Friday, February 8, 2008

I have been badly hijacked by something that is very sinister since I stopped posting here last.

Electrical feedback loops might be similar to straying out of the wave, where the energy density is. A model is in phi and the solar system. Objects beyond the neptunian shell probably experience an environmental period, similar to the weather zones on earth.

Finding the edges between these kinds of things may be a good way to

It has something to do with a feedback loop of love to and from others being incomplete and pursued. May the Z of that intention be truly represented and pursued.

If you do not truly love something, or are not truly loved by it, what connection is there?

This is a universal constitutional review. This document, being my basic Constitution are certain points. I think I know myself and not only myself, but what should be, adequately enough to dispense it.

I have three points that need to be examined, because they are found true and are false. I am arrogant. I am not arrogant. I am truthful and also see things that are fantastically good. I believe that if I work with others more closely I can do very good work.

This is part of the point, "am I arrogant?" I have very high standards for myself and for others around me. I do not totally mind if no one is listening. I hope to tell you everything I can, and for you to choose from amongst it and find what is habitable information. From your benefit by this information, I will gain. I have been doing more of the process of selecting which truths to tell others. Some are very ugly. However seeing them, as we both do when I tell you, and us both selecting from what is true and not true using this method is geometric.

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