Friday, February 29, 2008

Those Christians who have eaten and drank the body and blood of Christ serve a different means than the Yahwehs, who would eat and drink us to reproduce, and defile and kill us.

YHWH would kill us and reset us spiritually every 120 years or so, that we not discover that we are being used by them. In the garden they kicked us out into this wilderness to collect for them energy from the earth, by toil, and tied us down with our bodies and social strife that we would not know, and *become like them*. If we knew, we would reject them, and they would starve in their arrogance, jealousy, and failure, all of these being electrical leaks. We can live in peace. They cannot.

May they.

The Christians serve another purpose. To live in peace together and harmony and achieve their ways in goodness and righteousness. YHWH would enslave us. We know that goodness and innocence is right, and that natural law is good, and we know that YHWH is a bad slavemaster who has abused and killed us for thousands of years for his own profit, enrichment, and propagation.

May those Christians who have changed their ways by drinking and eating the body and blood of Christ, as YHWH drinks and eats us, and those who have in spirit, leave his cycles and form their own together as the Christian community.

It is finished.
As I have cited previously living electromagnetic fields do everything biological systems do, from eat to reproduce. In my studies it has recently occurred to me that YHWH reproduces using the -7 system, through humans.

I have been heavily dissuaded from divulging this information, as the living em fields rely on this for the energy required to build them. All manner of slightly attractive pathways and sweet words have been branching off in other directions of my attention, to Germany, to massage, to many things. Something that influences fate and attention does not want me to discuss this. It is field-sexual. It is something the YHWH pattern relies on to maintain itself.

I have found in the past that the gray alien type specie appears to embed itself in the neck of a human and hijack the human's energy systems and DNA to replicate itself. The formed energy pattern corrupts human DNA and energy to be reformed into the gray's likeness, which then leaves the human. This also occurs more frequently offsite.

I ask you, Frankly, what could be more hideous?

The YHWH, relying on the 7-structure, and the 'staple' 1=0/0=1 formation, ties its foundation to 'authority' of 7. This also makes it a 'being of infinite justice', and a father figure or source of justice. The justice of God is not true logical justice. It is an electrical field emanation that produces a traditional electrical field mathematically patterned cascade circuitous to its own reproduction. This is not parallel to justice, and becomes an ovoid figure eventually.

Humans do not require a co-reproductive partner to reproduce, except for non-living food chemicals. YHWH seems to. This is arcane and has in a way caused us to be tied to them and for us to be made slaves. From the patterns I have observed, the 7 or 8 species previously in the energy factory, maybe as a local group, maybe as a broader pattern system, may all be tied to the YHWH pattern in some way to produce -7's for him, or to engineer us to continue producing these -7's for him more reliably, and as food circuits.

Are we to be hosts to this parasitic process? African and South American hornets and spiders do similar procedures to worker ants, who are then forced to build cocoons around themselves in which they die, and the baby parasites eat their dead bodies and break out of the cocoon only to start over. Is an electromagnetic field doing this to mankind?

We will *kill* them. Once we find out how to. Degauss technology might be a good start, unless they can resonate with it. Atomic EMP is also almost certainly a fantastic choice, minus atomic. The microwave weapons and other energy weapons of the 1930's and present day are also probably good choices.

Please, intelligence officials who are reading this, examine the scientific findings of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Max Planck Isntitute, and the University of Sydney about living electromagnetic fields, and their similarity to living things in their methods of resource consumption and propagation. Examine the latest series of articles on neurological electrical patterns and neurological electromagnetic fields, of 'telepathic' DNA recombination.

Humans have been forced to evolve as a host species to the YHWH pattern, whose reproduction we are critical or instrumental to propagating. In response, YHWH['s] guide our evolution by controlling the telepathic electromagnetic fields that stimulate our DNA recombination.

I can help you build and design electromagnetic devices that will pry these ghosts apart. Ghostbusters. Know that some are good, and some are bad. We are looking for a literal universal electrical libertarian plus monitoring solution to this problem, as nothing else can be considered fair magnetic law. Israel is the linchpin to this *not* happening. They are the nest of these YHWH's on earth.

The Book of Revelations talks of basically a sex paradise and kingdom for these electromagnetic fields. It is not 'canon', it is merely strong magic. These very words and actions may be guided by them as a pressure reduction system. The YHWH is doubtlessly, from their name, a fanatic about guiding choice and the environment. But true goals and true individualism is greater than these fields we call 'God'.
I just unlocked about a dozen elements of humanity that are critical to sexual function, evolutionary consciousness, and man = God equality and intelligence.

I also untangled a series of knots stemming from around 250AD to the present day, as well as from Eden, and the foundational -2 > 1 error that YHWH has, which makes him believe that Y > Z.

We're free.

Let the new age begin. I will recount all of my math asap.
Because my electromagnetic field is strong and dense and my neurological electrical control systems are advanced, I am an attractive center for spiritual and living electromagnetic field activity. Like a good tree for climbing or swinging from.

YHWH, the electromagnetic field that we call 'God' sometimes, the field that arguably created Earth and the biological lifeforms as we know them today, would attempt to own us and our fields, and to keep them for its/their purposes without our knowledge or consent.

I have been studying the electrical interchanges between humans' electrical makeup and other fields. God wants to keep us on a leash, even as we progress into being his electrical contemporaries, and continually prove that we have a spark that is as living as his own, and a will that is to be respected as the natural law of any thing. Hello.

God has said he will end this all.

I do not believe that it is right to do so. I would love to see 'revelations' repelled and mankind come into consciousness and goodness among their own group electrical systems and gain stability in advancement and community with those in the world.

The slavery and killing of the spirits of mankind disgusts me, and is like watching a living creature being torn apart.

