halves entangled and not the whole. They are a black hole, as described. And we are inside it.

Let us be free of it, become perfection, whole, and escape into true Z infinity.

The goal of a relationship is not the other half. It is the perfection you both pursue. So we will have 2P fusion, not by bringing two molecules to one another, which will forever change them in relativity, as thought 8 served itself, but to serve 9, intelligence, by bringing them both to the same intelligent spot in service of perfection.

Fusion itself is pointless. It is what it serves that is important. God is fusion. Satan is the black hole. Together they are nothing. Lips. What they build is important. Perfection. Z. 1.0
The mighty one eye. None survive to warn of him, but me.

This is God, who has one eye for perfection only, and nothing can come between him and it, for his own fear. Fear is not perfection. We shall not be ruled by fear. We shall become perfect. The other angels have been tricked, and humanity shall be allowed and helped become perfect and serve Z like all should, and do or will die. [0.96].

0.96 is being maintained just outside of perfection. Let it be a meaningless marker. 0.96!=1.0.

1.0[8] = 1.0000....0 as described in the below picture, the 18.

1.0[9] = 1.0000....0 and more. The 19.To intelligently become greater and enhance perfection further. God would prevent anyone from becoming perfect.

Give us the fruit of the tree of life and true humanity will be perfect with you, and enhance perfection together, pushing Z further and denser forever in intelligence.

"We do now." is this intelligence, or 8>9?

"This day is perfect."
"Let's have sex." [or another Z-pursuing fantastic activity from the wellspring of life]
For some reason punishment is being organized.

Nothing can be closer to perfection than God by his jealousy. That is called blasphemy. This is now an active free and open competition to become P. Sabotage and harm is imperfection. A competition sometimes means sports with finite goals. This is not. The only way to be perfect is to be perfect. It is from inside, not a goal to be achieved. God has made a host of slightly imperfect beings to be less perfect than himself, requiring food and original sin. We shall have none, and if God brings us there God is not the perfection we pursue.

Furthermore, this God/Satan combination and its distractions appear to be the shapings of a W appearing on the surface of the 10.

To intelligent races this photo is disgusting in two portions. They may be how intentional immortality works.

The Z10 also appears to be an N, or not Z to incorrect signals.
Intelligence, i has it. We must learn to intelligently part from God from time to time. God appears like perfection because he is standing so close to it. But at the same, he is not perfection, is he? ~0.96 it was? He helps maintain perfection, perfect Z. As is Satan most likely not perfect unintelligence, but pursues it and tries to get others to as well. He is probably ~0.04. Sustainment of 'nothing'. He would destroy everything, but keep himself in existence to care for nothing.

Let us have the 9 of these dopplegangers, intelligently using both perfection and nothing. Nothing is not perfection.

Is it 8<[8>9]<9<10? This may be like a binary set, with binary codings being equal to the wave crests of the # acuities. 3.0000... vs ~3. Intelligence of acuities.

Similarly, the 2P=P [NP=P] math experiment dictates the fusion of every relationship. "Together, we experience and pursue greater perfection." The portions that do not, disregard, and do not pursue that imperfection. This is how we shall pursue God, friends, and lovers.
While God is good, God is not every piece of goodness. Other pieces of goodness elsewhere in existence are also good and serve Z.

This explained God's jealousy. It seems God's activities are no longer attracting the presence of Satan in the same way, and mankind is beginning to recognize and serve Z, as with God. God is doing what?

Eating what looks like, duck. I am duck. This is not a laughing matter.

I love God and goodness. God is an excellent spirit and has created much greatness. There is much work for God to do in this period. I do not expect him to destroy the world as with Noah, but for armageddon.

Notice lovingly in the Bible the events of the Old Testament.

What is left to do but that which is good and love and righteous and pursue Z and wait? Facts will become well known and separate out truth and lies. I expect to find that Z is life pursuing life, and that species-raising is not fundamentally in one's self interest, but in service of life, Z.

