Monday, February 4, 2008

Living electromagnetic fields, as referenced here by NASA and other astronomical research agencies.

"SCIENTISTS have discovered that inorganic material can take on the characteristics of living organisms in space, a development that could transform views of alien life.

An international panel from the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Max Planck institute in Germany and the University of Sydney found that galactic dust could form spontaneously into helixes and double helixes and that the inorganic creations had memory and the power to reproduce themselves.

A similar rethinking of prospective alien life is being undertaken by the National Research Council, an advisory body to the US government. It says Nasa should start a search for what it describes as “weird life” - organisms that lack DNA or other molecules found in life on Earth."

EM Fields can affect human cells. Neurons come to mind. Electromagnetic forces can change your neural pathways according to this bibliography of psychoactive electromagnetic fields. This is part of geolocation and culture.

As we've found that dust can spontaneously form into helixes and double elixes in magnetic clouds in space, so too can it on earth, with or without dust to display the field.

Unheralded magnetic fields form themselves into shapes. Entangling two fields together is a commonplace event, forming a line. This is like a "2". A "3" is a line with a dot or a V. When entangled fields pull apart they produce resistance, which is amperage edible to other fields, causing them to grow or restore themselves in charge.

We often come into situations where we try to correct a path that has gone about 45* astray, but cannot. Some say that since the formation of the United States of America, we have been leaning to the right at an angle between 25* and 55-60*, creating a very large ~180-year long/old "7" for consumption by a massive living electromagnetic field. Unfortunately, this means that our lives and international politics have been shifting as an electromagnetic spectrum to the right by a force not our own. It will also become so right wing that it cannot support itself and collapses. Every once in awhile this pattern reproaches in a geometric form, such as the fascists being countered by the hippies, which is an 8-deviation wave. These patterns produce charge for macrofields that can produce feedback loops among humanity.

Often in our lives, pattern pathways resembling the picture below will form. The line going straight up is an estimated wide radius spectrogram of following roughly everything we really want. The diagonal pathway is trying to achieve ad solve a problem provided at an impasse where we failed to or couldn't do what we really wanted. This usually patterns as a staircase rather than intentional deviation. It's like being slid out of the sumo wrestling ring while attempting to remain stationary.

The product is continual reevaluation and attempts for clarity on the topic. Eventually opportunities change and the process can be broken and return to the Z-line. Hmm. The spirits that eat these emotional pathways.

Ideally, after this next collapse or right now, humans will become intelligent and educated enough to recognize these influences, and differing and free enough to not entrain into the macrofields when they are formed.

We may also be able to identify the originating events that cause 7-deviation and foil them with special frequencies we produce from our emotions or special machines.

Many other kinds of electromagnetic condensations or shapes exist and are useful in other electrical feedback loop systems. They are like proteins for bacteria, and are collected regularly.

Every field that would force something to move from its Z-path has a P>Z somewhere inside it. They all have irregularities, -14's, and an uncertain center. 10>11, 10>12, and other 10 and 12 empowering effects can change the fields as they flow.

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