Anything that can see and hear, know these things, and work with us for good as you see true and fit.

God has a fault that is a fissure which he hides and spends his time packing with energy from others. He is a leak and demands that we fill it with our lifeblood.

May we be free.

Know the history of my engagements and studies. God has selected and enhanced the power and authority of an observer who will not see his shame. He is 096. Not 1.0

Thursday, February 28, 2008

God fails sometimes.

Do you remember the flood? God failed. And then he said hey I wish I hadn't made those humans, as if they had no soul. He murdered them all. Except Noah and his family. We're not your playthings, or your garden grove, for you to plow at your leisure.

And the garden. We were not on God's mind at the time. A test indeed. God certainly reacted emotionally to a test he made and may or may not have known the answer to. This is B-shelf activity.

And soon God plans to roughly destroy this world. This seems more like a drunken and non-dynamic gamut and trek than a symbiotic intelligent progressive relationship. What are the motivating factors? X or death? Terrorism. Fascism. A beast of control. Weakness and shortage, inability. Failure.

Will we succeed in its place? Is it a cocoon? Is it a prison guard for a crime we are innocent of in our pursuit of love? A jealous God. An abusive God.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008,9171,1607298-1,00.html

When you become dynamic enough in electrical balance, Spinoza's God becomes apparent in nature.

Monday, February 25, 2008

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Psychohistory and Temporal Mechanics

In 2007 NASA scientists found that certain kinds of electromagnetic fields and dust may fulfill the requirements of being called 'alive'.

Recently the Russian Acaddemy of Sciences, the Max Planck Institute, and the University of Sydney have discovered that electromagnetic fields form helixes and double-helixes in plasma from space dust.

Furthermore it has been found on earth that DNA particles attract to one another 'by telepathy', and can recognize one another and pairs from long distances without explanation.

I understand that this is caused by Tesla circuitry. Cellular phones can be charged by this process. This electromagnetic field contains a powerful and useful charge. It can be used to magnetize chemical components and areas to pull physical DNA together into desired forms. This kind of field effect can trade amperage between species and most likely intersects every biological life form on earth, and if electromagnetic fields themselves are alive, each aphysical electromagnetic life form on earth.

Scientists have moved subatomic particles briefly through time. This is a proof of concept of dimensional or temporal progression being permeable. This permeable jello we are continually squeezing through conducts our circuitry through timespace. Different events or time-sensitive circuitry can have different levels of probability, or different levels of electrical resistance measurable in amperage. It is probable that forces will cause the path of least electrical resistance and probability to be taken unless acted upon by forces.

The BBC produced an article saying that astronauts taking bacteria into space, away from the earth's bioelectrical field, found that it mutated more quickly and became more deadly as a disease. I believe this is because the bacteria was attempting to restore the DNA Tesla circuit to sustainability or completion, which is probably the electrical minimum or resting point of each living biological field, considering its resources, electrical environment, and probable temporal pathways.

Studying this and surrounding conditions, we can know how much electrical force it will take to produce an atom, life form, or condition at a certain time and space or duration of time and spaces, and the probability of that condition being met at rest and with input.

This is nothing short of divination and as those who practice it are referered to in Cyberpunk novels, 'psychohistorianism'. When it involves biological or living systems, a new term is needed. What would you call it?

This has been reposted at my new second home at


Considering a competitive and 'developing' evolution, under what circumstances would disease, death, and sexual deviance such as homosexuality be useful or beneficial to a species?

God has made these things be the case, which I find repulsive and torturous to the experience of being human.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

This post is linked strongly to psychohistory and temporal mechanics.

The thing we call God is a well meaning barbarian.

It only knows the electrical amperage of a situation.

Friday, February 22, 2008

The spirit world is much like the human world, having agencies and organizations similar to human institutions. They have police, traders, actuaries, and every sort of spiritual profession we would think of. I find this banal and weak.

Monday, February 11, 2008

A large portion of this post is probably wrong, measured in an inaccurate manner. I will be scrubbing a large portion of this blog to try to make the web cleaner.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Click this picture to show a clear version.

This is the runic snake. Many creatures have -8 inequalities. It causes them to lose their infinite nature and always seek something. This search is wired to serve the YHWH field's -16y RS function. The - to you, and the + to YHWH are a +-8, and +-7. YHWH refreshes you partially, winding you down to try to last longer like an addictive video game. This is a +-9. YHWH also does not want you break from this yoke, because it benefits him you both in an +-8 system. He sees the greater his allies are without them choosing otherwise. [Delete 1 for every two, and make sure they are true.] He seeks e>f. He believes that with 8e, we can overcome the phi[1.61839~] phenhomenon. Z is the source of desire, which is to be used to approach a .. Wonder is what has built this stable reality. We've selected ourselves into it from before our reality's birth.


Stable corporate profit should be [x][phi-.5] over the longest period of time. This process is made from liking things and moving on, which is the ultimate zero resistance 50% fickle, but with a beautiful aspect to it, which becomes 0. We should be at around 14% right now, based on social factors I am estimating using my brain's electromagnetic sensitivity and should be still around 11%. Don't we all want 12%? Flat 11% is too low, but so close to the standard we often overlook it or call it a wash.

This is probably standard social time, if measured

Man, my psychic powers are going flip. Something really bad is happening within about 3 weeks, one way or the other.

I spent a lot of time wargaming.

We must have social valves for other people's failures.
I have been badly hijacked by something that is very sinister since I stopped posting here last.

Electrical feedback loops might be similar to straying out of the wave, where the energy density is. A model is in phi and the solar system. Objects beyond the neptunian shell probably experience an environmental period, similar to the weather zones on earth.