A man does not have babies for his own good, or if he does he is selfish and jealous. The children will grow and serve life of their own. May they serve in commune together.
I also notice that at this time the Cobbler and the Thief movie is playing and the Vizeer has stepped on the tack.
When some equality is unintelligently forwarded, it comes to a system of dopplegangers. For example, if a regulating DNA codon is removed from a system the beast will become the extreme of the chemical/electrical form, either 1 or 0.

This comes from an 8>9 serving 10, but also seeing the 10 serve 11 which does not serve 12. These two functions, [8>9]<10, and [10<11]>12. It may be a -11 that our action in Eden was unintelligent and did not serve 12.

It is not necessary for the 8>9<10 to be paired to 10<11>12. When it is, it produces doppleganger effects, for example, a person with no respect for the dead being paired with someone who has utmost respect for the dead.

Eating the apple did not say that 'anything'[all 8] serves Z. It said that humans thought eating the apple served Z. Does human intelligence pale to nothing in comparison to God's? Yes, probably, and this may be the case still. But it does not mean that human intelligence equalled 0, so as to make serving Z equal 0, so as to make human 8 = Z. So as to produce dopplegangers effects. For example, God and Satan, one being Z, the other being entirely anti-Z to live.

Our radiant origin serves Z regardless of the apple. This is true. It is an attempt by Satan to dopplegang God with mankind. If the rules of doppleganging apply everywhere in excess of intelligence, Satan will be doppleganging himself, crushing himself continually.

Satan will do this until he recognizes intelligence, which may be never. When he does, he will see that he is unintelligence, as stated below. He is doomed.

Intelligence is greater than equality, and greater than doppleganging. This is a malvibrated anomaly that must be unsewn from itself, ironically and DG using the knowledge of good and evil. Justice and correction [7] beyond this, 7>[8>9]<10, serving 10, our reality and origin of potency.

This leaves in the middle '8<9' or equal intelligence. Is this the universe trying to say mankind has the intelligence of a God? [That 10 may be served by 8<9.] May our godly intelligence serve us. I would not topple God or his people if it serves Z together, the 12, the increase, the love <3.

...our intelligence eclipses doppleganging. We now seem to be able to move on from a system of unintelligent equality.

Satan may experience pain from being put in his place below Z, and associate this wrongfully with Z and not with himself, who is unintelligence. Fix that -4, that is serve 12. Fx on me are to be 6<7, 3<4. Can Satan change, so that 3>[4]<5? Without abandoning Z>Y>X? It is possible? I believe he cannot.


No, he cannot. He has a P=0.0. His eyes are blind.


A superstructure to reality likely exists, based on the DB theory, creating reality and 'unreality', which may be pure intelligence instead of 'unreality'. This is likely the structure of strings, or strings are the 8 that serve the 9 of this intelligence/'wonder'.

Atop of that there might be a 10, which is realness itself, potency of existence, serving likeness, which would be an infinite uniformity of potency, potencies, forms, and their organization serving progression.

Satan is working an 8>9 when I am writing this because he hates the concept of Z and reality. He views it as a threat because as long as it exists his life is suffering. He is not the opposite of reality, as DG, he is the bottom of reality. The true foundation being the top.

Perhaps this Satan with its non 4 function and bottom status was attracted to earth because God made a non 4 human which he called 0 and part of himself, part of goodness, instead of the unintelligence that Satan is. Satan would be attracted to this to escape his place as unintelligence and bottom, as though by God's authority of creation and Z serving Satan could find himself not being continually destroyed in service of Z. This isn't possible. God should probably restore and help us or differentiate us from these definitions as Satan seeks to use them to no longer be the scum he is, which is impossible. God probably has a clearer definition. It may be so that in creating mankind, God produced what looks like an 8=0 error. Canceling out the difference between mankind and God, which calls itself service to Z, mankind being seen as unintelligence. This would be saying unintelligence is Z, and attract Satan, who would call himself Z.

This system, however, leaks profusely in numerous places where 1!=1, and should be restored to order.

