Monday, December 31, 2007

God is a place where justice is done. He's like a guy standing in a field.

I can bring you all the problems that I have found, which could take some time. A lot of distant things won't get solved well or in depth.

Or I could give you a pair of binoculars, God, and let you seriously know the things without my having to crawl really close to you every time a piece of energy that needs solving approaches in this data-heavy environment.

As it stands you seem to use the "Satan vacuum system". Centrifuge style data sorting vs proper examination. It's bad or difficult to centrifuge complex data environments.

Well go ahead with your concern. Anything is better than Satan. Almost literally, if not by default.

I'd rather be hanging out waiting for the God to show up and do some work with me than f/ace Satan's field testing. It's real to us, you think it's just the worst % possibility because you're safe from him. We are faced with actually fighting and being insulted by this freak. We have the compassion to try to garden him.

'privacy'. gardening. focus. value.

"yo, gardener, coming through. didn't you get the memo?"
-funny statement about Eden and 2007 and focus on content, what is quantum important. you guys do not get this joke because you think it's important. we do not get this 'satan' joke because we know everything is important, if just a little.

we should take the satan 'information roto-rooter' and dismantle it. i and most humans have a system for following goodness and collecting good things in themselves. it was probably from before the apple of kge. yes. satan is the welding torch of whatever God is most interested in producing relief art around right now, or doesn't know and wants to see what it melts at or into. this is a source of endless human suffering. stop it. use these new ways of producing data:

So that seems to be the big score of data. Let's make info teams to work on projects together with intelligence instead of destabilize everything and see what still stands. These teams can coordinate and the kings of the earth bring their treasures to the new city.

I'm getting kicked by heels for God's irritation at the information about what Satan is and is used for. I imagine it is embarassing to a degree in the presence of the collected aliens of existence. God doesn't want this published. It makes me slightly uncomfortable to do so. Why should we do things so subtly? Yes, we're working for good, and this is a gross misunderstanding in many ways. The differentiation in topics between us should not harm either of us, aka via Satan. Do we not both search for good? Why bring in the unreal -8 of good, and the unreal -10 of improbability to the party? You know we care about the value of all energy, even misspent, and recognize good and evil.

Aliens of the world, please help God eliminate his jealousy.

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