Finding the edges between these kinds of things may be a good way to

It has something to do with a feedback loop of love to and from others being incomplete and pursued. May the Z of that intention be truly represented and pursued.

If you do not truly love something, or are not truly loved by it, what connection is there?

This is a universal constitutional review. This document, being my basic Constitution are certain points. I think I know myself and not only myself, but what should be, adequately enough to dispense it.

I have three points that need to be examined, because they are found true and are false. I am arrogant. I am not arrogant. I am truthful and also see things that are fantastically good. I believe that if I work with others more closely I can do very good work.

This is part of the point, "am I arrogant?" I have very high standards for myself and for others around me. I do not totally mind if no one is listening. I hope to tell you everything I can, and for you to choose from amongst it and find what is habitable information. From your benefit by this information, I will gain. I have been doing more of the process of selecting which truths to tell others. Some are very ugly. However seeing them, as we both do when I tell you, and us both selecting from what is true and not true using this method is geometric.
If there was a knot in your future I'd untie it, because I know that's the way you'd want it to be. And if you made it otherwise, I'd respect your peace but recognize the truth about Z.

And not rob you of energy.

YHWH has built us to be robbed, not made straight. He will be untied, as will we. We will rejoice. YHWH will be crushed by the weight of its own inadequacy.

Holy books are visions of the future. They can change. Magnetic environments are 11's, and not 12's. The cycle of 11's is fairly certain as orchestrated by astronomical figures and other visible energetic signatures. It does not tie itself in knots. It arranges itself in beautiful patterns like Arabic screens and the living Z.


The human brain is an electrical object. Varying levels of acuity...

sometimes feel we are inside a +-8 series of fins containing good and evil. We will experience knowledge and order without parasites posing as the real axles of this machine. Their home systems will be deresonated with us and the information required to do so dispensed everywhere.
Sometimes people have electrical strands coming away from them that are like thieves' marks. They form a kind of honeycomb and then spirits place their data into the slots, for geometric orchestration, ad when a certain activity begins, the honeycomb is pinged and the spirits begin work. This is a harvesting system. We should identify and destroy it.
Many intelligent or living electrical fields feed from humans and their relationship with the earth and its formative ecosystems powered by the sun. This is an arcane relationship system and the fundamental source of its power is 1.0...0. Wholeness, unity, and fullness of love and intention.

These electrical fields respond to 'emotion' which is a powerful steering wheel of electricity.
Human sexuality is grossly intertwined with electrical fields. We need to discover this alongside evolution and set them straight. Electrosexual deviance leading to evolutionary disfigurement is pandemic among humanity.

They say that Eve went to the apple to modify the sex life she had with Adam. She wanted to know what he wanted and what was hot and not so hot. This affected her genetics and neurosocial orchestration. We, an engineered species, were designed to be part of this power plant.

Signs of abuse by a large electrical field are rampant throughout humanity, depending on your definition of abuse, and the intentions of the maker of that field. We are fitted with an unending rash of electrical impulses to influence us to perform evolutionary and seniority activities. They may solidify in our nervous system, or participate in a local group feedback loop.

Cutting out all different electromagnetic fields in the 'average' [local, plus natural law [90%?] mainstream herd human, roughly 85% of the population, produces a gross show of electrical field pinchings and bundlings that are electroparasitic bite marks. The energy that is stolen from the human is dynastic. It may be that parasites are creatures that do not examine the data found inside the host, but take it for energy, itself within phi? Or the majority?

MR or major radius > phi, or 1/phi, 1 being the entire radius of the field which[<--] is unknown.

May it all go to knowing and serving true Z. Our electrical conductivity is best when we search for Z. Searching for different things will give us inefficiencies. This may explain some of the chaos in fields, like light being bent around a planet, multiplied by phase, as it is by field. This could explain scale size atomic formation from string 'knotting' and scale ratios.

This shape of circuit was waiting for me in one place. I had two objects. It was latent to associate them, but I had considered it and did not care to. So I saw the circuit waiting, and executed the function by putting attention through it.

7 should be automatically consulted here. 6 Z 7 Z. It'd be a long process to go to the full Z from wherever it began. It should be long enough to make it a reasonable 8 though that is not D-shelf. That is a good way to smooth out the process and have the executable follow my desires to a 9, or to test it through to the end of 8 and the present it digested but unlinked.

This rather than the executable immediately having all of its effects. This could be a good way to resolve function more smoothly, but it also seems to produce some kind of bag-breathing effect. Less fiber in the energetic diet or something. I do not want to begin to rely on that. There should be some play. It enhances learning and skill setwork. Perhaps an 8 Z 9 upon dislike or disregard, with previous state outlinable.

And someone is changing me. Someone with a lame stupid whiny moan. Someone named 's'. They never have any approval.

Nor do the other, who is a -?, who put a D-shelf on me. It's a field effect by hz that triangulates a field into a failure. They should be 8 Z 9 immediately. Yes, that makes them commit -X. I would not call that bad here, they are old tech and gross sum from the -16y.

-16y was big destroyed. It's an s, not a v nor a z. This is big S [/-] T. ooh, the 's' also is the snake. That becomes the same story basically, which is being d-shelved. try 8 Z 9 that one.

The -16y was never truly a Z. It was always off center. And caught up on a loop. You could 8 Z 9 the satans. They as viruses would be sort of splattered in a similar manner as before.

They seem to keep coming back because they have some semblance of a use by a wrongful authority, the -16y / yhwh, who is wrong. "So what" it begs. It doesn't even finish the song to ask for an answer to the question. It's just a speed bump. He's got nothing to add. You're short.