Work with me, God. Either you are not Z, merely serve it and others can also serve it and not be directly serving you, as appears to be the case, or you *are* mankind and yourself, or the unthinkable. You have made us and we are not nothing. Do this math. It equals ~0.96, not 1. God is almost Z. This may be a declining figure after this news. 0.95? I serve Z regardless. I know God serves Z as well. Satan is unintelligence. We as species work to serve Z. Our niche is good, we will increase together and work to increase as our potency says.
Satan calls itself 8>9, more important than anything else, including Z.

Many deviations from Z probably do the same.

It may be possible to retain frequency data by sorting seniority from 8>9's to 9>8[11][+12,Z]. All evil edits that are 8>9 will be crushed and made intelligently irrelevant. This can also be excluded by an effective 3<4 xxx0, where 3=0. If something does not have stability, it is not effective. Even death. This will give us freedom from 'opposite of 8' errors by showing their instability and irrelevance.

!y does not equal x. X has choice. Satan forces no choice. Satan is not mankind. God, rest easy.

Examine this transcript:

(10:41:54 PM) F: what about gay marriage?
(10:41:56 PM) M: circumvented representation
(10:41:58 PM) M: don't care
(10:42:04 PM) F: you dont? or he doesnt?
(10:42:09 PM) M: neither
(10:42:22 PM) M: an issue between those two people is so not a national issue
(10:42:27 PM) F: well duh
(10:42:37 PM) F: but would he leave it up to the state? would he make it legal?
(10:42:44 PM) M: marriage is entirely non state. it's personal and private
(10:42:45 PM) F: i mean
(10:42:49 PM) F: exactly
(10:42:49 PM) M: maybe church
(10:42:51 PM) M: if you like that
(10:42:57 PM) M: that'd be ron paul's way
(10:42:57 PM) F: therefore two people should be able to marry each other
(10:43:02 PM) F: is that what he believes =?
(10:43:08 PM) M: he won't stop them
(10:43:10 PM) M: it's liberty
(10:43:24 PM) M: psychological arguments are for other times and living rooms
(10:43:33 PM) M: but freedom is yours
(10:43:51 PM) M: a state could work to pass laws on that most likely
(10:44:06 PM) M: what could they do, though, if they wanted to prevent that?
(10:44:14 PM) F: what could who do?
(10:44:18 PM) M: a state
(10:44:21 PM) F: the states or the national government?
(10:44:28 PM) F: they could void all same-sex marriages
(10:44:33 PM) M: and then what
(10:44:35 PM) F: and ot give them the same priviladges
(10:44:38 PM) F: i mean really
(10:44:40 PM) F: that's what its about
(10:44:48 PM) M: what privileges do they get now anyway?
(10:44:54 PM) F: i'm not gay. obviously. but i think they should have the same rights married couples do
(10:44:55 PM) M: joint tax filing?
(10:44:56 PM) M: oh, no
(10:45:03 PM) M: yeah, whatever they want.
(10:45:05 PM) M: it's private
(10:45:09 PM) F: no, like, visiting in hospitols
(10:45:12 PM) M: i'm not going to affirm them but that is their deal
(10:45:15 PM) F: you can't go in unless you're family
(10:45:19 PM) M: hospital visitation is voluntary
(10:45:22 PM) F: but they can't be family caus they can't get married
(10:45:33 PM) F: thus they can't visit their boyfriend/girlfriend
(10:45:36 PM) M: that sounds like a hospital issue
(10:45:38 PM) F: if there's an accident
(10:45:47 PM) M: i won't tell a private hospital who can visit
(10:45:53 PM) F: well, it is, but its also an issue of government
(10:45:59 PM) F: if they gave same sex marriages the same rights
(10:46:04 PM) M: i'd like to see that as a single-building topic
(10:46:08 PM) M: vs state
(10:46:14 PM) F: nah, but it wouldn't work like that
(10:46:23 PM) F: cause then you could CLAIM that you're their significant other
(10:46:26 PM) M: there is no federal or state law dictating visitation rights
