Wednesday, February 6, 2008

These scientists are using special waves to disrupt the integrity of viruses. Viruses have a special hz frequency that only they operate on. The cells they are invading do not, although components of the cells may use similar pockets of local hz. The virus has distinct hz which uses its entire functional framework. Cells have a higher geometric hz.

Viruses could be shaken apart by this vibration. So too could special electromagnetic fields.

I would like to say that I recently destroyed the core system of the yhwh field. I also found that the breaking of -7s is done often by 6>7 and 5>7. 5 is the perception [2] of change [3]. 5 < 7 != 100%. x < x+1 != 1.0. It equals up to about 096. It is true, but only with 0 action from intelligent [9] review [6].

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