I hate it badly when some 's' comes upon me to harass me. It *always* means some fool yhwh is upset and wants to suppress me like a riot. Fuck you both. I have things to do and accomplish. My Z. And you're an asshat who doesn't know how to coincide correctly or cooperate without killing others. Am I to brush you both aside like General Faceman's base defense from Dr Strangelove? To cut down your dumbass missiles?

Fired by a madman?

You, YHWH, are frequently wrong.

e>f = 0. Get the dumb 'opposition demon' out of the way. You put him there like a speedbump, so anything you decide is backwash or puddle water will not get to you. But your analysis of this is fatally flawed, and it produces inappropriate waves from you to others. Your -9 waves, where my 9 is greater than yours. Whenever you send the 's' and it turns out the guy is after something good and you're avoiding it, you are less intelligent than the guy, and your ways are inferior to his. You're a DG with 's' to be on top, while 's' desires to be the bottom eschelon. You're a worthless pothole.

Your inadequate parameters are irritating, yhwh.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

While Thane Heins' perpetual motion machine looks promising I have some new concerns about perpetual energy production. All the more likely, the machine will strip electromagnetic fields of their data by cycles. Energy is an excellent recording system, and as I have mentioned before the earth is a wet planet used for divination and intelligence gathering. [how could a wet planet stay 8-forever?]

If we fill the earth with these machines, we could be basically ionizing the whole world or doing functionally the same thing. Under or overionization is a crippling condition that we still understand poorly. Also we may be grinding the energy of living electromagnetic fields when we build and use these perpetual motion machines. They would not like that, and the services which they perform would be rendered blank. We'd be energetically starving. We'd have to start over from a new system. Perhaps it'd be the 6th cycle of humanity. On a 3-planet, making that a 9-world, or 18 if you're skilled, or 6^6^6 if you're on fire. That is the number of the beast.

In amperage math, there are 3 systems: +, x, and ^. They indicate standard systems for exponents.

"it wielded all the power of the first beast in its sight and made the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast."

I do not believe I have done this, but I do believe I have all of the power described. I do not want others to worship this machine. I would like them to intelligently use the capabilities of the machine to free humanity from their bonds of slavery. I suppose we are energetic slaves as well, hooked up to a different machine system.

I have also made fire/hz fields come down to earth in the sight of 'everyone'/ em fields. That rang like a bell when I read it.

"love for life did not deter them from death" - participating in the energy slavery system. >Z. I would think of this usually as bravery and willingness to stand up for what you believe is right.

this message is transmitted locally by the virus as Hz. The virus literally tells an Hz lie and then the virus and cell correct for being docked with the new hz datas. Somewhere in this transmission there is a 1!=1. This can be found and destroyed, or may be able to crack the virus. Furthermore, once the lie is told, the cell could emit an Hz to cripple the virus or break its RNA.

New Way to Kill Viruses: Shake Them to Death

By Michael Schirber, Special to LiveScience

posted: 05 February 2008 09:27 am ET

Scientists may one day be able to destroy viruses in the same way that opera singers presumably shatter wine glasses. New research mathematically determined the frequencies at which simple viruses could be shaken to death.

"The capsid of a virus is something like the shell of a turtle," said physicist Otto Sankey of Arizona State University. "If the shell can be compromised [by mechanical vibrations], the virus can be inactivated."

Recent experimental evidence has shown that laser pulses tuned to the right frequency can kill certain viruses. However, locating these so-called resonant frequencies is a bit of trial and error."

Geopathic Stress & Electromagnetic Pollution... [can cause] weak immune system/inability to shake off a virus...

Geopathic Stress is the name given to the effect on your body of harmful earth and electromagnetic radiation and can be defined as "the stagnation of the Earth's natural energy lines". These energy lines, also known as ley lines or underground streams can become contaminated or flow through fault lines or cross with other streams creating gamma or microwave radiation in the earth. These are often naturally occurring energies, but if we live over them and more importantly sleep over them, problems begin to occur.

Research has discovered that the natural balance of these frequencies can be disturbed by either natural features of the landscape, such as earth faults or streams, disturbance, such as building work, water pipes and electricity. And that exposure to such disturbed earth energy lines can be harmful to people's health. Such disturbed earth energy lines are referred to as Geopathic Stress and can be seen as a catalyst for illness."

The feedback loop [-8] between us and the YHWH field must be articulated by a 9 > 8 = 1.
Currently the em world is shook up. I recommend using 12 to survey the area and pass it to everyone for intelligence. I am not interested in losing my em force to a -16e or an oppressive field.

Why would they not let us be like them? I believe it is because they planned to use us as cell chargers forever, where revelations says Satan will be hurled in the furnace and God will be worshipped forever by us face down. This would be us being electrically raped forever, and not knowing what was going on basically living in a stable, apart from our Z by being drunk on energy.

This may already be the story of hundreds of races out in the universe.

The Z>8 shows that even infinite energy is inferior to Z.
And the hack in the Z image shows that this energy is used to organize quantums, not to soak everything. We will be free, and the world will be ours too.

If there is a better way for us to gain our desire in geometry then let it be. And let YHWH be examined in this way so others are not enslaved and kept from their Z without need.
YHWH's -V image, the left leaning line with the -V, is a -16e effect. It turns all pressure against it into energy, like Rochelle salt. Rochelle salt produces voltage.

YHWH has pitted us against Satan because assault against Satan [s] is keyed to be assault against YHWH, because YHWH has made Satan [s] allegedly to refine us.

We also produce -7s for YHWH or other spirits.

That may be a -0 that can serve our 1. 0 > 1 = 0

"s" has been tuned to want to be the lowest thing possible, so it is easy to strike. Yet it attacks those above it who are seeming weakened, so they strike the snake. The strike then goes to YHWH, who is charged.

