Friday, February 8, 2008

Human sexuality is grossly intertwined with electrical fields. We need to discover this alongside evolution and set them straight. Electrosexual deviance leading to evolutionary disfigurement is pandemic among humanity.

They say that Eve went to the apple to modify the sex life she had with Adam. She wanted to know what he wanted and what was hot and not so hot. This affected her genetics and neurosocial orchestration. We, an engineered species, were designed to be part of this power plant.

Signs of abuse by a large electrical field are rampant throughout humanity, depending on your definition of abuse, and the intentions of the maker of that field. We are fitted with an unending rash of electrical impulses to influence us to perform evolutionary and seniority activities. They may solidify in our nervous system, or participate in a local group feedback loop.

Cutting out all different electromagnetic fields in the 'average' [local, plus natural law [90%?] mainstream herd human, roughly 85% of the population, produces a gross show of electrical field pinchings and bundlings that are electroparasitic bite marks. The energy that is stolen from the human is dynastic. It may be that parasites are creatures that do not examine the data found inside the host, but take it for energy, itself within phi? Or the majority?

MR or major radius > phi, or 1/phi, 1 being the entire radius of the field which[<--] is unknown.

May it all go to knowing and serving true Z. Our electrical conductivity is best when we search for Z. Searching for different things will give us inefficiencies. This may explain some of the chaos in fields, like light being bent around a planet, multiplied by phase, as it is by field. This could explain scale size atomic formation from string 'knotting' and scale ratios.

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