Thursday, February 28, 2008

God fails sometimes.

Do you remember the flood? God failed. And then he said hey I wish I hadn't made those humans, as if they had no soul. He murdered them all. Except Noah and his family. We're not your playthings, or your garden grove, for you to plow at your leisure.

And the garden. We were not on God's mind at the time. A test indeed. God certainly reacted emotionally to a test he made and may or may not have known the answer to. This is B-shelf activity.

And soon God plans to roughly destroy this world. This seems more like a drunken and non-dynamic gamut and trek than a symbiotic intelligent progressive relationship. What are the motivating factors? X or death? Terrorism. Fascism. A beast of control. Weakness and shortage, inability. Failure.

Will we succeed in its place? Is it a cocoon? Is it a prison guard for a crime we are innocent of in our pursuit of love? A jealous God. An abusive God.

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