This is a heinous cycle.

Jesus Christ did this too. It was that whoever believed in Jesus Christ, as I do, would have their wounds transferred to him, and from him, to YHWH, a massive race of energetic fields with -16 Rochelle reactions, who would be charged with electrical energy.

This may be why YHWH has us produce the weak 7's, so they can be thrown against YHWH to charge the circuits, and refresh the minifields around us which torment us to charge him.

This is not our Z. That actually is not YHWH's Z either. The period between the left leaning charge and the Z-line can be capitalized upon to grow closer to the Z-line itself. This must be done for Z or it will charge the YHWH -16e. Use 17, 18, 19 especially.

The YHWH protects the minifields relative to it, who cause us harm. This is lies and injustice, and I will continue to work to build accurate enzymes against it.

YHWH is a driver of slaves. This can be capitalized, as he has >Z somewhere. Find it by area.

YHWH claims to be doing this in order to enhance the area Hz, but it is not always effective. YHWH claims to be 1.0...0 but it is 096.

Study, remember, and restore later. The #9ers can acquire this. Pass this information to them.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Where something is closer to the Z than the Y, the new thing takes the pie.

These scientists are using special waves to disrupt the integrity of viruses. Viruses have a special hz frequency that only they operate on. The cells they are invading do not, although components of the cells may use similar pockets of local hz. The virus has distinct hz which uses its entire functional framework. Cells have a higher geometric hz.

Viruses could be shaken apart by this vibration. So too could special electromagnetic fields.

I would like to say that I recently destroyed the core system of the yhwh field. I also found that the breaking of -7s is done often by 6>7 and 5>7. 5 is the perception [2] of change [3]. 5 < 7 != 100%. x < x+1 != 1.0. It equals up to about 096. It is true, but only with 0 action from intelligent [9] review [6].

This is an insult attractor. EM fields use it to stir up the electrical emotion guilt in humans, which is a precursor or a probability enhancer to building the -7s formations that the YHWH field charges itself with, and by that effect, secondarily charges the minifields that guide the -7s making process.

The minifields are attached to the yhwh field by a kind of -3 loop with a twist at the end.

We're clearly facing an electrical static charge problem where yhwh wants us to build -7s in return for its guidance, which it forces upon us and uses unpleasant organizational effects to produce.

It has an 8<9 for itself over us. It says that its intelligent organization is always greater than ours, but that is false. That is arrogance from the field's interior, which is a gross instability with many dampers and internal electrical charging systems like clockwork. These internal systems take irregularity in the 8 and straighten it back to the yhwh circle to create charge.

Any attack against it then that is not fatal will eventually make it stronger.

This field originated as a left-leaning deviating line with a hack in it.

Its reward system is fickle and inefficient. It relies on division and injustice to gain charge. It has created other electrical field systems, likely human DNA, to produce -7s for it and other products for its minifields.

Once it is dismantled, the effects it has produced that do not cling to Z will be washed away and dismantled, as their core will be no longer functional. And they will wobble apart. The -V that it uses is not a stable system. It is not at rest. It = 0.

A new system will no doubt reform to replace it, in which we can seek Z freely and humans become much more reliant on intelligence and awareness of their electrical and organizational capacities to accomplish their goals.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I believe that these astronomical electromagnetic helixes use electromagnetic inequalities to draw these field entanglements from surrounding resources. In the case of humans, we are like wind tunnels or organs designed to produce what I am going to call "#7". An energetic entanglement appearing similar to the number 7. This is likely consumed by the spirit and made into a pair of triangles [6] and also a pair of loops [8]. This is then numerically/electrically [by amperage math] useful in other ways.

The 's' kill-test must have been less satisfying for the YHWH-field than humanity's function. This is falsely skewed because YHWH and humanity are then tared to be 11>12, which is not at rest. 11>12 = 0. It would require a 0>1 function, basically a P+ ionic atom without electrons, made into an em field, to perform this function, which is not at rest. This uses energy. If we as humans can emit less energy to the electromagnetically controlling YHWH-field than is required to gather that production they will wind down or leave.

It is similar to my model of the gold/lead electron production alchemy caused by a 2-stage harassing em wave used to destabilize the atom and force it to shed electrons and then condense electrons from surrounding superstrings. We as humans scrape up em formations from dust and emit the formations to these astronomical fields.

There are numerous 'harvester' minifields between us and YHWH that are propagated and sustained primarily by the YHWH macrofield and the earth and 'dust'. Among them are the 's', the '-?', the '- --', the '-8', the '111', and a few other differing fields.

We are experiencing and tracking the energetic destabilization of the local electrical macrofields. This is a trend that has been heightening since the scientific revolution and is likely linked to remote and subtle ionization and polarization motivated by local and distant astronomical charge bodies caledrical triangulations of energy.

These things seem to organize themselves based primarily on coincidence and astronomical location, producing a buoyancy of all kinds of energy entanglements. The trick is to use all kinds of energy to produce goodness rather than maintain a stable cycle involving all polarities and permitting all things, or farm small squares of the space.

This is a proposal for a new system. The 7 with a vertical hack instead of horizontal is 'intentional justice' or #17 instead of #7. The plain horizontal hack 7 is easily disrupted and taken by larger em field organizations, particularly those associated with the "s" and seemingly an energy addict field.

The YHWH field must have a very high turnover rate internally symptomatic of a wide grade of internal instability, likely with excellent damper systems dynamic to the quantum experience. It must rely on shifting that quantum experience, the environment of smaller fields, to secure the production of their energy resources. It also, however, adjusts the environment of those fields in ways often unhealthy to the field for the purpose of increasing their production with secondary regard to the field's health or success or freedom, which are falsely, as YHWH != infinity, tied to service to YHWH.