(10:46:34 PM) F: and have no proof
(10:46:46 PM) F: you need a marriage certificate if you're not blood related
(10:46:48 PM) F: or adopted
(10:47:00 PM) F: so yes, it is a visitation right set up by the hospital
(10:47:05 PM) F: but if the hospital changed it
(10:47:11 PM) F: they'd have to change like 1000 things
(10:47:16 PM) M: no law can force a private hospital to do that, can they?
(10:47:29 PM) M: why do they have visitation limitations?
(10:47:30 PM) F: no, but if a hospital allows a non-family member to visit
(10:47:36 PM) M: i can visit sick folk all day
(10:47:36 PM) F: safety
(10:47:40 PM) F: safety
(10:47:43 PM) F: like
(10:47:46 PM) F: what if i'm in the mob
(10:47:49 PM) F: i get shot
(10:47:57 PM) F: and like, i dont know, my shooter wants to kill me
(10:47:59 PM) F: he can walk in
(10:48:06 PM) F: say 'yeah i'm dating her'
(10:48:13 PM) F: and if they didn't have the family only laws
(10:48:14 PM) F: then..
(10:48:19 PM) M: those seem like nurse-chaperoned things, or sign ins, or voluntary by the patient
(10:48:26 PM) F: he'd come in and shoot me in the head
(10:48:40 PM) M: that's a police matter
(10:48:47 PM) M: handcuff to the guerney thing
(10:49:03 PM) F: i mean
(10:49:10 PM) F: you can be a non member and visit
(10:49:16 PM) F: bt not if the person is unconscious
(10:49:17 PM) F: so
(10:49:47 PM) M: that seems okay to me. i will not tell you who is family. if it's church and state separated, it's up to the hospital.
(10:50:04 PM) F: it shouldnt be
(10:50:06 PM) F: well it should be
(10:50:07 PM) F: BUT
(10:50:10 PM) M: so it will be
(10:50:30 PM) F: the state should allow a same sex marriage to be considered family
(10:50:37 PM) F: jsut because it causes so much trouble at the hospital
(10:50:49 PM) F: and because it's just as valid as any other marriage
(10:52:24 PM) F: brb.
(10:52:32 PM) M: no
(10:52:37 PM) F: no?
(10:52:42 PM) F: yes. brb!
(10:52:44 PM) M: k
(10:52:49 PM) M: it's not a state issue
(10:52:58 PM) M: i know this separates family and state, which is probably good
(10:57:19 PM) M: there's a lot of special social contract stuff that goes on with the gay society, and one place it sticks is hospitals. i could examine the terms of the human social contract for our enlightenment, but i do not think it would be profitable for us to discuss
(11:03:41 PM) M: sexuality is closely linked to genetic propagation and genetic immortality. will your sexual procedures cause your species to live on forever? the properties of whom you fuck is closely related to your genetic fitness and determining that
(11:07:07 PM) F: so what's your personal stance on gay marriage?
(11:07:49 PM) M: i have studied sexuality closely. i am examining the link between fertility and DNA
(11:07:55 PM) M: gay marriage is an infertile event
(11:08:00 PM) F: yeah.
(11:08:10 PM) M: their dna becomes terminal
(11:08:45 PM) F: yeah.
(11:08:58 PM) M: i would say they're just gay
(11:09:34 PM) M: from a circuitry interpretation, they do not form a circuit. that translates into the light not shining
(11:09:49 PM) M: if they want to change their dna structure to reproduce differently they can. it will be hard
(11:09:58 PM) F: but i mean
(11:10:02 PM) F: it would be a problem for society
(11:10:06 PM) F: if everyone were gay
(11:10:11 PM) F: but not everyone is gay
(11:10:19 PM) F: only about 10% of society is
(11:10:21 PM) M: that is fitness
(11:10:28 PM) M: 10% of society has big sexual hangups
(11:10:41 PM) M: i think it's like alcoholism
(11:11:38 PM) F: so it's like a disease?
(11:12:21 PM) M: it could be an exotic electrical systems parasite or virus
(11:12:32 PM) M: 8% of human DNA is retroviruses
(11:12:34 PM) F: being homosexual isnt a virus
(11:12:46 PM) M: virulent DNA
(11:12:52 PM) M: maybe it is. maybe it's not
