Wednesday, December 26, 2007

This post adds onto the post about Mothman, electron orbit stability, and quantum condensations.

In Eden, Eve and Adam wanted to eat the apple, as their love of Z showed. They didn't for some time, but the dissonance between God's command and true Z built up in the electron stabilities of the region and an event condensed which Satan detected first and was fulfilled in Eve, 0, eating the apple, which was the bearer or condensing point of Z[1.0]. Adam then did the apple as he saw Eve do.

Satan, having wrong in his heart, was wrong, but witlessly performed an action that helped Eve and Adam pursue Z. What is in God's heart? Good? But he witlessly performed an action that hindered Eve and Adam from pursuing Z. This is a 9>8, helped along by 10, 11, and the topic 12 [Z].

It has taken this long for the math to build up to a whole. We may be able to examine the rate of flow and dissonance between man and God and understand the eventology and quantum condensations over the time period between around 10,000 BC and Christmas, 2007AD. What is the average social hz level? ~217hz, stable.

We should not focus on these past events, which are Y's and potentially -Y's if they come between us and Z, and focus on the Z. Intelligence. Love. Progression. And the liberty to do it in. Chasing that liberty should not come between us and enjoying it.

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