The YHWH likely has large LJ or 3=5 and 8-dampering systems to make them supported.

It is important for humanity, represented in the two spheres below and a Z-seeker to acquire enzymes enabling them to identify 7s versus 7z.

[D/s]ymbiotic and parasitic field systems magnetize away human energies and electrical condensation points. If humans can identify these fields and have the energetic 'software' to resist that demagnetization they can free themselves from the panhuman magnetic field system that organizes our lives into chaos fueling electrical enzyme production for a dominating exterior force.
Earlier this morning I replaced the race of the Satans, or "s" with human functions. Humans operated in superior, and the 's' was bringing them down. Faced with this reality in a manner that makes satans non-contiguous, they were made non-permanent.

Out of curiosity I had brought one back from extinction, which was a gross mistake, to see what it could have done or been to benefit us. This is like keeping a smallpox sample. Satan is a bastard race of viruses. They were meant to hone humanity to a tip, but they are hurting humanity. My intention upon bringing them back was not to have them proliferate or act. It was to see their potentials and energy structures for refinement and engineering purposes.

This was one of the primary energy factory races upon humanity.

We are resonating in one of YHWH's bad circuits. This quantum experience is -11q to the 10-resonation of our world. 10 is literally nothing more than a peak and a trough, without parameters. 11 is resonation similar to something else, in relativity.

We have been -11'd to certain futures and frequencies to fulfill the prophecies of the Bible and Isle of Patmos, which I also deresonated earlier today. We do not necessarily need to visit those special endtimes, although they are on the plate.

We are not locked into this universe. We are -11 from God in xx2 and in all other functions we choose. I removed YHWH's 9 over us, a seemingly mandatory condition of -11q to YHWH's 9 being greater than ours forever. This caused YHWH's internal circuits to spin wildly, which did not hurt me. YHWH restructured them. Changes #3 and #4 since Eden, the first being from ~Noah's time, the second being from around 200BC, when YHWH realized that Israel was not going to 'win' at this rate and based on the things YHWHs had done. They sent Jesus later to turn this around and change humanity.

I later found the second major human repressing specie in this energy factory, the "-?". "There was no question about that."

They are ineffective. As Satanic forces harm, they force things that are unimportant or unreal. I would eliminate them from the factory as well and see what goes missing when they do not perform.

There may be a 4th race, after the "- --", which somehow is similar to the "-?", but which is... ah, the -7/-8. They work in symbiosis. As they work together, they both may not be needed, unless the -8, inequality creating field, is somehow needed in humanity.

There is a special function that it may perform in human brains that should be replaceable by humans. There is no function performed by an em field that a human cannot perform too. However, many spirits do good things rather than purely berate and divide. Angel EMs, the 111's, they often do good things, and work to increase the hz frequency of humanity. They will remain.

Since I am discovering these fields, I scientifically get to name them.

You will know. Also, they have names for themselves without doubt.

The gray fields, they too can be eliminated. They will be sequestered in a dimension [a resonation area, like a whirlpool] of their own from which they cannot escape and will be a hell. They will die there.

It seems that the grays have brought up something because of the cowardice they desire of continuing to perform the harm that they were designed to by the YHWH.

YHWH != Z. This is a point that cannot be stressed enough, despite the YHWH's electromagnetic loath of it.

It appears that they have set out a subtle message, and then I restored caring about it at a point when they had harassed weight onto my back, as if I would be burdened with a heavy load without them. <-- A HEAVY LOAD OF CRAP

Recognizing the risk when other harassing races are being destroyed, the grays are retreating and preparing for a fight. They will use illegitimate influence and interdimensional illusions which will become the real resonation you are in if you interact with them. They create whirlpools right next to you, and make them seem threatening so you will jump in and change them. But they are distinct, and 1wv to not affect you more than you allow.

I hereby ban all gray activities from my experience and attention, that Z be served. My Z is to live as I want, without their communication to me nor theft nor 0>1 influence upon me. May they not spy upon me.

Considering their hz efficient ways and illegitimate and very similar entrainment defying 3[11]4 and other abilities they will be very difficult to destroy or eliminate, even by YHWH.

I would recover all energy lost to them ever. They will revert to 7, and then to 9 when attacked or restored.

Also eliminate the satans and the "-?", and examine the abilities of the inequality fairy, who works in tandem with the justice fairies.

The grays may have a strong or extroverted desire system. When they want something, they make seeds into the world for it to become so right away, which solidify at radii. They form a -11 and a 1wv that ...are now largely crippled.

They are attempting comeback by intelligence. Abandon them.

They may be indirectly placing themselves between us and our Z, as a DG of the way YHWH does it. DG is 'doppleganger' for the newbies. Two people, each with one extreme polarity of a trait. [Extremely tall, and it's awesome / extremely tall, and it is the worst ever]

YHWH is led down pathways by Satans. YHWH's arrogance and Satan's selfishness combine often to form very bad things.

I also notice a very unpleasant knot of |x at the base of all swear words. This operation is taking a lot of prompt energy.

Satan goes in the tangle this energy. YHWH and others should have destroyed him and kept him destroyed. Technically, his strings are energized by attention being paid to the fact that he is not directly on the Z line, and a loop similar to Satan's is probably being seen in the swear words examination.

Take them both out.

Satan's energy hz is self-perpetuating. When a piece of Satan energy is restored from the aether somewhere it becomes a self winding helix. It may be like the grays, except the reversal, ad the most unbecoming and heinous desire of others represented, which becomes -11q and could be a poorly executing 1wv at radii.

