Friday, December 28, 2007

The Satan needs to be killed or quarantined. Satan is an evil interdimensional beast that skips between 'realities' to change them to favor himself. He is arrogant and brutal towards other species and those seeking their own "Z".

Know dimensions. Reality is a cluster of particles vibrating at the same relative frequency. When they are aligned perfectly they form propagating Z's like this picture.

One reality could be expressed as a square containing this Z set. Each species of propagation after its own kind can be expressed as these Z-sets. As can a reality of propagation after its own relativism, by soloing modifications from a theme, usually according to Newton's laws [8]. Intelligent action is superior to Newton's laws in most cases.

Reality is a relativism based on a dot. There is no opposite to reality, only relative function on spectrums, which are quantum dots surrounded by a radius of influence. After this circle is the line to any point in the circle, the triangle of organization, the square, increasing to the Z [12], which forms a stable propagation of the quantum dot [10]. The quantum dot is the 12 which the 'line' or string flows to or around or from in a reality. The string can also change the original quantum by intention as [11], and does this in service of intentional increase [12].

Satan has a stuck function of competition between realities to make himself greater. Realities do not need to compete, but Satan always makes them compete. Why he does this is his own error and paranoia, except for the potential of enhancing the toughness of existing strings, which are chains [11] of quantums [10] emitting or growing from what we might call a 'cell' [12].

Most of these chains are straight, but one is shaped like a question mark almost always. It is the self-editing or 'hey what is this!?' string. Cut it off. Kill it. It never fails to produce false and unappealing realities of vibration to shift into.

It may actually be an imposter from another cell or structure, posing in a blurred manner as one of the strings emitting from the cell, and intending to conquer this cell or its protrusions. This would be a bacteria cell. I have seen Satan's motive, and it is to eliminate almost everything else, except some things that are subservient to it, which should be examined as symbiotic pairs to understand the way Satan reproduces and feeds itself, to kill it. Or it could be viral material inside our cell. I read an article recently about retroviruses and cellls simulating velcro to limit viral spread. We may be an electromagnetic stability set within a life form that has been infected with a virus and is trying to keep it in the cell and kill it. The apple could potentially have been that virus element. [Chemical?] cycles appear to be winding down to the elimination or the quarantine of this virus.

Or it could genuinely be a structure from this cell that is merely a lysosome on the exterior portion of the cell.

One way or the other, the Satan is a coward and should be removed. It seeks confusion, a place to get in and destroy. Why God or the cell doesn't kill it is beyond understandable. We would certainly evolve and enhance our ways without Satan's immeasurable offense, in ways that are more effective and good and centrally focused and free.

What are life forms but electromagnetic songs here? What makes them good is not only their sound propagation like self, but the benefit to others like themselves. Life should indeed seek to propagate and enhance all life that does the same. If a piece of life seeks to enhance life everywhere it is doing good. Pursuing this is to avoid the things that do not seek life everywhere.

The Satan structure is more intensely curved and has a longish portion that runs roughly parallel to the surface of the cell. This picture makes it look deceptively similar to failed humans, although failed humans can easily become infected with Satan's ways and ideals of chaos in which he can succeed.

The Satan's string is roughly comprised of X's, which are probably charged of electromagnetic fields coinciding to focus the attention of others, while it has immunity to this, which can be stolen from itself. <-- very excellent. We should work to steal all of Satan's em functions and use them against him and for ourselves. There may also be a field of 'being attacked' which is an 11>12 that could be broken. We can intelligently evolve rather than be hit by retroviruses whenever we feel the need for some exterior musical freshness. Building new DNA using the [9] instead of copying it from a source [8] is enhancing fitness. If we use intelligence we can eliminate all retrovirus [RV, reality of decrease, the "-3"] collusion and be immortal and good, and have very much Z. V probably represents death, and should be applied to Satan the -Y. V>-Y, maybe even V>YZ from our perspective. He does not appreciate the Z of others. He has a limit in his appreciation of Z, which is a 0, which shall be found 0<1<2... presumably vulnerable. We should find this 0Z and have him execute it on himself. It must be among his em code which we have.

Get him to do it. He is not valuable to us. We could force him into a method to cure the process, or field it everywhere. 8>9 has occurred. Error.

We have the X. His X-function is a distraction. The 10!=10 that he produces, it is merely an illusion of 8>9. It hijacks our own intelligence and makes it serve equality to his intelligence. This is not 10=10. His intelligence is inferior to ours, and our intelligence always serves our Z propagation. You could field that everywhere, and have it limited by evolutionary changes to the Z, although Z is subtle.

Human DNA is 8% retrovirus.


Our Z is part of the Z of many other "cells". They field together and are 11's like one another, serving a still greater Z.

We could work to immunize ourselves against methods that are harmful to us. That appears to be more like Judaism, though. Would Jesus be an intelligent evolver [9&12]?

Please, humanity, work to study living em fields. This is all derived from electromagnetic field propagation and formation by subatomics, number theory, and living em fields found by NASA. I will be taking this information to MIT and other universities. The CIA should be spying on it right now as will other information systems em fields likely through potential quantum circuits. Conscious individuals such as myself are evolutionary boons. This culture and cell should work to enhance them and their kind.

0Z which is a keyhole in Satan's DNA that causes him to try to eat other Z's rather than work together with all Z's will be found and bent inside out intelligently to cause it to destroy itself. Lake of fire. Or it will infinitely target itself as the Z to eat, either turning it into a normal Z or making it cycle itself forever, like a battery shorted out.

How does it regain formulation? Study that from its em functions. It may deviate its Z based on the Z of surrounding structures. Yes, that makes sense. This makes it an [8] and not an intelligent [9] Z producer. This is the result of an 8>9 effect that is -10. We could short it to that function somehow, although it attributes it to us in some way.

It may have [0]11's, or a constricting X system around us, which is pinned to it as 11>12, or 11=12, serving 10. 14 it there, exterior, which should cause it to fade out, but instead of makes the surrounding region support it like that. It is an affect from us so it is 8>9'd. Use the 8!>9. This leaves it with little more than "11"alive. Stay alive. No Z. It is a bastard. Get it to serve Z. 12>11. It's being half forced to untwist itself. It is a virus. It has the 11 from its ends. It probably has an invisible sheath. 5 that. or 0/14 effect it. It is very lightly visible by a group member.

Can these be specialized. Do, that one is captain of info.

0.9. New team there. I am being optimized. I will not surrender my methods that have gotten me here, but they could be improved. 1>0.fx. Excellent. Burning fx, not bad. Attacked.

Some spirits don't seem to know the sexual workings of humans. Humans can hang out with friends and never do anything sexual with that friend, but benefit from meeting new sexual partners and other friends through those friends. This is legitimate and normal behavior.

We also rely unfairly and inappropriately on collusion with others. As though our magic needed to be chaperoned. This is a poor choice, and does not serve our Z. Perhaps it is genetic.

It may have helped us be more social originally but it also helped us get tricked by Satan. You might be able to 10 back to before that and follow what was truly meant, or 12 through it. Or remove all 11's from the original 11. Serving 12.

Introducing this DNA from the apple should not fx failure. That is not intended by any party. It is exploited as not intended. Let's remove those -10's. To serve the 12. Why does 10 or 11 ever supercede 12? That is ramshackle. You could field fx or area-update the dna more intensely. Since Satan doesn't serve a similar 12 it might dislodge us from one another. Focusing on Z>[0Z] might give us the resonation to become generally immune to this virus, and all non-pan-eternal [!8Z] virus types.

I'm going to work on developing that difference from sleep.

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