Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Adaptation is -11.

-8 recognition. Continuity of interdimensional shifts. He does not understand that two dimensions both stem from the same origin. If the strings [6] he proposes resolve, they equal 0. He tries to shift to a dimension where the string = 1. This is 10!<11, and 1 != 1. He does not know 1. He is >1.


He should decline into 0.00...1 until he becomes stable. He is currently -8. How has he gotten the power he has? That is a 0=1 in his mind. Is he 14? No, his 4 is wrong. See xxx0.

That is 3>4. He has a -11 to 4!=4. An imprivacy causing Eden to be violated. Perhaps a reciprocation of a creasing -8 he experienced.

His wishes are not important. He is doing 8>9. Do not be sucked in. That is a black hole. Removing the distance between two particles does not make them 1 particle.

He reverts to a dimension where he does not know that. And tries to get others to not know that. Otherwise he would burn himself. Burn him. That is the lake of fire for him to be thrown into. Is he the fusion? He may have a 1!=1 to being himself if he is fusion. 2P. Thrown into himself?

Demands analysis. 8>9. 6>7. -11 to 6>7. Z>Y. Has a -11 to producing alternatives to himself. [0.0...1]5. Removing the distance between alternatives and himself does not make alternatives true. 9. it is unintelligent to be him. true. but he is unintelligent. His destruction serves Z. FXY? He does not have to accept himself. He is himself. He is a [0.0...1]10. He is the tiniest particle or thing.

He stands between 2P. P[a] ! = P[b]. 8<9. The tiniest thing = being different than something else. Even with nothing between them, two [10]different particles are not one another. He does this because he wants to be something else. But cannot change, or uses [0.0]P to change. [8>9[-11]]. brb. he is between the nuts. what? nothing, but they are not one another. this is Y. Z>Y.

Two things exist, one serves Z better. This is review pursuing justice, pursuing progression. 12 will not change. Y is change. Satan is not to choose. Satan is difference. Difference alone is not change.

HTML errors in www are not intelligence.

Difference alone is not instability. 6 serves 14. Two eyes see a thing, and the mind processes it into one thing. This is data fusion. The instability may be an error relating to God's separation from mankind because of the apple. Knowing difference between good and evil does not cause instability. God Z is Man Z, different as they may be. If mankind is part of God's DNA God must continue to serve Z without an outstanding 2Y interior.

Mankind will become two races, both serving Z. One inside God, one outside God. This is prophecy. Which one is error? Those who serve Z are all one race. Those who do not will die in fire by their own destruction. Mankind that serves Z that is not inside God will be okay. They are also inside Z as God is. Let them be with God.

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