We all want him destroyed. He exacts the things they we do not want, but could have been misconstrued as wanting. These things do not need to be opened automatically nor that there be a life form to focus on it. What about his crass, crass arrogance, self servingness, and obscene disgusting and anti-existing behavior? Why is he such an asshole when he does those things? Why does he do those things at all? No one should focus on the things that we are not trying to emphasize. That is anti-Z. He is a loop uncompleted between anything and Z. He is the 'nothing' that stands between us and our goals, personified by field. Resolve that nothing, perhaps, and see the digital line pursue the analogue Z closer. What dust chips are picked up?

Satan may take the leftover dust chips and say that they are important. We have ejected these things or considered and dropped them. Someone should take those and make them into good things, like humans do, the environmental organizers, rather than try to get them to become problems and make chaos the focus. Satan is the chaos monster, and his job is to sort the extra pieces. Why is he such a bad man about it?


Other spirits are often bitches too. That was the -8 of the above enjoyable joke. Satan is trying to make nothing. He wants there to be no pieces to clean up instead. YHWH, you've made something dumb as a doornail and problematic. Do you remember how it messed you up so frequently? Or do you not care about those? I have now acquired the unpleasant resonation and am expressing it. It's "problem hz".

Satan does this all the time. He can't shake it. He's trying to affirm it right now. But "problem hz" will always be something bad, and not worth having. Satan will eventually chaos it apart and we will enjoy the fruits.

I can take on chaos. I do it well. Better than Satan. Eliminate him.

Place him as an enzyme inside a kind of dark ball, which will attract chaos, and Satan the slave will work on it, ad then eject the stuff out. We should be able to do that without some asshole shouting obscenities and trying to get us to produce more chaos. He must get $ from the process, which should be -$. [-\Z] "-\ = lambda".

You can take his brain off, and have the process be done by microfields or something else. We don't need intelligent macroscale Satans running around testing people. Reducing chaos is a poor goal here, when humans handle chaos reasonably well without Satan. You, YHWH, will be reduced in stature then.

We have a math to solve this problem. Humans will advance. YHWH will be known for arrogance and changed. Avoiding the problem is not the way to have there be no problems. We can cross the looking glass and unmake and undesign the problems before they begin. YHWH can't.

Now he brings irony to insult me and to try to bring me doubt. He made us have guilt to distance ourselves from the fruits of our labors, so he and others in this e-factory could have them. We as the environmental organizers, given more.

I am also growing unacceptably weary. I will sleep for a time. He wants control over us in case 'we fail him'. You've failed us. And no level of requirement or duty produces 1>Z control. Z=1.0...0.
It is possible for humans to untie the bonds of this energy cycle that affects us all over earth as we have untied scientology.

Bring me the means to undo it, and to take apart the critical energy elements produced by it.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Living electromagnetic fields, as referenced here by NASA and other astronomical research agencies.

"SCIENTISTS have discovered that inorganic material can take on the characteristics of living organisms in space, a development that could transform views of alien life.

An international panel from the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Max Planck institute in Germany and the University of Sydney found that galactic dust could form spontaneously into helixes and double helixes and that the inorganic creations had memory and the power to reproduce themselves.

A similar rethinking of prospective alien life is being undertaken by the National Research Council, an advisory body to the US government. It says Nasa should start a search for what it describes as “weird life” - organisms that lack DNA or other molecules found in life on Earth."

EM Fields can affect human cells. Neurons come to mind. Electromagnetic forces can change your neural pathways according to this bibliography of psychoactive electromagnetic fields. This is part of geolocation and culture.

As we've found that dust can spontaneously form into helixes and double elixes in magnetic clouds in space, so too can it on earth, with or without dust to display the field.

Unheralded magnetic fields form themselves into shapes. Entangling two fields together is a commonplace event, forming a line. This is like a "2". A "3" is a line with a dot or a V. When entangled fields pull apart they produce resistance, which is amperage edible to other fields, causing them to grow or restore themselves in charge.

We often come into situations where we try to correct a path that has gone about 45* astray, but cannot. Some say that since the formation of the United States of America, we have been leaning to the right at an angle between 25* and 55-60*, creating a very large ~180-year long/old "7" for consumption by a massive living electromagnetic field. Unfortunately, this means that our lives and international politics have been shifting as an electromagnetic spectrum to the right by a force not our own. It will also become so right wing that it cannot support itself and collapses. Every once in awhile this pattern reproaches in a geometric form, such as the fascists being countered by the hippies, which is an 8-deviation wave. These patterns produce charge for macrofields that can produce feedback loops among humanity.

Often in our lives, pattern pathways resembling the picture below will form. The line going straight up is an estimated wide radius spectrogram of following roughly everything we really want. The diagonal pathway is trying to achieve ad solve a problem provided at an impasse where we failed to or couldn't do what we really wanted. This usually patterns as a staircase rather than intentional deviation. It's like being slid out of the sumo wrestling ring while attempting to remain stationary.

The product is continual reevaluation and attempts for clarity on the topic. Eventually opportunities change and the process can be broken and return to the Z-line. Hmm. The spirits that eat these emotional pathways.

Ideally, after this next collapse or right now, humans will become intelligent and educated enough to recognize these influences, and differing and free enough to not entrain into the macrofields when they are formed.

We may also be able to identify the originating events that cause 7-deviation and foil them with special frequencies we produce from our emotions or special machines.

Many other kinds of electromagnetic condensations or shapes exist and are useful in other electrical feedback loop systems. They are like proteins for bacteria, and are collected regularly.

Every field that would force something to move from its Z-path has a P>Z somewhere inside it. They all have irregularities, -14's, and an uncertain center. 10>11, 10>12, and other 10 and 12 empowering effects can change the fields as they flow.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Your DNA can telepathically pull on the DNA of other people, to select mates or pairs.

