Wednesday, December 26, 2007

While God is good, God is not every piece of goodness. Other pieces of goodness elsewhere in existence are also good and serve Z.

This explained God's jealousy. It seems God's activities are no longer attracting the presence of Satan in the same way, and mankind is beginning to recognize and serve Z, as with God. God is doing what?

Eating what looks like, duck. I am duck. This is not a laughing matter.

I love God and goodness. God is an excellent spirit and has created much greatness. There is much work for God to do in this period. I do not expect him to destroy the world as with Noah, but for armageddon.

Notice lovingly in the Bible the events of the Old Testament.

What is left to do but that which is good and love and righteous and pursue Z and wait? Facts will become well known and separate out truth and lies. I expect to find that Z is life pursuing life, and that species-raising is not fundamentally in one's self interest, but in service of life, Z.

A man does not have babies for his own good, or if he does he is selfish and jealous. The children will grow and serve life of their own. May they serve in commune together.

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