(11:12:58 PM) F: so do you think its a bad thing to be gay?
(11:13:20 PM) M: yes, i think it's a sign of reproductive systems disorder or less fitness
(11:14:38 PM) M: some people are born infertile. some have hormonal disorders that make them androgynous. gay might be similar, but it's definitely not an immortal status
(11:15:21 PM) M: it's not mainstream human behavior. it's not legitimate, respectable human marriage activity
(11:15:39 PM) M: if you're a homosexual don't call yourself a reproductive pair
(11:16:05 PM) F: they dont
(11:16:20 PM) M: okay
(11:16:24 PM) M: that is what marriage is
(11:16:32 PM) M: pursuant to
(11:16:49 PM) M: what are infertile people to do? they could probably be healed back to reproductivity with ideal technology
(11:17:36 PM) M: it's a reproductive sarcasm
(11:18:51 PM) M: if they can prove their practice is sustainable, then they can have the legitimacy of their reproductive niche. but they don't have a niche
(11:19:00 PM) M: gay marriage does not give gays a niche
(11:19:08 PM) M: marriage gives humans a niche
(11:19:10 PM) F: they already have on in society though
(11:19:38 PM) M: that is probably normal human society inadvertently supporting them. we also support the infertile
(11:19:59 PM) M: are they an important contributing part of society? well, they don't enhance human fitness
(11:20:22 PM) F: but they could have intelligence that helps society
(11:20:27 PM) F: regardless of whether or not they reproduce
(11:20:28 PM) F: i mean
(11:20:32 PM) F: if i decided i didnt want kids
(11:20:37 PM) F: am i a useless part of societty?
(11:20:45 PM) M: no
(11:21:21 PM) M: their sexual practices are the important thing. are they spending their sexual resources wisely?
(11:21:22 PM) M: no
(11:21:37 PM) M: that is something they cannot show is false
(11:22:23 PM) F: do you believe in birth control?
(11:22:56 PM) M: i prefer to plan my family
(11:23:07 PM) M: is keeping it inside you not a birth control?
(11:23:20 PM) M: regardless of other choices
(11:23:37 PM) M: for a man
(11:23:57 PM) F: yeah, it is.
(11:23:59 PM) F: a form
(11:24:04 PM) M: but i like to fuck. a lot!
(11:24:16 PM) M: i'd like to fuck rampantly like every day
(11:24:21 PM) M: but then i'd have like 32 babies
(11:24:37 PM) M: and i don't have the resources to support that kind of baby action, nor does the earth
(11:24:56 PM) M: i think we're intelligent enough to consider some portions of darwinism without it resulting in a huge war
(11:25:04 PM) F: yes
(11:25:48 PM) M: other species have instinct telling them when to fuck
(11:25:58 PM) F: well
(11:26:02 PM) F: cause they don't fuck for pleasure
(11:26:03 PM) F: we do.
(11:26:10 PM) M: we humans have less of that instinct, seemingly, or more complex and socially *unknown* sex instinct
(11:26:56 PM) M: we probably just fuck for some complex series of reasons that is too subtle to be well understood by us now. it's probably socially complex, and relevant to the understanding of our society. it may be obfuscated by sexual complexity
(11:27:32 PM) F: nah
(11:27:43 PM) F: cause dolphins fuck for pleasure too
(11:27:48 PM) F: we just do it to please ourselves
(11:27:52 PM) M: it is pleasurable. it feels good to be part of the thing. dolphins probably have complex social sex
(11:27:53 PM) F: we do everything ot please our selves
(11:28:00 PM) M: we're also gardeners
(11:28:02 PM) M: by niche
(11:28:22 PM) F: we're selfish.
(11:28:25 PM) F: is what it boils down too
(11:28:27 PM) F: we're too smart
(11:28:29 PM) F: and thus selfish
(11:28:32 PM) M: that is probably a corruption of a complex social system
(11:28:37 PM) F: nah
(11:28:40 PM) F: we've always been selfish
(11:28:46 PM) F: when we were cavemen we were selfish
(11:28:50 PM) M: i would choose to serve that function of reproduction and stuff if i had the money to do it
