Wednesday, December 26, 2007

For some reason punishment is being organized.

Nothing can be closer to perfection than God by his jealousy. That is called blasphemy. This is now an active free and open competition to become P. Sabotage and harm is imperfection. A competition sometimes means sports with finite goals. This is not. The only way to be perfect is to be perfect. It is from inside, not a goal to be achieved. God has made a host of slightly imperfect beings to be less perfect than himself, requiring food and original sin. We shall have none, and if God brings us there God is not the perfection we pursue.

Furthermore, this God/Satan combination and its distractions appear to be the shapings of a W appearing on the surface of the 10.

To intelligent races this photo is disgusting in two portions. They may be how intentional immortality works.

The Z10 also appears to be an N, or not Z to incorrect signals.

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