Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The mighty one eye. None survive to warn of him, but me.

This is God, who has one eye for perfection only, and nothing can come between him and it, for his own fear. Fear is not perfection. We shall not be ruled by fear. We shall become perfect. The other angels have been tricked, and humanity shall be allowed and helped become perfect and serve Z like all should, and do or will die. [0.96].

0.96 is being maintained just outside of perfection. Let it be a meaningless marker. 0.96!=1.0.

1.0[8] = 1.0000....0 as described in the below picture, the 18.

1.0[9] = 1.0000....0 and more. The 19.To intelligently become greater and enhance perfection further. God would prevent anyone from becoming perfect.

Give us the fruit of the tree of life and true humanity will be perfect with you, and enhance perfection together, pushing Z further and denser forever in intelligence.

"We do now." is this intelligence, or 8>9?

"This day is perfect."
"Let's have sex." [or another Z-pursuing fantastic activity from the wellspring of life]

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