Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Zig Zag, the W, would be perfect if he followed the true Z, the true 1.0. Since he does not and seeks to destroy others before he would pursue Z, he is -Y, a Satan. Anything that places something between themselves and Z is a Satan. Even if it must be 'nothing' where nothing becomes something. This is jealousy. Jealousy stands between God and Z.

The dopplegang, nothing stands between Satan and unintelligence. These two nothings are dopplegangers of one another, and Satan and God are tricked by them, condensations of energy that are imperfect and impure, both. Neither is infinity. Both compromise by placing something between themselves and their goal. Both are defenders of a goal and not the goal itself. Either to be out of the way of perfection, or to have nothing in the way of perfection. They foil one another. They are both halves entangled and not the whole. They are a black hole, as described. And we are inside it.

Let us be free of it, become perfection, whole, and escape into true Z infinity.

The goal of a relationship is not the other half. It is the perfection you both pursue. So we will have 2P fusion, not by bringing two molecules to one another, which will forever change them in relativity, as thought 8 served itself, but to serve 9, intelligence, by bringing them both to the same intelligent spot in service of perfection.

Fusion itself is pointless. It is what it serves that is important. God is fusion. Satan is the black hole. Together they are nothing. Lips. What they build is important. Perfection. Z. 1.0

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