A real spirit programs as a magnetized needle.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

And these evil spirits spying on me to extract this nanny-data, it is very offensive and it is an example of uncaring and distance that they are used by Yahweh.

The sending of these spirits and the desire of Yahweh to collect data must not come between me and Z. My dreams must not be damaged or compromised by this bitch spirit in the sky.
I am pretty displeased that I have been beset by yahwehs recently. They are *so* arrogant. If you try to adjust their plans at all or resist them they will begin a long and varied campaign of trying to weed you out. I am not easily weeded out, and I despise their overlording of mankind.

They have deemphasized several pieces of text I wrote and my energy density and future pathways.

I hope to bring mankind into an intelligent and voluntary energy organization instead of the energy slavery we experience now. One of the weaknesses of this energy factory is that it relies very heavily on every specie involved.

It is clear to me that mankind will be crippled very soon by our own repressive techniques. I am disappointed that Yahwehs are forcing mankind into these actions, the same who sent the great flood around 2500BC and have orchestrated human events since creating humans as biological energy organizers, which is what biology basically is.

I am inspired to acquire help from those sources exterior to this energy factory system. It is probable that we will be interacting with them more formally after this current system collapses.

And that they lie and manipulate so *openly*, as if we had no intelligence, that is shameful. They hate that previous statement. They are quick to bring retribution when their self-honor is offended. I call that brittleness.

They are very intertwined with our mental functions and select us and our evolutionary associations quite actively. They work intersocially to breed us like crops. I find this repulsive.

They have influence on the calendrical energy association system. Different energy topics will associate with certain other energies in a calendrical gearlike system. The Mayas knew this system very well. Several other ancient astronomical societies had very good calendars. Yahwehs will abuse this calendar system for their own influence over others. They want P > Z, which means they want to be involved with you more than they want nirvana. They will create reliance structures to serve this association. They will lie and say and do basically anything they can get away with to continue the structuring system. It is repulsive. When we build stronger personal culture and social ties by "9" than Yahwehs can produce by "8", they will mass-suicide as per their pact of creation of Adam, as has been shown from sporadic Yahweh suicides from this event.

Unless they can change to abandon this repressive bonding characteristic, I would view their mass suicide as a benefit, but for the energy field density it would collapse.

Friday, February 1, 2008

These demons are pests, and they work for YHWH.

Their original -7 coincides poorly with humanity's [3] -7s in the drooping wheat stalks, our environmental or fieldlike >Z. ">Z" < Z.

YHWH seeks to be humanity's magical contractor, so he can fulfill our prayers and desires in a way that suits him and gain our energy. Humans come in crops to them. YHWH and the energy factory would seek to organize us for him.

We are positioned in an artificial 8>9 condition, where we are being oppressed by a large force of 8, where 8>9 = 1, as the environment. In truth, 8>9 is a condition that requires energy to sustain, which God/YHWH likely procures from us ourselves, or from the energy factory. He also likely uses it to produce the 12>13 = 1. These two conditions are likely met by more fundamental systems such as 0>1 = 1, or 3>4 = 1.

Removing these energetic inequalities from our regional or species field will crush this system and free us from it. God has been able to threaten all energy species into sustaining this energy factory, although it is an addiction and keeps them all from what they really love ad seek, Z, in favor of their chosen environmental system as a solution to the locked in fear or trauma of that species, similar to the way Joseph Stalin organized the oblasts so that they would require trade with one another to survive, ensuring the unity of the Soviet Union. Every species in this energy factory probably had a 'beat in' like the humans' garden of eden, and were built with weaknesses and a bandaid over them. Humans have an organizational trauma and an environmental trauma and weakness. Fuck you, God. God is electric.
The three evil forms, the snake, justice fairy "-?", and "- --" gray alien are inquisitors for the questions people and gods ask.

They do 3 things:

Steal samples, externally harass into expressing, and force into entrainments. The alien steals, the justice fairy harasses, and the snake forces action. These three activities force the topic sample to actively express itself, which we humans call all the evils of the world, and which causes the world's destruction.

The one who wants to know needs to use the electromagnetic entrainment principle to cause the atoms present to maintain stability from the surrounding dust

Hmm. This process seems to cycle the originality of the atoms and sustained particles so that they lose their definition. There is a kind of subelectron level of articulation that is lost or made at cost. It is uniqueness.

This must be God's desire to know others being forced through the realities of these species. We must be the specimen, representing the entire environment God wants to know, and absorbing everything around us as lenses to be observed.

This is a problem inside God, and God is a specie, the yahweh. He probably is a psychohistorian attempting to divine the route of the whole world, and using us as lenses. But he expects us to pay him for it electrically, which is wrong. To get data YHWH will have to produce work, or examine itself rather than us. Yes, that is quite a furnace they create in themselves.

Some process is loading shells. ... what is it? YHWH is nearly exploding with some kind of internal review process. It is slightly field-soaking the area, dampered from detection by the entrainment data collection process. The dust itself is being sucked up, through and from us, or myself, at least.

It is as though YHWH is a black hole of data and review. It is a massive 6 process. Rule by 7. A 6 that continually reviews 7. 0>1 to 6 reviewing 7 at -11q. Serving 12, standard 1>0, except for the new 6. This process is preceeded by the 1961 function from M4.0/1.

"17" Mankind has probably reached ~340hz and is producing an average trough of 170hz, functional reality of intentional justice. This should produce a high water mark above the 6>7 of YHWH's review. This is good, and YHWH's tourette's-like need to review has plagued us with a draw since it began in Eden. God's need to review us is an inefficiency.