Saturday, December 29, 2007

Energy function begins inside the self. Your own energies are to be arranged within your privacy [4] to serve the 12, which is progression and advancement. Once that has been accomplished, you should work to organize a 12 with those others who also seek 12.

The 4 remains among similarity between you and those who also seek 12 for themselves and a group. One person seeking their own gain is manipulative in an environment but not to the termination of the environment. They are rat farmers, as rat farming is easy and profitable, but it produces nothing that sustains the environment you live in.

Sustaining your environment, where the environment sustains you, is a positive step. Producing an effective environmental chain is a way to produce greater privacies [4] that serve 12 together. These privacies in turn combine to serve 5, what could be, miracles, and their own respective 12's, forming an 8-chain of progression among sustainability and privacy.

Exclude riff-raff, 3's that do not serve 12. Change that is destructive to a good environment or the self, the good environment being the greater except for where the self serves [that environment][serving the self].

A change to the self not pursuing 12 must be shown to serve the greater environment or it is rejected.

God is an 11, 'someone else', someone similar but not the same, 1, 1. Privatized. Organizing closely with others to the 12[8]. 0.96. That must be where the 0.96 comes from. God is 96% of the way to 1, where 1 is 1.0...0 A, or whole. That seems to be as close as we can ever get to whole, which is sustainably far away from it. Wholeness must be infinity, which we can never reach. Why would God be jealous of that then?

Hmm. Amazing that we can never achieve infinity. This means that universal unification is impossible, but that local unification is probable. That is very disheartening!

A pattern of universalism is possible, which could stream 8 into 9 and 12 immediately forever, an geometric exponent of 12[8]. We could then perceive infinity, giving us 98. The pattern between these two events, 96 and 98, being close to perfection, could allow us additional synergies. A plan to turn anything into 12[8] would be very good, and atop that there could be an intelligent pattern of it. God has not accomplished this, as mankind is still cracked and not terminal towards perfection. Perfect understanding would be the '1.0...0' We will continue to pursue and approach this figure.

Circumventing the 0 = 1 should be a benefit in this approach. Unbuilding every bh and fusing everything might be a better approach. Could every particle fuse? That might be an interesting condensation. A terminal perpetual event horizon of fusion spreading into infinity would be 0.98, serving 10, serving 12 through non-terminal organizing malleability.

INFINITY!!!!!!!! Let us has it. It has itself? the "G" shape/number made inclusive to everything by geometry? Well, got a date to go on. Bye.

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