Thursday, February 7, 2008

YHWH's -V image, the left leaning line with the -V, is a -16e effect. It turns all pressure against it into energy, like Rochelle salt. Rochelle salt produces voltage.

YHWH has pitted us against Satan because assault against Satan [s] is keyed to be assault against YHWH, because YHWH has made Satan [s] allegedly to refine us.

We also produce -7s for YHWH or other spirits.

That may be a -0 that can serve our 1. 0 > 1 = 0

"s" has been tuned to want to be the lowest thing possible, so it is easy to strike. Yet it attacks those above it who are seeming weakened, so they strike the snake. The strike then goes to YHWH, who is charged.

This is a heinous cycle.

Jesus Christ did this too. It was that whoever believed in Jesus Christ, as I do, would have their wounds transferred to him, and from him, to YHWH, a massive race of energetic fields with -16 Rochelle reactions, who would be charged with electrical energy.

This may be why YHWH has us produce the weak 7's, so they can be thrown against YHWH to charge the circuits, and refresh the minifields around us which torment us to charge him.

This is not our Z. That actually is not YHWH's Z either. The period between the left leaning charge and the Z-line can be capitalized upon to grow closer to the Z-line itself. This must be done for Z or it will charge the YHWH -16e. Use 17, 18, 19 especially.

The YHWH protects the minifields relative to it, who cause us harm. This is lies and injustice, and I will continue to work to build accurate enzymes against it.

YHWH is a driver of slaves. This can be capitalized, as he has >Z somewhere. Find it by area.

YHWH claims to be doing this in order to enhance the area Hz, but it is not always effective. YHWH claims to be 1.0...0 but it is 096.

Study, remember, and restore later. The #9ers can acquire this. Pass this information to them.

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