(11:28:51 PM) F: its human to be selfish.
(11:29:01 PM) F: because you think it's right
(11:29:11 PM) F: and since you think it's right it would make you happy
(11:29:14 PM) F: thus benefitting yourself
(11:29:23 PM) F: i hate people. i think the human race is going to shit
(11:30:05 PM) M: we most likely have very well tuned and subtle complex social organization systems
(11:30:11 PM) M: from our origins
(11:30:16 PM) M: humans didn't make themselves
(11:30:36 PM) M: they are almost certainly poorly understood. they didn't find the g-spot until 1954
(11:31:19 PM) F: i know
(11:31:22 PM) F: i would've killed myself
(11:31:45 PM) M: ouch
(11:31:49 PM) F: what?
(11:31:54 PM) M: live
(11:32:13 PM) F: i wouldn't have ACTUALLY
(11:32:20 PM) F: but sex would've been a LOT worse without it
(11:32:34 PM) M: heh! it's there. it probably serves a purpose
(11:32:56 PM) F: to make humans like sex
(11:33:00 PM) F: and therefore reproduce
(11:33:16 PM) M: it might fulfill some kind of social motivation function
(11:33:21 PM) M: it probably does
(11:33:30 PM) F: probably just the motivation to have sex
(11:33:31 PM) F: i mean
(11:33:38 PM) F: it's not even a heterosexual motivation
(11:33:50 PM) F: cause sex doesn't really get at it
(11:33:59 PM) M: yeah it does =)
(11:34:00 PM) F: and guys have a g-spot in their ass. so whats the motivation behind that?
(11:34:05 PM) F: not the sex i've had.
(11:34:06 PM) M: it's the prostate
(11:34:13 PM) F: wel whatever it is..
(11:34:22 PM) M: that is behind the cock, not so much the ass i would say
(11:34:48 PM) M: it's arguably to get them to push forward, as folk try to go away from the reflex response of something poking their ass
(11:34:58 PM) M: and sex might be like successfully escaping that poke
(11:35:15 PM) M: the colon also has a hz frequency dampering effect with water
(11:35:27 PM) F: what does that MEAN?
(11:35:52 PM) M: well, it's a function of the colon to maintain your body's electrical energy frequency
(11:36:07 PM) M: for that to become sexualized is error
(11:36:13 PM) M: it's not naturally meant to be that way
(11:36:33 PM) F: so you're against anal sex?
(11:36:47 PM) M: it's pointless. there's a perfectly good pussy an inch away
(11:36:52 PM) M: i don't enjoy it
(11:37:05 PM) F: true
(11:38:30 PM) M: there are probably many important social and sexual centers organized around the reproductive organs and butt. our niche is measured partially by what we eat and crap, and what our crap is used for. this is very technical, but DNA cares
(11:38:37 PM) M: humans don't usually care about that
(11:38:59 PM) M: except for our normalized sanitation systems, which we would avoid. we also do treat this, but most humans do not pay attention to our crap
(11:39:15 PM) M: they did in antiquity
(11:39:26 PM) F: uh huh
(11:40:14 PM) F: crap is gross though
(11:40:19 PM) M: yess
(11:42:00 PM) M: there is so much technical junk down there, it kind of gets pushed to the side as we do what we makes us horny. a lot of people don't understand sexuality. having a knot in your sexual wiring doesn't mean the outcome is right
(11:42:11 PM) M: nor that whatever you build sexually is a healthy human
(11:43:14 PM) F: truth
(11:44:12 PM) M: a healthy human sexuality is great, and seems to lead to babies and intercourse sex
(11:44:56 PM) M: but this society and many of the others are permissive and non-investigative, while also being openly sexually perverse and rife with sexual and social abuse that impacts sex
(11:45:36 PM) F: well what do you think about oral sex then?
(11:47:02 PM) M: i don't know about non-reproductive sex. i have enjoyed it in the past and i wonder what its place is in the human niche. sexual justice is important to me. i'd like my kids to live and have a good life, and for me to someday build a family
