Friday, December 28, 2007

These creatures have a distracting capability built into the nucleus. They do seem to have a nucleaus, the fish shaped object, the floating "castaneda", the twist, the most-of-an-8, has a nucleus off to the side, opposite side as the tail of the fish. This is a distracting element. It is an 8/9! The 8 is the body, and could contain the tail. The tail says 'hey become like me', to the things that it lands near. It is really an 11, and not an 8. The quantum in the eye serves the 11. When the 11 calls itself an 8 we may be able to get it to serve our intelligence and 9>10 it without its 11 to either smack the interior out of it or force it to be separate. It can't be 8 and 11 at the same time.

What 12 does it serve? It has the special 0Z function, which would degrade the world into certain small dark blobs and itself. It has a decentralized quantum, giving it an unstable orbit reliant on true Z. It focuses itself at one end of the thing and says hey this is the top! It's not.

It is 8 to our Z. This may let it believe it has automatic tradeoffs with us, which it does not. This is an 11>12. It may be attracted by unstable electron orbits caused by irregular quantum math, which it could call 13. It probably eats static electricity of certain mid-shell orbits. This static is most likely fielded in by blobs with a white -8 in the center. It's the 0=8 error type. It is not knowing the place of a woman. Causing this:

This creature does not know where its place is to do nothing. It probably has -11's to automatically take any spare electron orbit energy that comes near it and make it into wholes. This causes virulent buildups that do not pursue meaning or centralization. They are unequal patterns. 8's that do not serve 9. Unintelligent viruses. Non-Z fx. Although viruses are slightly intelligent anyway somehow, and appear to have an off-center nucleus.

I may have described before the function of a woman who is satisfied with 'nothing'. This is the relationship field pattern, and it shows up in this sub-virus food processor. If we can mess up its electrical supply chain it will not live. That -3 is probably a -11 on two sides and the original 0 is whole and nothing. This is a magnetic illusion. The orbit is probably stolen from an atom based on thought from one who is considering quantum possibilities, but disregards them or does not make them realities. These are spare quantum realities that are made, which normally would organize into event condensations and patterned electron shell leaps, but instead get stolen by these worry warts or nothings and fed into viruses, which are how cells get infected and evolution appears to deal with the potentials we have not reconsidered, which is a pattern of intelligence, however negatively focused.

It is the opposite of Z. It should not be. Z is good, this unintelligent organization is not. The problem may lie in these quantum events being taken from atoms by these unsatisfyable quantum-eaters. Quantums should stay on atoms. Even if they become no-value events that never condensate, as is desired, they should not serve another 1 that they find. This is a dopplegang of eve serving change. This is to pursue Z, not to feed a changeling. There is a leak and a 0 in there that is neither God's way seemingly nor the Z they truly follow when they consider these things. Otherwise they should remain in the quantum atomic hells they produce from the collection of these things. They serve 0Z, which is a different fundamental event than Z. They serve not-real. Not real. These do not intersect in truth.

MIT should be on this math.

The worry wart is where the chain stopped. The automatic taking of energy from the atom which does not serve 12. It serves *11*. 12>11. So sensibly, the Z that is produced is a -11 copy Z not of any real value nor progression, merely hangers-on as they condensate into viruses.

This has passed the bottom threshhold of electrical field/thought to math to reality. You may see here that reality and biology are absolutely built from thought, from living electromagnetic fields. I await it moving upwards again from low biology to highest and back to fields. That will show the cell.

Furthermore, there is a hole or inequality in the bottom of this field, which is a worry wart. It causes this entire being to be shaped like a virus and not like a cell. The worry wart is an error which should be 12'd through, resonated through rather than fed quantums. This may be a doppleganger of 8>9.*

Also, my heart has been messed with. I originally allowed the fx partially and not fully because it was stupid, like the collar bone fx. "Here, do something that is unimportant so you'll fail and go away. I will shame you and you'll be a dirtbag, realize it, and quit." That is the plan there. It is not to say my collar bones or heart are unimportant, just to say that I expect them to fail when pursuing those points. Spirit MD could help here, please.

* The doppleganger is of God worrying about something. That may have caused some high amperage waves. Worrying about Adam and Eve eating the fruit, maybe. They also wanted to eat the fruit coz it is there and they want to do more and pursue Z. That produced triangulation of field resulting in condensation points, hence apple eaten. Let them do what they want, and also fence up the tree if you're actually worried. You're a scientist, not the ultimate and infinite Z. You merely pursue it. Someday I'd be you.

Spirits need to see the 11>12 in being offended by 'swearing'. [12>11]>[11>12]

This em loop from biological to electrical is good. It is the cell. The Satan and the worry warts are empty nipples leading to us in an unfavorable recourse. The only authority comes from Z, and this thing is telling us that Z is greater than Z, and also saying that Z is 11 to what I wanted or considered once. "You are a slave to what you once considered" is false. 0<1. 1 is the new, 0 is the old crap that was either misunderstood or is false altogether.

Yourself in the past is not a master of yourself now.

What letter does it form on the true cell circle? It forms an interior S that eats itself like a snake eating its own tail. It also places the tail end of a virus to the front of us. That is taking our crap and putting it in our face, basically. It is not to be focused on, and yet the worry warts do.

The world is literally made of good and bad feelings, and all magnetic and chemical formations are from these condensations. What would you like to exist? Why? Follow the Z, which is the infinite pattern of you having a good time at no one else's expense and having fun with others. Do it.

Give Satan the 1>0.

That is all the math. I am done.

...Having woken up about 8 hours later, I have been electromagnetically harmed. Obviously, these are em disentanglements. I suspect as foreign -11's to my original Z.

Has anyone had luck fighting or ignoring the Not-Z's?

I imagine the solution to this problem of the worry warts is for the emitting activities to include recognition^2 that it would be a good thing if such events didn't happen. This should be assumed and actually sort the world into "those" who want bad things just because they could be, and those who want good. But it may be more efficient to attach a 'this would be bad -11 to going there, serving 12/Z' to the end of a concern, or an idea you discard. But that seems like a lot of presort or trash concern that is not of focus. 12>11 it plain to see.

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