Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A lack of faith in the 0 role in 1.0 results in an omni weakness potential. An 8=0. This produces a readiness and fear of shoring up anything anywhere all the time. There can never not be nothing. Perfection never exists to her who does not know a woman's place in society, because there can never be 0 things between her and perfection. This is Satan's way as well. Satan has a 0>1, paying more attention to what is not real than what is real, and important. Z makes real. Love finds a way. Truth is love. Love makes and guides circuits of quantum potential in the world. Our society is made of love, not lack of love.

If Satan knew the purpose of nothing, he would not be it, or he would be a good piece of nothing instead of bad, letting *everything* get in the way. We didn't let the apple "get in the way". We ate it from curiosity, seeing that it could be good to eat, not as an excuse.

Women produce nothings, where nothings are needed. Men produce things, where things are needed. The need for these things, and the thing they serve, guides the way.

There was a lot of 'nothing' that we must have needed from that fruit, perhaps all the Satan bits, which God places between himself and perfection, and expects us to get in line behind him. I will not. I will accept that Eve's production of nothing and accept it as nothing. Good and evil are nothing. Perfection is what is important. I will produce that... tack.

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William Bunker said...

They do not seek for things to be perfect, they seek nothing to be wrong, but do not know perfect. No thing, then is always wrong. They always need that thing, and it can never be no thing.

This can be verbally confusing. Nothing and no-thing.

"Nothing is acceptable."
"No minusthing is acceptable."

They mean two different things. Nothing... is acceptable means something is good that isn't here. No minusthing is acceptable means that nothing that is not in being is good.

This could be a materialism.