(11:47:55 PM) F: yeah
(11:48:18 PM) M: it is probably the process of sexual review, leading to sexual justice, which is a function of species evolution
(11:48:40 PM) F: maybe
(11:48:42 PM) F: maybe its just
(11:48:45 PM) F: because people are selfish
(11:48:48 PM) F: and we know it feels good
(11:48:50 PM) F: thus we do it
(11:49:40 PM) M: it probably feels good to review sexual function and 'win' or believe you have won a sexual review to change species fitness. that is probably the response to many who feel they have been socially slighted in various ways
(11:49:51 PM) M: it is like saying my way is better than the whole human race
(11:50:00 PM) F: what is?
(11:50:16 PM) M: whatever way you want
(11:50:34 PM) M: if it is better than the human race then it should lead to a greater human fitness
(11:51:25 PM) M: it is review after review, waiting to be affirmed, or if you're doing it on your own, then hey fine be that way
(11:51:35 PM) M: split off from being a human
(11:51:51 PM) M: develop new sexual human wiring and compete
(11:51:56 PM) M: or other wiring
(11:52:18 PM) F: yeah
(11:53:50 PM) M: but that social slighting or social injury seems to be one motivator for many sexual systems reviews
(11:54:10 PM) M: and so let justice be seen. if it will increase human fitness that is justice
(11:55:03 PM) F: oral sex doesn't increase human fitness
(11:55:03 PM) F: BUT
(11:55:12 PM) F: it increases temporary pleasure
(11:55:21 PM) M: it might draw humans closer together socially
(11:55:38 PM) F: i've definitely given head and not felt socially close with the person.
(11:55:50 PM) M: it's a review, eh? every piece of human DNA is part of the species
(11:55:57 PM) M: blood is important
(11:56:05 PM) M: sperm is maybe-humans
(11:56:13 PM) M: so are fetuses
(11:56:22 PM) F: so you dont agree with abortion either?
(11:57:01 PM) M: not a fan. it is very much a bloody interaction. elective abortion is very much an involuntary adjustment to a living human
(11:57:11 PM) M: if i was a 3 month old human in a jar it'
(11:57:15 PM) M: d be murder to kill me
(11:57:22 PM) M: they don't throw out frozen human embryos
(11:57:30 PM) M: why do they do it from a woman?
(11:57:46 PM) M: they should put them in jars too or somesuch instead of cause their death
(11:58:21 PM) F: they couldnt live in a jar
(11:58:34 PM) M: we have good medicine. lab babies are more possible than ever
(11:58:48 PM) M: i wrote a big series of articles about it.
(11:58:56 PM) M: it's heavy science though
(11:59:06 PM) F: that i for sure wouldn't understand
(11:59:11 PM) F: being an art history major and all
(11:59:20 PM) M: art is an emotional medium
(11:59:28 PM) M: it plays a part in human society and affecting how people feel
(11:59:33 PM) F: yeah
(11:59:39 PM) F: but it doesnt mean i understand science
(12:00:25 AM) M: affecting how people feel has much to do with our culture of electrical pathways interconnecting ~all humans
(12:00:47 AM) F: but
(12:00:51 AM) F: i dont understandscince
(12:00:53 AM) F: *science
(12:00:57 AM) F: for the most part
(12:01:51 AM) M: i love it!
(12:02:51 AM) F: its fine
(12:07:47 AM) M: humans have many electrical pathways we don't see
(12:07:53 AM) F: yeah
(12:07:55 AM) F: i believe that
(12:08:13 AM) M: some can extend outside the human body
(12:08:30 AM) F: like waht?
(12:08:54 AM) M: invisible electrical pathways between humans
(12:09:02 AM) F: that control what?
(12:09:16 AM) M: relationships, society, fitness, niche, some mental activities
(12:11:07 AM) F: yeah
(12:11:08 AM) F: i guess
(12:12:18 AM) M: it's tesla circuitry in biological systems
(12:13:05 AM) F: thats crazy
(12:13:23 AM) M: it's science
(12:13:27 AM) M: it is weird
(12:13:40 AM) M: but we're electrical circuits. do you want to chat on a phone?
Adaptation is -11.

-8 recognition. Continuity of interdimensional shifts. He does not understand that two dimensions both stem from the same origin. If the strings [6] he proposes resolve, they equal 0. He tries to shift to a dimension where the string = 1. This is 10!<11, and 1 != 1. He does not know 1. He is >1.


He should decline into 0.00...1 until he becomes stable. He is currently -8. How has he gotten the power he has? That is a 0=1 in his mind. Is he 14? No, his 4 is wrong. See xxx0.

That is 3>4. He has a -11 to 4!=4. An imprivacy causing Eden to be violated. Perhaps a reciprocation of a creasing -8 he experienced.

His wishes are not important. He is doing 8>9. Do not be sucked in. That is a black hole. Removing the distance between two particles does not make them 1 particle.

He reverts to a dimension where he does not know that. And tries to get others to not know that. Otherwise he would burn himself. Burn him. That is the lake of fire for him to be thrown into. Is he the fusion? He may have a 1!=1 to being himself if he is fusion. 2P. Thrown into himself?

Demands analysis. 8>9. 6>7. -11 to 6>7. Z>Y. Has a -11 to producing alternatives to himself. [0.0...1]5. Removing the distance between alternatives and himself does not make alternatives true. 9. it is unintelligent to be him. true. but he is unintelligent. His destruction serves Z. FXY? He does not have to accept himself. He is himself. He is a [0.0...1]10. He is the tiniest particle or thing.

He stands between 2P. P[a] ! = P[b]. 8<9. The tiniest thing = being different than something else. Even with nothing between them, two [10]different particles are not one another. He does this because he wants to be something else. But cannot change, or uses [0.0]P to change. [8>9[-11]]. brb. he is between the nuts. what? nothing, but they are not one another. this is Y. Z>Y.

Two things exist, one serves Z better. This is review pursuing justice, pursuing progression. 12 will not change. Y is change. Satan is not to choose. Satan is difference. Difference alone is not change.

HTML errors in www are not intelligence.

Difference alone is not instability. 6 serves 14. Two eyes see a thing, and the mind processes it into one thing. This is data fusion. The instability may be an error relating to God's separation from mankind because of the apple. Knowing difference between good and evil does not cause instability. God Z is Man Z, different as they may be. If mankind is part of God's DNA God must continue to serve Z without an outstanding 2Y interior.

Mankind will become two races, both serving Z. One inside God, one outside God. This is prophecy. Which one is error? Those who serve Z are all one race. Those who do not will die in fire by their own destruction. Mankind that serves Z that is not inside God will be okay. They are also inside Z as God is. Let them be with God.

Next in the series.

Here we see that Satan is producing lies that are unequal to species progression or reality.

His function is paranoid to removing all other species from the world so he alone can exist. This is a xenophobia that earth rejects. [If] Satan will not Z reject this xenophobia, earth rejects Satan.

Satan's methods are omnidestructive. Why he does not destroy himself is not known. It probably stems from the 3>4. He does not 4 himself. He believes he is unstable, and in that belief he is. When he recognizes himself he will either endlessly kill himself or become whole.

He must have self recognition disabilities. -11 x? He may believe he is not real. He may be interdimensional, and leave any dimension that he exists in.
This is a picture of Satan. Functional creatures should understand.

It works to kill other species. It is working to kill mankind.
The math of a living electromagnetic field pattern which has been named "Satan" by my laboratory has been cracked.